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Our new Party Rockin DVD comes with a main dancy step workout, plus another bonus step aerobic workout for those of you that prefer a less dancy routine. Party Rockin’ Step… Just the name alone says it all so get ready to turn up the fun and sweat a ton while you double up, triple down, and move it all around.
I am happy to report that even with a small hiccup in the form of a weekend trip to Middle Tennessee .featuring tons of delicious food and homemade wine, I had no trouble getting back on track this Tuesday, when I returned home.
Mini Tutorial:To achieve this style, use foam rollers or large pin curls aimed away from the face on all sides. Anyway, I've been working out with Cathe since 1997 or so, so I kind of consider her my personal trainer. Ifeel like I've fallen out of touch with blog-world and it's a shame really, because blogging was my first online love. So obviously I'm a big fan of these things and I absolutely feel that purchasing the ones on Lauren's site are worth the extra money.
In the interests of finding a good vintage-shaped longline bra that also provides good support to the waist, I came across this one and thought it deserved some blog-time.
For a few years now, I've been meaning to provide a nice little compact 'guide' of sorts, for those who may be attending the VLV Rockabilly Weekender for the first time. I went to my first VLV in 2007, when the event still took place predominantly at The Gold Coast, and I've seen it grow and improve over the years. I usually buy reproduction or vintage styled garments that are manufactured in larger quantities at the Car Show.

If you're planning to use rollers and pin curls as your principal setting, don't forget to bring a heated set or a curling iron as 'back-up'.
Now it's time to plan your outfits!As tempting as it may be to just throw your favorite stuff in a suitcase and decide what to wear on the fly, it will likely not be your best option for Viva. No matter how you slice it you’re working hard and having so much fun doing it, especially with our new party rockin soundtrack that is loaded with great tunes. You’ll first warm up with some dance inspired footwork and then we’ll go into 6 party rocking combo’s. Each combo is sprinkled with dancier movement patterns along with new sizzled up versions to steps you may have done with me before.
Also, on most of the combo’s I’ll be building the footwork up from a less intricate base pattern so you can choose whichever version you like. Mostly, I think this is due to a high-stress busy lifestyle that makes taking regular meal breaks 'inconvenient' and therefore I tend to push all of my calories in, at the end of the day.
Thankfully, Tuesday-Thursday have been right on routine and I've been staying within my nutrition goals as well as spending a good 30-45 minutes exercising.
I feel more fit than ever; I can get through the 100's workout without even getting very winded, and although I haven't measured my progress in inches lost, I can feel that my clothes are looser. I drink the smoothie at either breakfast or as an afternoon snack for an added energy boost. Before purchasing the Lady Marlene, the Goddess Longline bra with a Rago Waist Nipper over the top of it has served me really well.

Mine usually involves one assymetrical roll with a side comb but the aesthetic is very similar. So I am already to my goal in my hips and halfway there in my waist!Visually, I don't observe much change but my butt is a little more pokey. Water: (no, don't bring a 12 pack on the plane with you, but stock UP at a local market before arriving at the hotel and keep it handy in your room. The end of the roller is also pretty flat so it can be pinned in place with a bobby pin to prevent slipping. So I do feel that this part of our health is headed in the right direction and as long as I don't keep candy and chips around the house, I think I can keep things under control. My main issue, like I said, is pushing eating to the side until I'm famished, which will naturally result in my eating far too much and too quickly. I put an invisible hair net over the top to keep them still and the next morning, they had not budged an inch. My husband has definite acts he likes to see, so it's important that I know how to plan our time with that in mind.

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