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Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2. Personal Training Workstation - Mobile Edition allows you to track weightlifting workouts and aerobic workouts. When searching for a suitable tool to handle our client management process, we tried out Motivade. Motivade now supports automatic data importing from Fitbit, the world’s most popular fitness tracker!Fitbit cooperation makes it even easier for personal trainers and active people to keep track of their progress. As your clients record their workouts and weight upon completion of their exercise sessions, you’ll have immediate access to all their up-to-date progress data.

Each one of your client’s information is stored in one convenient dashboard, which shows their progress against their plans.
Mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone are available for clients to record their workouts and weight. The application met our needs very well with its excellent usability and value for money price tag. For example, personal trainers can now track and view the overall progress of their group training participants and 1-on-1 clients who log their workouts with Fitbit.To link Fitbit with Motivade, all you need to do is login and follow the simple instructions underneath the FitBit logo. It also alerts you to important updates, such as a when you’ve received a new message from your client or when a contract is due to expire.

Also, benefit from the exercise routine libraries with their high-quality pictures and descriptions that have been created by experienced professionals. You can also control your food with suggested special recipes and follow a daily exercise journal .

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