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The Magnetic Memory Method Podcast is your portal to creating Memory Palaces and using mnemonics for memorizing foreign language vocabulary (and a lot of other precious information too). But you can’t travel at the moment and the idea of commuting to a class and sitting with strangers horrifies you. Before I tell you about how to use Skill Silo, let’s take a quick look at why learning language is a smart move. A lot of people look for mental exercise, but nothing pays off more than packing your mind full of foreign language vocabulary and phrases.
You also get to introduce the friends you meet in your new language to aspects of your mother tongue and culture. And if you’re a parent searching for ways to learn languages online for kids, your children will not only make friends through language learning online programs.
This transparency helps me evaluate the value of the teacher I’m learning from as well because it feels like real cash I’m spending, not Monopoly money. When the teachers do offer supplementary worksheets, they are just that: supplements to a core textbook I can access anytime online through my Skill Silo account.
This feature helps maximize the value of the time, energy and money invested because the best learners are self-directed learners. At the end of the day, no matter what platform you use, the teacher can only be as good as the student. It’s a bit of a puzzle to figure out because when you learn languages online, the answer involves having the right teacher. A lot of people don’t think to record their language learning sessions, but doing so is golden. Always come with the material from last week ready so you can quickly review before diving into something new.
For example, if you learned about aunts and uncles last week and you’re doing fruit this week, talk about how your uncle likes strawberries.
Always be on time, always say thank you and speak as little in your mother tongue as possible.
If you book sessions in bulk, you create milestones that help you organize your daily language learning activities. There’s a science to keeping your energy and enthusiasm high, so don’t feel like you have to slog through the process.
I remember ??? (bangongshi) better than a lot of other words, for example, because I took the time to teach other people how I learned it. If blogging isn’t for you, simply tell other people what you’re learning and explain why you’re remembering it so easily thanks to the Magnetic Memory Method. My poor roommate, friends and fiance have to listen to endless explanations of the bizarre imagery I use to create mnemonics that work, but it’s part of getting the highest possible levels of success. It’s tempting to think you can learn a language by playing around all day with language learning apps.
But if you are going to chat online, then with whom better than a dedicated language learning teacher? The cool thing about how we can learn languages online in today’s world is that you can make those mistakes in the comfort of your own home. If you’re ready to experience live sessions with language teachers in the comfort of your own home, then then I know you’re going to love learning your dream language with the help of Skill Silo.
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A lot of memory games and other brain-enhancing apps try to help improve your memory by giving you abstract or arbitrary memory tasks. The Sherlock Holmes theme is certainly clever, but exactly what kind of memory skills does this exercise train? After all, general brain games help you get good at remembering the location of imaginary objects hidden behind squares on a tiny computer screen.
Yes, a basketball player completes some training drills that don’t involve a basketball for general fitness. First off, have you looked into any of the studies to which many of these software companies refer? If you want to get good in any of these areas, the best thing is to play brain games that involve them. Plus, you’ll get long-lasting effects because the more you know about a particular topic, the more you can know. In this fascinating brain game, we’re compounding information by linking one thing with another. But if the brain games on the market only improve your memory on a general level (if at all), then you’re only going to get general results. To create your own games, ones that will make an impact on specific areas where you’re weak, you may have to create your own.
To play this brain game, have your Memory Journal open so you can see your Memory Palace as you play and write out the associative-imagery you create.
Once you’ve made a pass over the information, make a two minute pause and then test how much you can remember. And because the information you’re using is drawn from something you want to learn, you reach goals in addition to memory improvement. You can play with information about geography, biology, literature, film studies and medical terminology. As we’ve asked today, how does getting better at finding objects you’ve been shown behind tiles on a memory game help in real life? But when you spend your time playing brain games with the information you need to succeed, everybody wins. As I detailed in Mandarin Chinese Mnemonics And Morning Memory Secrets, the best way to get in regular learning and memory fitness is to spend time playing with information first thing before the computer goes on.
Seriously, why risk squeezing your memory improvement in when you can make it a cherished part of your day?
If you’re as excited as I am about getting real results from the time you spend training your brain, I invite you to make a public declaration below. Mental rest is just as important as mental training, so until we speak again, see if you can’t fit in less screen time, not more.
