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Muscle and Fitness has a created and tested a muscle gaining program though that shows it can be possible if followed with a lot of hard work and dedication. Along with the training program, you’ll need to follow some kind of nutrition plan to help build lean muscle instead of muscle and fat. Learn how to train harder and more often, while also maximizing your body's ability to recover, for a quick 10 pounds of clean muscle. This approach falls somewhere in between, combining a dogged reliance on proven, foundational exercises with new scientific perspectives on muscle recovery. Your 10-pound prize is awarded via dependence on two key facts: overcompensation and the difference in recovery between muscle groups. This phase of the recovery cycle is ignored at great peril to your gains; if the muscle fails to receive additional stimulus during this time, overcompensation gives way to "involution," which is basically a return to normal. A common misconception is that all muscle groups recover at the same rate between workouts.
Providing the same amount of training to each muscle, at the same intervals, is like feeding an elephant and a mouse the same amount of food and expecting similar results. For instance, training your legs with zeal can have a drastic impact on the rest of your body, not just because they add proportion to your physique but also because these large muscles can greatly govern how many calories you're able to burn at rest.
Put plainly, smaller muscle groups (everything but legs) recover much, much faster than other muscle groups.
By training muscle groups repeatedly throughout the week, your body will be in a constant state of repair.
Hormones: As you may already know, higher levels of testosterone and growth hormone (GH) lead to increased protein synthesis in muscles, making them bigger and stronger in the process.
Fiber Types: The first chapter of any book on training will go into great detail on muscle fiber types and their effect on performance and aesthetics. The key to triggering new muscle growth and all-over size is to work both types of muscle fibers hard enough to cause them both to break down and rebuild. Ideally, you will alternate between higher-rep and lower-rep days to allow for greater total recruitment and recovery. You see, while whey and casein are critical to protein synthesis post-workout and during sleep, bioactive peptides can bolster their impact. By using bioactive peptides, you should notice a marked reduction in recovery time after bouts of intense exercise or weight-training.
So by taking advantage of your body's post-workout window of overcompensation and increasing your training frequency for most body parts, you simply create the best possible opportunity for your body to create 10 fresh pounds of sinew. Add to that an increase in your body's most anabolic hormones and a sprinkling of bioactive peptides to exponentially increase your body's rate of protein synthesis, and you have the perfect solution for a 10-pound turnaround in eight weeks (or less).
Week 2: Take the last set of every major exercise to failure, and have a spotter help you through two or more forced reps. In general, start each compound move with the heaviest weight you can handle for 6-10 reps, and add weight each successive set. Transform With Muscle: Why Focusing On Fat Loss Isn't The Answer Don't get so wrapped up in losing fat that you forget about muscle.

Stephen Adele is the CEO of iSatori and has been helping individuals from all walks of life create measurable, lasting results in their physiques. Finally mix in complex carbohydrates found in bananas, beans, lentils, and nuts to your diet and you’ll have your building blocks for a diet built for muscle. Some like the fact with ACE that its in and out of your system very quickly and easier to control its effects. While such results are aggressive and can’t continue at the same torrid rate indefinitely, we’ve seen firsthand individuals who’ve followed our mass-gaining programs and reached double digits in four short weeks, averaging gains of 2-3 pounds a week. If your goal is to gain 10 pounds of muscle mass in just four short weeks, you need to eat a lot of protein, a lot of carbohydrates and even a good bit of fat. In other words, you'll still break down plenty of muscle via the bench and squat, but you'll greatly amplify your body's ability to come back bigger and stronger. An additional session during this phase, then, leads to what I call "super-recovery" and is the cornerstone of growth.
Hence the majority of past training programs have always treated each and every muscle on your body exactly the same. For example, training your legs every other day would severely overtrain them, while training your biceps once a week would leave them seriously undertrained. But that training places great neurological and physical demands on your body, and longer recovery should be expected. So, in concert with the right stimulus, additional levels of these key hormones can really help speed you toward that 10-pound gain. Using a higher rep scheme with lighter weights (12-20 reps) will break down the Type I fibers, so they grow largera€”perhaps not to the extent of the more anaerobic Type IIs but still, bigger Type I fibers contribute to larger, denser muscles. Your "light" workouts should include high-rep days (anywhere from 12-20 reps for no more than 3-4 sets) and low-rep days (6-12 reps for no more than 4-5 sets).
Darryn Willoughby, PhD, head of the human performance lab at Baylor University, has said that bioactive peptides are like "fertilizer for your muscles" in that they can help muscles grow faster than they can through normal care. Basically, peptides are growth factors, extracted from colostrum protein designed to maximize the body's ability to synthesize protein. Within 2-3 weeks, you will undoubtedly notice an increase in your strength, as long as you are training hard and heavy.
Hitting a muscle group again before it has a chance to fully recover may sound counterintuitive but, if omitted, your muscles have a chance to return to stasis, which is a death knell for hypertrophy. In order to move the greatest weight loads possible for legs, take up to (but ideally less than) two minutes between sets.
Smaller muscle groups will be trained with sessions that alternate between heavier (~10RM) weight and lighter (~12-20RM) weight. Never diet again by incorporating these 10 can't-miss strategies for permanent weight loss. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. Some of these miracle workouts like to go back to basics, while others are more cutting-edge.

In other words, for a brief, precise amount of time, the muscle is actually bigger, stronger, and much more able to grow than when it was trained, despite what your aching muscle bellies might be telling you. This takes a great toll on the body, of course, which is why this is a single eight-week program.
The muscle sizes and types differ too greatly to have their recovery picture painted with a broad brushstroke.
Arms, delts and lats, on the other hand, can be hit more frequently, provided you temper the volume and intensity per session.
A study in the "Journal of Applied Physiology" found that a weight-training regimen consisting of high repetitions (10) combined with a high number of sets (10) and a limited amount of rest in between sets per body part produced a 67-percent elevation in testosterone and a 25-fold increase in growth hormone.
Normal, in this case, refers to the long-held practice of having whey pre-workout, a whey-and-casein blend post-workout, and casein at bedtime. And with continued use of bioactive peptides, you can develop lean body mass at a faster rate.
And remembera€”biceps and pecs don't require the same week-long rest as your quads and hams.
All other muscle groups will benefit from increased training volume within the overcompensation window. For all other body parts, keep rest periods to a minute or less, even if this necessitates modification of weight between sets. We provide the technology, tools, and products you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. But if there’s one thing such a bold goal needs, it’s an ambitious training and nutrition strategy.
But proper rest, nutrition and supplementation can absolutely help you maximize the return on your physical investment.
This means that your heaviest sets should be preceded by rest periods of no longer than 2-3 minutes for a proper hormonal response.
Compound lifts such as bench presses, overhead presses, squats, and rows done in the range of 6-10 reps are, as ever, the basis for growth, as they recruit the most Type II fibers and elicit the greatest release of T and GH. Bioactive peptides amplify the signal sent out by amino-starved muscles and accelerate the rate of protein synthesis, allowing you to develop muscle faster. They recover much faster than you give them credit for and, after a few weeks of increased frequency, they'll respond in kind with plenty of new growth, not to mention an uncanny ability to take a licking and keep on ticking. Take the last set of every major exercise for larger muscle groups to failure and have a spotter help you through two or more forced reps. And, in a program where you're training more often and recovery is paramount, this becomes even more important.

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