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However, you’re not going to attract visitors if you just throw keywords into a document to try and rank for them.
A good way to start is to focus on related searches – that is, to take one topic or idea and see how many similar searches you can find. Once you have your list, it’s time to start analyzing them and figuring out which ones are actually worth trying to rank for. Conversely, if phrases stay relatively even in popularity or have been growing, they’re probably worth investing in. How probable is it that you’ll actually get a customer when you rank on a specific keyword?
The value of a given search is, in the end, its likelihood of someone actually buying from you. For most companies, the ideal keywords are long-tail keywords with decent volume and little or no competition. Deciding between short tail and long tail keyword is a tricky one and deserve an entire post for this.
Both of these options are viable for companies, though as a long-term strategy, SEO is ultimately the better choice. However, you may want to consider doing both for awhile – start with PPC ads linked to landing pages, and use the profit from those campaigns to invest into SEO. Once this gets up and running, you could continue doing it and essentially make your SEO pay for itself. If you don’t know enough about a topic to write on it as an expert, then it may be best to avoid trying to rank for it. When customers first visit your site, they should get the impression that you are the one who has mastered a subject and can tell them anything and everything they need to know about it. Doing this builds trust, encourages them to come back, and ultimately increases the chances of a sale.
If you really want a page on a given subject but don’t know enough about it, you could hire an independent writer to produce the content for you. The higher rate of conversions tends to justify their asking price, though, so even a high rate of pay tends to be a good long-term investment. Subscribe and receive exclusive insider tips and tricks on SEO.Delivered to you right from the industry’s best SEO team. Sometimes these domains are for sale and are simply “parked,” or other times you get contacted from a domain broker who realizes your business name may be similar to something he’s selling. Let’s address the costs and potential value of a domain name from an SEO perspective but also a marketing perspective (which is just really another way of saying SEO anyway). Back in 2007, Moz, a SEO software company, published a post on the rules for choosing the right domain name (by Rand Fishkin). It can be good practice to have a domain that includes the keywords you’re trying to rank for. You don’t want to get in the situation where you can confuse your domain name with that of another brand. If you have to break down how to spell the domain when you’re talking to potential customers you’ve probably selected a bad one. This goes along with the above; make your domain easy to remember so that people can easily type it in from memory later on. In an effort to push a lot of keywords into domain names, a lot of people have purchased really long domain names.
If possible, buy a domain that is associated with a word that accurately describes what you do. Before buying a domain make sure to visit to ensure you are not violating any copyright laws. A lot of times companies will buy a domain rich in keywords but that has nothing to do with their actual brand name. A lot of recent trends in domain names have been shifting to things like .co or purposeful misspellings. I’ve heard stories from people where they say they’d use a domain name search tool from a company that sells domains, didn’t buy it, then when they went back the price had either increased or was suddenly sold and was for sale for a ridiculous amount. Ok, now that we have identified some points to consider for choosing a domain we can also use this information to determine what the value is of a domain name that is already registered by someone else who wants to sell it to you from a marketing perspective. As mentioned above, if you get your hands on a good domain name and it’s a dot-com, you can expect to pay more. A domain that is easy to spell means that you can say it and people will be able to find it without having to go through the process of going through half the phonetic alphabet each time you try to direct someone to your site. If your domain name is short, this makes it more valuable as it is extremely rare to find a domain that is short and that is actually a correctly-spelled word.
That’s the harsh truth but should be understood if you are entering a negotiating position.
Back to the general marketing criteria after a nice little story of someone who didn’t get ripped off.
If you can find a one-word domain name that meets most of the above 12 criteria you can probably expect to pay an arm and a leg for it.
But at the end of the day, it’s the SEO value of a domain name that would make me suggest to a client to get their checkbook out.
If you have a terrible domain name that gets 100,000 visits to the associated website each month a lot of the above can be thrown out.
Let’s take another one of my clients and a current domain purchasing opportunity that has recently come his way to help you understand how an SEO would go about valuating a domain from a search engine perspective. These are not necessarily listed in order of most importance although they can be loosely interpreted in order of value. As you can see, the correlation between a search and an exact match domain name is fairly high.
We are getting a little ahead of ourselves here with the above keyword search volume data but the point is that other than from a general marketing standpoint, the name does not lend itself to the keywords in domain factor we mentioned above. If the domain you are looking at buying does in fact have keywords –exact match or partial – you are trying to rank for, it makes sense to determine the search volume of these keywords to see how much potential value they have. You should see the following area where you’ll put in your keywords into the “Your product or service section” (we put in “Fitness Mentor” in this example). This information will show you the average number of times people have searched for that exact keyword, the competition based on a simple criteria of Low, Medium or High, as well as the suggested bid. The takeaway is that the higher the search volume, the more competition and the higher the suggested bid, the more valuable the domain if it does in fact contain these exact words or most of them.
