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Gaining Mass with P90X Part 3 : Supplements Xpand Xtreme Pump Review Jeremy gets RIPPED with P90X2 Body Beast Preview! I'm about 6' 132lbs and 8%BF, and I was wondering a couple things, first, will I be able to do this program without altering my bf% too much? I'm 5'11 range from 128-132 lbs and im looking to put on as much weight as possible while doing p90x, i've tried a lot of things to gain weight, LOTS of shakes and tried stuffing my face all day but at most i gain about 3-4 lbs and if i dont keep it up loose it in 2-3 days.
One of the hardest things about finding the best way to gain muscle is sifting through all of the nonsense.
Secondly, for the legs and back DVD would I do all 25 reps, or would I follow the 8-12 rep rule with heavier weights?

It is especially pervasive at the local gym where guys with incredible genetics (or those using steroids) dispense workout advice with an authoritative air. Should I follow both this newly formatted exercise program and the extra mass building 3500 calorie diet? They will rarely, if ever, contain isolation type exercises (Concentration Curls, Triceps Kickbacks.)* The best muscle building workout will NOT parallel those you see in muscle magazines.
ANY workout they use will show an increase in dense muscle.)* A legit program will focus on building muscle to aid fat loss and increase definition.
I am starting P90x soon and would like to know what you would suggest I do for nutrition and how do I know what weight is going to be right for me when I have never really done this since highschool fitness class lol.

The idea that you must get fatter to put on muscle is bull-pucky.* A legit program will not con you into thinking you can get big fast. It has been well-documented that hard-training athletes can only put on about 10-12 lbs of solid, hard muscle in a 12-month period.
This doesn't mean you should just give up and hop from program to program as your body adapts.

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