The post Brain Games: The Truth You Need To Know For Memory Improvement appeared first on Magnetic Memory Method - Anthony Metivier. Well, if you want to know how to improve focus and concentration so you can finally get those important things in your life done, these ultra-fast tips from Joanna Jast will give you exactly what you need to succeed. Without good focus, no matter how much time you spend using mnemonics or walking through Memory Palaces, very little will stick. But no matter what your motivation for improving your focus is, making some simple changes in your environment and the way you work can dramatically improve your concentration and your ability to memorize information fast. Making changes to my environment, on the other hand, has been the quickest way to make an impact and offered the most bang for my buck. Noise is another vital element of work environment many people don’t appreciate the effects of. Eliminating or minimizing noise in your environment can reap immediate benefits for your focus and memory. Whether these tidbits of gossip and other verbal diarrhea float in through the window, an open door or thin walls, they will keep your brain busy trying to make sense of the fragments.
Music needs special attention, because music evokes emotions, and emotions, positive or negative, affects the learning process.
White noise may also provide a solution, albeit not a permanent one, as white noise can be tiring in the long run, too.
Before I finish talking about your environment, let me mention one more powerful trick to improve your focus immediately. Yes, technology can be helpful when it comes to learning and work productivity, but if you don’t manage technology, it will manage you. Every single time you let an ad or a message pull your focus away from your memory activities, you’re surrendering your time and energy to stuff that doesn’t necessarily help you progress to your goals of creating and living a knowledgeable life.
These are all simple strategies that take minutes to set up and can bring considerable improvement to your ability to focus.
Now that I’ve told you about fixing your environment, it’s time to talk about fixing your brain, right?
But did you know that one of the best strategies for a sharp mind has nothing to do with those ‘mental workouts’?
At that time I was doing research for one of my online courses and discovered a book by John Medina called Brain Rules.
And if you happened to sleep badly last night and you can feel the effects of it – take a power nap. On top of keeping you physically well and happy, exercise can also improve your mental performance. I don’t mean what you do when you procrastinate, but why you procrastinate in the first place? Because, the better you understand your problem, the more targeted solution you can put in place to address it. If you want to get somewhere where you want to get – not to a random anywhere, you need motivation. Most of us have a mix of things that make us tick, but often there is a dominant one – one motivational driver that lights your fire. They require some time and effort investment upfront, but once set up, they run automatically, without fuss and extra cost. I can talk for hours about building productivity and habit systems, but let me give you a few juicy tips. If you use language software, before you go to bed, log out of your email inbox and any other sites you check regularly, close your browser and clear your favorites, but have the application you use for revisions open. But hey, your language software is open – why don’t you just get on with revising?
Or, if you keep walking away from your desk on various irrelevant errands – chain yourself to the desk.
I have a system where I sit to write behind a table, stuck in a corner, with a large table in front of me and another chair to the side.
It may seem like focus is a skill that takes a long time to develop and a lot of effort to perfect – and yes, traditional approaches, like meditation and motivational strategies indeed take time and practice before you can reap the rewards. But with a bunch of smart tricks, you can quickly turn your overwhelmed by distractions and defeated by procrastinations mind into a powerful machine that you can turn on with a flick of a button. Whichever focus-improving technique you choose, take small, determined steps and you’ll quickly realise your focus is sharp and ready, available at your service, whenever you need it. For more tips on how to get rid of those procrastination problems once and for good, grab my Laser-Sharp Focus Quick Action Guide now.
The post How To Improve Focus And Concentration: 4 Ultra-Fast Tips appeared first on Magnetic Memory Method - Anthony Metivier. Author of Laser-Sharp Focus Joanna Jast show you How To Improve Focus And Concentration with these 4 Ultra-Fast techniques. Your friends think you’re weird when you talk about your favorite Memory Palace and the crazy images that you use to memorize information like German phrases or other parts of language learning. From reading his books, I knew he lived in Berlin, which is where I’ve moved to, and I knew that he also was a heavy metal bass player.

