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The One-Sample t-Test task enables you to test whether the mean of a variable is less than, greater than, or equal to a specific value.
The data set analyzed in the following example, Bthdth92, is taken from the 1995 Statistical Abstract of the United States, and it contains measures of the birth rate and infant mortality rate for 1992 in the United States. Suppose you want to determine whether the average infant mortality rate in the United States is equal to a specific value. Your alternative hypothesis can be that the mean is less than, greater than, or not equal to a specified value.
In Figure 8.2, the one-sample t-test dialog defines the null and alternative hypotheses and specifies death as the variable to be tested. The default one-sample t-test task includes sample statistics for the variable death and the hypothesis test results. The mean of the variable death is 8.61, which is greater than the specified test value of 8. Because this analysis requests a two-tailed test, two critical regions are shaded, one in each of the left and right tails.
Excel For Business Statistics - - Excel is the widely used statistical package, which serves as a tool to understand statistical concepts and computation to check your hand-worked calculation in .

How To Perform A One-way ANOVA Test In Excel 2010 - YouTube - Learn how to use Excel to generate an ANOVA table to test if there is a significant difference (or not) between the means of three or more samples..
Click SigmaXL > Statistical Tools > Power and Sample Size Calculators > 1 Sample t-Test Calculator. Given the p-value of .012, we reject H0 and conclude that the sweetness has in fact decreased. First we will determine what sample size would be required in order to obtain a Power value of 0.9.
Power and Sample Size with Worksheets allows you to solve for Power (1 – Beta), Sample Size, or Difference (specify two, solve for the third). Note that the one-sample t-test is appropriate in this situation because the standard deviation of the population from which the data arise is unknown. In this example, the alternative hypothesis is that the mean of the variable death is not equal to 8.
You can click on the down arrow to select another confidence level, or you can enter a confidence level in the box. Note that you can also request a retrospective power analysis of the test in the Power Analysis tab.

The output includes the "Sample Statistics" table for the variable death, the hypothesis test results, and the 95% confidence interval for the mean. The plot depicts the calculated t statistic superimposed on a t distribution density function with 50 degrees of freedom. In Microsoft Excel, install the Analysis ToolPak add-in to gain access to a large collection of data-analysis tools, including .
In a one-tailed test at the level, the critical region appears in one tail only, and it represents 5% of the area under the curve. The two-way with replication ANOVA test examines data from repeated trials during which both .

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