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US space agency Nasa’s Mars Rover Curiosity has conducted drilling in its first hole in the foothills of martian mountain, Mount Sharp.
Mount Sharp, the 5-kilometre-high mountain on the red planet, has been the main destination for the six-wheeled Curiosity rover. Since its landing on the Martian surface in August 2012, the Curiosity rover had spent much of its time exploring an area that is much closer to the landing site, however, in the opposite direction. The NASA officials said that the priority of the rover has changed from Yellowknife Bay to the base of Mount Sharp.
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Sharp, the hammering drill of the rover chewed about 2.6 inches depth into a basal-layer outcrop on the Mars mountain last week and collected samples of a powdered-rock that were temporarily held within the sample-handling mechanism on the Curiosity’s arm.

Sharp is exciting because it will begin to form a picture of the environment at the time the mountain formed and what led to its growth,” said Vasavada.
Now the mission operations will not emphasis on drive, drive and drive but will carry systematic layer-by-layer investigation of the Martian surface and environment. We provide all the instruction you need—FREE!—to get your crew up to speed and on the job safely and efficiently. With plenty of power packed into a compact size and new features like an easy-to-use carve mode and time-saving LCD display, the JT20 helps you work faster so you can tackle more jobs. Both the JT30 and its counterpart, the JT30 All Terrain, are the most powerful and quietest drills in their class—by a long shot.
Following analysis of the drilled rocks there, researchers found an ancient lake-bed environment which is more than three billion years ago.
NASA scientists believe the new finding would offer ingredients and a chemical energy gradient favourable for microbes if they have existed there. A few years after finishing college (with a degree in arts) I decided that the best way to become more sociable, while also feeling safe, is to test my people skills online.

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