Then the real funny part of the story I guess was that we ended up living a fifteen minute walk apart from each other.
Anthony: Yeah, and not any kind of memory stuff, but grammar and music which is, well, some very rich and detailed things to be memorizing. The first one that was really to help me learn something kind of hard was die Behandlung, which is like treatment. I find that, in particular, the crossing the path doesn’t really even matter to me necessarily because I can just be anywhere in my palace and you know I can look behind. But, on the backend the amount of time you save not having to repeat over and over and over and forget stuff, you are saving all that time at the backend. Anthony: Just to clarify for people, you’re essentially doing the memory work first, then importing or creating Anki slides and using those, what do you call them?
Anthony: And then you go into the Memory Palace to look at the imagery to help you decode the sound and meaning?
Anthony: I would challenge you though to start doing it with the German word first because you want to train your mind to not go to English first. So the teacher had started laying all this grammar on me and I got this big list of irregular verbs. The things that tripped me up most in German other than not knowing the right words to use is prepositions because they don’t always translate directly as you would use them in English, and I find there is no real set rules to use them.
When you you’re trying to come up with mnemonics, you go with the first thing that means something. Then again with the future perfect, I have the same thing but because in future perfect you have werden again because you have got to represent the future in this. Pharaoh's Treasure is a fun puzzle game that helps build perception and concentration.To begin, click the Small, Medium, or Large link above. To open the secret passage and grab the treasure, you have to accumulate a score of at least 1,000,000 points.
Match the different tiles and accumulate points to open the secret passage to the hidden treasure of Pharaoh.
A tile can only be removed if either the right or left side of the tile is not blocked by another tile. If you like this game, you may also enjoy the other free mahjong tile games on this site, such as Looney Tunes Mahjong, Mahjongg Alchemy, and Multi-Level Mahjong. However, each time you use the Hint feature your score drops by 100 points, so don't use it too often. The three dragon tiles (cardinal tiles) in the game match the three cardinal virtues preached by Confucius - benevolence, sincerity, and piety.
The Keyword Method is an effective system for remembering definitions, learning foreign language vocabulary, and more. Quick example: Students learning geometry sometimes confuse the diameter and radius of a circle. When someone mentions "radius" in the future, the sound of that word should remind you of radish. Integrating your brain's ease of remembering images into the learning process makes it easier to recall the information.
In addition to creating the image, the other step is to replace abstract details that are hard to visualize (like "radius") with easy-to-imagine objects or actions that sound like the abstract word (such as "radish" for radius). Hosted by Anthony Metivier, the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary in a way that is easy, elegant, effective and fun. You’ll find another 15 Reasons Why Learning A Foreign Language Is Good For Your Brain here. It’s not clear why their teachers have the privilege of teaching online and there seems to be no standard. I’m a big boy, for example, so I like when I see the cost of my language learning sessions clearly expressed in a real currency. On other platforms, I’ve felt like the payment structures are deliberately obscure so that I don’t really know how much I’m spending or how much I’m getting for my investment. Having access to the textbook in full also means I can pace ahead and think about what I would like to focus on during the next session.
But on some other platforms I’ve used, it feels like the teachers use their learning materials like a gateway drug. I’ve cut my voice out of the recordings and made audiobooks of lessons so I can listen through them quickly, make notes and use the Magnetic Memory Method to memorize the material. Even if you haven’t memorized all of it, you should have your homework ready to share with the teacher so you can go over it. Ultimately, you’ll be the one out in the world speaking, so it’s great exercise to already have in mind what you want to speak about prepared for each lesson and make connections during the sessions.
It’s good to be able to ask questions in your mother tongue, but move to the language you’re studying as soon as possible. As you’ve heard me say a zillion times before, when you teach others what you’ve learned, you learn it better yourself. I’m sure they’ll be amused and enthused that you’re remembering the lessons and love knowing more about how you’re pulling it all off.
Just as you need to keep doing pushups to keep your muscles strong, you need to keep speaking with people in order for fluency levels to remain high. There are many out there and they do help get words and phrases into your long term memory. They’ll know a lot about your current situation, have spoken with you and if you’re using Skype, you’ll have an easily accessible track record of your discussions.
