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Okay, I have to admit that the challenge is moving pretty slowly and it’s been nearly 2 months since we (Josh and I) publicly launched it. The reason for this is because we both had so many projects to work on and got distracted a little bit. Fortunately, I was still able to get the site ready thanks to the help of my excellent writer, Hazel Rabor, from the Philippines. For this niche site project, I focused on quality content a lot and I’m extremely happy with what we have done so far, and the initial result is great as well! As you can tell right from looking at the domain, the target niche for this site is the double stroller niche and the main keyword is best double stroller. I also picked double stroller reviews as secondary keyword to target on the homepage. The competition for this keyword is pretty similar to the above one and we can even see that there’s one niche website sitting at the top which means we can also achieve that ranking. I have written a very detailed post on how to set up a website with wordpress before so be sure to check it out. As usual, I used the old version of the Lifestyle child theme as it’ pretty simple and clean with lots of white space. Honestly, you shouldn’t spend much time on this step as I did because it was pretty time consuming and had us distracted from our initial goal of getting the site running as fast as possible. Just choose a simple theme, make a simple logo, make some simple graphics and go with what you have. The ability to create high quality and engaging content is the key to success in building profitable niche website.

And it’s even more important now as Google is continuously improving its algorithm to reward high quality websites while penalizing sites with crappy content.
I was making things very complicated at first with a big vision for the site but then I realized that the goal is to get the site up in the shortest period of time before I can do anything else to improve it.
So my honest advice for you guys is to launch your website as soon as possible with a minimum amount of articles (10-11 articles with a high quality homepage is far more enough for a new website). I’m also in the process of developing a WordPress plugin that allows users to automatically create beautiful and high-converting comparison chart for Amazon products. The main backlinking strategy for this site is to create high quality tiered link building campaigns as described here to achieve high and sustainable ranking.
Now, I’ll continue to focus on growing the traffic for the site and hopefully make a few sales over the next month.
I have very high hopes for this site and with my experience, I would expect the site to make $1000+ a month for me in the next 6 months.
Great post, im still skeptical on whether i should install google analytics and other google properties on my money sites tho, love you clean site design you have on you niche site.
Oh, I thought you used your PBN links already, so it took only 2 weeks to rank 2x, 3x, but you not use it yet! I am curious, in a previous article you had mentioned that if the majority of the sites are > PR 4 you would target the keyword. I did the setting up myself and just hired a guy on Odesk to help me add the articles as it’s pretty time consuming.

TablePress is pretty easy to use already, but I don’t think EazyAzon short codes work in them. Each post continues to drive traffic with more than 90% of the traffic coming from organic search results.
I think I have too many options, so I haven’t completed everything yet which is pretty bad. This is just one and only works if the title and the keyword within the title echo’s around what your post is written.If you have any content-driven SEO strategy stories to tell, please share in the comments below.
An Anti-Immigration Wave Took Brexit To Victory — Can Donald Trump Ride It To The White House?
This particular strategy is only valuable when pairing a trending topic buzzword, in this example, Chipotle, with a more niche long tail keyword that is relevant to both your title and content strategy.
However, keywords can impact discoverability when embracing an objective-driven content strategy that focuses less on exact match keywords and more on keyword roots that are most valuable and descriptive to your brand and your audience(s) interests. Therefore, many business blog posts have a limited shelf-life:When a blog post is new, the post gets read, shared and when the sharing and clicks slow down, so does the interest to the post and consequently, the traffic and ranking. Last year, Chipotle was a hot topic in the media and general conversation following the launch of their sustainability cause campaign.

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