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I'd definitely throw a post-workout shake with dextrose and maltodextrin in (they're really cheap) and your protein powder. More fat in that last meal to slow digestion down, or replace the milk with full fat cottage cheese. If he doesn't have fruits it's perfectly fine if you ask me, he's bulking so he needs a lot of complex carbs. Its sort of like how we use protein powder; we all know that we should use it as a supplement and not a foundation to form ou=r daily protein intake because natural sources how things that the other doesn't.
Ya I agree, that's how I viewed the situation and I know I was slacking by neglecting my veggies.
I don't really use vegetables as appreciable amount of carbs, it's for the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and overall health benefits. Protein powder is great for convenience, but the more whole food sources you can take in the better.
If you ever decide to go for adventure cycling down this route, you will be greeted by numerous fellow cyclers who enjoy the beautiful scenery the trail provides. When you work out your body loses a certain nutrients and water in form of sweat, one of the nutrients being potassium. It is suggested to make raw vegetables and fruits a part of your diet if you want to get slim. Foods like milk chocolate and pastries do have some benefits as they can improve your memory and fulfill your need of carbohydrates, respectively. Livemans is a e-magazine portal, Where you will get information about Online Digital Magazine, Business Magazines, Digital News, Latest News, Internet technology etc.
Even if he was lacking some veggies (which he isn't since there not added) it would still be an awesome foundation.

I find I respond really well when I incorporate natural sources of vitamins as opposed to just supplementing them. A mass participation cycling adventure takes place every year in the middle of June after the roads are cleared of the snow that accumulates after winter. The four major passes which one has to navigate is quite tricky and difficult and only experienced cyclists have been advised to tread the path. Sugar slows down the metabolism of body, hence, will make it difficult for you to lose weight faster. When you desire to lose pretty good amount of fat, it is obvious that fast food, fatty snacks and oily food should all be avoided. But, you should neither focus only on consuming these as a major part of your diet nor you should have them immediately after you workout. Although these foods contain carbohydrates, but they do not provide you with sufficient amount of nutrients that you require after a workout.
My question to you is what type of protein are you taking in for your final meal of the day? Leaving the processed salty food, you can opt for some healthy food to fulfill the potassium need of your body. Moreover, such foods increase your cholesterol levels which may put you at a risk of heart disease. Raw veggies and fruits help you keep a check on calories you consume, the do not replenish the nutrients, vitamins or minerals you lost during workout.
I would also recommend taking in some almonds or natty pb with the last shake of the day to help increase your healthy fat intake.
I know you get good nutrients from veggies but since I took it out I don't see a difference..

It is important to get plenty of carbs and protein in your post workout meal which is what you did but why not eat maybe some brown rice, beans, and some chicken.
During the day if you are eating 6 meals you really dont want to eat slow digesting foods because it is going to limit your overall intake. Mountains cannot be sighted; however, stubborn coastal winds could pose a threat to cyclists. Your diet and working out time should be in a proper symmetry to get the best results, as there are some foods that you should avoid having after a good exercise session.
Sugar also causes bloating (Bloating is any abnormal general swelling, or increase in diameter of the abdominal area). Fatty, oily foods also hinder with the production of glycogen (Glycogen is a multi-branched polysaccharide of glucose that serves as a form of energy storage in humans), an unhealthy by-product.
You can get by with just your hand but the real thing is much better To be honest OCC I used to incorporate veggies in my diet. Now don't get me wrong I know everyone won't eat vegetables and so on (for food reasons and schedule reasons) but if you can fit them in and don't I personally feel your doing your body a total injustice. I have not tried it but I did see an all natural product called Drinkables at Sam's club that is a blend of extracts from 40 different fruits and vegetables.
I eat a lot of spring mix salads, baby spinach, cucumbers, bell peppers, and brocolli but it has to be raw.

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