If you’ve ever wanted a simple way to book instructors, a brain-dead simple means of accessing one core textbook so you’re not swamped with learning materials and sessions you can record and refer to again and again. Just click the image above, select your desired language and you can easily get started right away.
For example, you might be asked to remember the locations of a detective’s cap, magnifying glass and a detection kit behind a set of tiles. This Scientific American article finds no harm in playing them (few demonstrable benefits either). If you want to harness the power of neuroplasticity, give your neurons toys that are congruent with your end goal.
But when it comes to developing skills and having the REAL fun basketball offers as a game, you need the ball itself in your hands. To get long lasting effects, we need to link the brain games we play with the information we want to get better at handling.
That way, you associate the information with fun while you get better at learning, memorizing and using it in practical situations. For example, if you’re studying history, knowing that the important memory artist Giordano Bruno died in 1600 creates a hook upon which you can hang other pieces of information. To make a game that will help you improve, you need only a goal, some rules and an antagonistic force. Everybody has too little, so when time deadlines appear in games, it’s a metaphor for real life.
Again, you can register for my FREE Memory Improvement Kit if you don’t know how to create associative-imagery.
Create one tight and vibrant image for each word to leave at each station on your Memory Palace. And when you share the rules of this brain game with others, you become a better human too. Song lyrics present a different kind of challenge, for example, because they involve full phrases. Or if you’ve always wanted to know the Kings of England and their historical dates, you can do that, along with the American Presidents and Canadian Prime Ministers. Make sure that you can measure what you’re doing so that you see the results in tangible ways. Believe it or not, it’s in human nature to establish daily routines and we respond well to doing the same things at the same time on a training schedule. People already dedicated to using memory techniques benefit from playing self-made games for the mind too. Talk about the game you’re going to create for yourself and feel free to pop back often with updates on your results. The real problem we face in today’s world is the encouragement to be wired all the time.
Make sure to read the entire post and download the audio she narrated for your convenience.
Or, if you’re having trouble getting started, how would you like to develop rock-solid focus that will allow you to learn, memorize and recall anything? Between my inner wriggler, uncomfortable back, tendency to fall asleep immediately when still and relaxed and a number of other effective strategies I use for my ‘mental powers’ – I’ve never been able to experience enough benefits of meditation to keep doing it. Make sure your desk and chair are at a comfortable height so you don’t strain your back.
The optimal set-up for your desk space includes your monitor being at arm’s lengths away from your eyes and your wrists and hands on the keyboard straight at or below elbow level. Noise is not only a powerful distractor, but also forces your brain to do additional work by ignoring it. These are real focus killers, because our brain is wired to tune in to conversations (in case there are some survival benefits to it).
If you’re still looking for the right music, be mindful that evoking emotionally powerful memories can hurt your learning process, too.
Or, as Anthony suggests in Mandarin Chinese Mnemonics And Morning Memory Secrets, don’t even turn any computers on until you’ve got your most important memory goals completed. Anthony covered the benefits that sleep brings to our memory, but it bears repeating that sleep deprivation affects also your ability to concentrate, think, problem-solve and many other tasks. Those 2 years ago, having read about the benefits of exercise, I decided to get back into regular running.
Keep asking why (usually 5 times is enough) until you get to the bottom of the problem – or until you reach one of the reasons listed above. Your tricks are clever (hopefully that’s what you think :-)), but surely, we need something more substantial to carry us through all those days, weeks and months filled with stuff to do? Motivation to improve your memory, your mental performance and probably – also your life. Prepare your workspace the night before, so what you find on your desk first thing in the morning – is exactly what you need for your revision and nothing else. Well, maybe not literally, but find a way to sit at your desk so that getting up and walking away is a nuisance. To get up and walk away – I need to push away my chair, the other chair and squeeze behind it. This insight will fast-track your journey to your memory goals and help you become a powerful learner.
This guide helps you identify the best strategies for your specific situation, depending how much time and energy you can afford to spend on fixing the problem at the given time. To make it concrete for you, I’ve extracted 16 principles from the discussion you can start using right away. You’re listening to the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast and today we have a real special treat John McPhedran.

