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We want to thank everyone who has shared our meet the girls infographic over the past 2 months. We have to give a huge thanks to ex-EDCF member Kelsea Everett (now working for CrossFit HQ in Santa Cruz) for making this project such a huge success.
In our search for an affordable poster printer, we looked at Kinkos, Vista Print, & a couple local shops. We would love to see our Meet the Girls poster hanging in your homes and gyms around the world.
At CrossFit Urban Shack, we use CrossFit as our training method, for the same reason top level athletes train the way they do: because it works! In our CrossFit classes, we combine gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning in workouts that are constantly varied, very intense, but also universally scalable so that they are always challenging regardless of your level of fitness.
If you pay attention to my facebook posts then you know I am totally addicted to Pinterest! Our program is based on functional movements (like squatting, lifting, pushing and pulling) that have been around for thousands of years.

This means that you are now an athlete who is trained by Reebok™ recognized coaches in a facility which has been picked out for its excellence in Johannesburg, South Africa.
You can find pretty much ANYTHING on there and the fitness department is one of those things.
Just pick one, do it for a week, and then for the next week add more of each exercise or do a totally new one.
It reminds me of pilates and has two workouts on it, one with and without extra equipment AND it’s just 30 min. It can’t seem to do the same thing for more than a couple weeks before I get a little bit bored.
There have been more than a few requests to turn this infographic into a full-sized CrossFit poster and to show our gratitude we are releasing the file to you for free.
In spite of all the modern technology and machines you see at most gyms or “health clubs” today, these movements have survived the test of time for one reason only – they get results. There can be no excuses now, you have all the best tools available so make the most of them!

So, I decided to use the CrossFit WODs (Workout of the Day) occasionally to add some variety and challenge into my workouts. But it was excellent since I carry my weight in my legs and that is the hardest place to lean out for me. Then I finished it with the amazing leg workout that is the 130302 WOD: running, walking lunges, and body-weight squats. You can put the band around your feet or (as I prefer) loop it around something very sturdy, like the leg of a table. Sign Up For Our Newsletter Recent Posts For the Love of Tea, Part 3: Health Benefits of Tea Creamy Blueberry Orange Smoothie The M Trail Missoula Broncos Stadium Challenge Recap Wake up your summer and create memories!

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