I was in Germany last year, so this is my third time now, but I was here last year and I was about to fly home to New Zealand. So I thought it would be cool if I just put it out there just to you know just poke the fire I guess you could say.
So coming from the other end of the world, from New Zealand to Berlin, to actually live fifteen minutes apart from this dude that I was learning all this cool stuff from was you know pretty awesome. I imagine a woman with a big puffy hand because she’s being stung by a bee, just the bee and she needed treatment for a sting in the hand, Behandlung. In your book you said, you’ve got a decent imagination I guess or imagery in your mind if you can imagine water flowing. So it’s not a system if you describe a system being rigid because it definitely is not rigid.
I had him putting stuff in the middle of a plant stem and the stem represented STIMulant but that’s the only information for word stimulant. Then, honestly, after a few times doing it, two or three times of going through these cards – you don’t even have to decode the information.
Because everything is so heavily linked on the sound of the word, using the mnemonic imagery to recall the sound and the meaning of the word in the same blow, then what I basically want to be able to do is have my mother tongue as a kind of ghost that is banished by the instant recall of the sound and the meaning of a word. Then within each of those palaces, there were little mini palaces inside one kind of hallway which is its own palace. Once I get to the perfect tenses, you know present perfect, past perfect, future perfect, I imagine a prefect. I’ve got a prefect wearing space clothes while smoking weed hands out old game parts to Hamlet and Habibi. You also have to achieve a minimum amount of points each round to advance to the next level.
But Pharaoh has blocked the passage to the riches with a clever advanced coding method far ahead of it's time.To begin playing, left click on any 4 tiles of the same pattern to form squares as big as you can.
Toggle this options to turn on or off the game audio effects, such as the sound of clinking tiles when you remove a matching pair or tiles from the board. If you reach a point in the game where you can't find any more tile pairs to remove, you have the option to restart the game. The bizarre picture at right of a radish swinging inside a circle is a Keyword Method trick for remembering the difference. You can imagine all the furniture in the lounge or living room of your house without effort, right? That's why making an effort to think up weird, even impossible, images is an essential part of the Keyword Method, too.
You can teach your monolingual friends cool words, phrases and elements of another culture. Plus, language learning is great memory exercise and you can use the language learning environment as an opportunity to teach your kids memory techniques.
However, I like to vary the session lengths each time depending on my goals with different teachers. Yes, I’m a memory expert, but I work sometimes with dozens of language teachers in the space of a year and when each one has their own worksheets and file-naming styles … It can be a real mess. It’s as if they imagine that if they dole it out once dose at a time, you’ll keep coming back for more.
As James Clear discusses, The Goldilocks Rule is the key to success in life and it works in the business of language learning too. When you talk about what you’re learning, you process it through different representational channels in your brain.
When you can learn languages online, there’s no reason not to keep up this practice for the rest of your life.
Just see Kenneth Branaugh or another actor you associate with the role of Hamlet strangling the Bruno statue in Rome.
There’s so much more you can add because knowing one thing enables you to know yet another.
If you’d like to learn how to make and use one, get my free Memory Improvement Kit for a full training. Once you have your baseline time established, you can start challenging yourself to break the record for new sets of words. In fact, this kind of activity can really help you avoid getting into learning ruts, so you can also think of them as a preemptive measure. Turn them off for those periods of time and switch them on again only when you’ve reached specifically identified goals or milestones. One sleepless night impairs your performance as much as having 0.1% alcohol in your blood (which is above legal driving limits even in the most liberal countries).
You may need to find your own sweet spot, but generally it is recommended not to exceed 30 minutes, so you don’t enter the deep sleep phase as this can make you feel groggy and sluggish.
Just like with turning your Internet back on again, it takes time and it’s so much fuss, and that’s exactly what I need to reconsider my decision of walking away so I just stay put and keep writing. Whatever the dreams you’re pursuing, laser-sharp focus will make it easier and faster to achieve. She helps people who need to quickly learn and adapt to new environment, accelerate their success with pragmatic, evidence-based strategies.
I deliberately separate longer term strategies that address the underlying problem(s) from quick fixes that can help you get jobs done on the spot. Me and my wife, we were in a hotel in Prague, and I was just looking on my Kindle for stuff to buy on Amazon. Just to see if he was close to where I was and just make the first step into maybe meeting because he seemed like an interesting guy. So we’ve kind of just been friends since and have been recording music together and just talking about memory stuff.
You write these mnemonics and then you go back through the palace again, or what I like to do is just put them in Anki.
I had moved to Erlangen, my wife was studying there and I lived there for a year, and I spoke nothing of German or any other language.
It was just rote memorization of all these words that I just had to try to remember from scratch and just all these grammar concepts and I though how am I going to learn this? But I just wanted to be thorough and have something representing each kind of station here not really just miss anything. As mentioned above, click the "Deal New Tileset" button in the upper right corner of the mahjong game window to reshuffle the tiles and start over. Both Olly Richards and I tend to meet with several teachers in rotation and you can hear Olly’s reasons why along with his crazy language learning goals and mastering motivation secrets. Writing about your language learning experiences sinks what you’ve learned into deeper channels.
The skills one develops in the games, apart from concentration, rarely, if ever, appear in real life. Would you like to know that the Bruno statue in Rome is specifically located at Campo de’ Fiori? But very briefly, using associative-imagery is part of the art of memory that involves taking something you don’t know and attaching it to something you do. Either way, it feels so great when you walk away from playing games with your brain with the ability to create pleasure at any time by singing a song you’ve always wanted to learn.
Involve your hands and colored pens and pencils to bring in more creative parts of your body and brain for best results. Set the alarm, sleep in a quiet, dark room or use an eye mask, make sure you warm and comfortable. I was able to finish writing and recording not only the course, but also my recent best-selling book, Laser-Sharp Focus.
For starters, you can join the Magnetic Memory Method Facebook Group after downloading and listening to this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast. I was always looking at German language books, things to learn German and better ways to do it, and I came across the Magnetic Memory Method mnemonics system for learning vocab. I knew that it would take a while before I got around to doing it because I had some other priorities, but I always kept it on the back of my mind. We just started talking back and forth and I kind of dropped that I was a heavy metal guitarist.
But you know what I mean, I can kind of just instantly be in the center of a building and just imagine in my mind where all these places are around the things.
To me, using Anki just for the testing, to actually just give you these words and instantly be able to go to my palace. I kind of imagine like old blazers or something, old English kind of styles, sipping a cup of tea. But for theme-based lessons for developing skills with a verb and some nouns, 30-minutes is plenty to get the jist and do the homework myself. No problem: just add an image like a Ferrari digging ore from beneath the statue using a camping tent. A No-Fluff Guide to Improved Concentration, Maximised Productivity and Fast-Track to Success. Six months after that, I came back to Germany to live, and I knew that I had to sharpen up my German skills, so I looked further into the Magnetic Memory Method and ended up buying the product on Udemy. I kind of create them, and I drill them for a bit, and then after while it is just something that really triggers your mind. The thing is it does take effort to come up with those things and you are using your creativity to try and create these scenarios that actually represent some kind of abstract information you’re trying to learn. We had a little conversation before, it was a basic conversation but I didn’t translate.
Like du, ich, sie, er, those kind of nominative cases of all the pronouns and basic conjugation of the verbs and it started quite good with those real basic sentences. I used to try and talk to my wife when we would sit down and try and practice and I would try and say these things. I was trying to say something or try and express these things and my girlfriend would say no. I just found I knew this place that had three rooms down one side, three rooms down the other. Basically, from there we just kind of messaged back and forth and ended up jamming together. So I was asking you those kinds of questions because I didn’t really want to leave any stone unturned. That was one that when I got the word, I knew where it was in the palace but I couldn’t remember the word.
Then just the way you replied to me, I was like yeah, I have just got to try to make this my own to see what works. It was only through learning German that I’ve actually learned all these things and they actually relate a lot to English. The old game part, I just imagine a box of old chess pieces and I thought of parts = past participle, that’s where the parts comes in and the game, I put the game in there for ge, because unless it has a prefix that is inseparable, we have the ge.

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