Another thing I look at when determining the value of a preexisting domain is the PageRank. Not that you should hold me to this, but you could very easily apply another $1,000 for each numerical PageRank above one.
Before you go all crazy buying up domains and 301 redirecting them you should learn more about that process and involve an SEO and development team who is familiar with the process. Domain Authority is a lot like PageRank in that it is a calculated metric for how well a domain is likely to rank in the search engines. A site with low Domain Authority is in that 1 to 20 range, moderate Domain Authority in the 20 to 40 range, and pretty high Domain Authority in the 40+ range.
You can determine a domain’s Domain Authority quickly with the Moz Toolbar for Firefox or Chrome.
Total number of links: in general, more is better although if the ratio of referring Root Domains to the total number of links is low, it could signal a warning. The anchor text of the links: anchor text is highly correlated with high-rankings and an inspection of this could reveal a lot. The authority of the links: determining if the links that point to the site that you want to buy are from other high-quality, authoritative websites or spammy, low-quality sites.
What I found was that the site only had about 20 referring domains linking to it, which is by no means amazing (I build some of my clients more than 20 links a month). When I looked at the anchor text of the links pointing to the site I found that most of them were just names of the developer of the site who commented on a lot of blog sites. Finally, the authority of the sites that linked to this site was low with the exception of one link from eHow that was unfortunately nofollow.
In all, the backlink profile sucked and had some serious red flags as I was not going to let some site that had a decent little PageRank and Domain Authority score ruin my client’s site because it had been penalized for having a shitty backlink profile.
Upon investigation of the site, I found some blogs and pages that I feel are of decent value and could potentially rank in the search engines or could be used as foundations to build better content off of. Rather than grabbing a domain and saying let’s point A to B, you are going through it and finding the content that may be valuable to your end-users and determining if it is worth saving. If you find that a domain you want to purchase has a lot of good, useful content that can be used on your existing site, it has more value to you. Another thing that is of very small consideration but worth mentioning is domain age, something that Google has said is not super important but is relevant.
Perhaps more important, from an offering point of view, is determining how long someone has owned the domain. Still, if you find a domain that has been owned for 10 years and figure that most non-premium domains are about $10 a year to maintain, you can assume, all other factors mentioned above aside, that the owner will want to get his $100 back. Personally, I don’t think software can be quite as subjective as a human when determining the value of a domain name. For starters, a domain name calculator is going to provide very little SEO background into what a site is worth or what it ranks for.
While these are important metrics, I found that they were completely inaccurate compared to the analysis I performed with my many SEO software tools. Keep in mind that this site only has a PageRank of 2, very few pages that are actually non-product specific (which would not be valuable to anyone else), no social visibility (according to their analysis), no backlinks (according to their analysis), and five daily visitors (according to their analysis). Maybe sites like these are why domain name sellers tend to be completely on a different planet when it comes to determining what their sites are actually worth.
If you do decide that you want to buy a domain name from a private owner or a brokerage, expect the typical “make me an offer” response. Just make sure you try to understand how they valuate their domain and hope that they don’t say with a domain calculator site. Now that you have read this post and know how to value a website properly, you can come at them with an army of facts that justify your bid.
However, if you find a domain that checks off a lot of general marketing valuation criteria as well as the SEO valuation criteria you may be prepared for a battle.
For example, if the domain has a high PageRank and Domain Authority but has a poor link profile, don’t tell them about the good things.
Millions of bloggers, businesses, and artists compete wildly for the chance of a first-page result for keywords relevant to their website.

Lengthy studies have been done over the years to determine just how many clicks each spot on the first page of Google actually receives. In 2006, AOL provided customers with data on more than 36 million search results and 19.4 million CTRs. The next step in determining the value of your current organic search listing would be to establish how many searches per month there are for your keyword. For those with an Adwords account, simply log in, and at the top right side of the menu, you’ll see tools.
Enter the keyword you would like to check (below it is qualifiers like region, google or google and partners, and finally negative keywords), to the right select the date range you would like to check then click submit.
Once you know potential volume of searches, where you are figuring rank, cost per click, then look up the CTR for the first page position you are trying to figure Return on Investment (ROI). Now I will represent the whole things I planned, executed and achieved in very shorter time frame. Exact Match Domain is a specific domain name that exactly matches a search keyword tends to rank higher for that keyword on search engines more rapidly than Partial Match or any other Domain name. Micro niche website is the latest trend of online marketers to create industry based website or blog and drive very potential traffic that can be easily converted by means of various marketing approaches and add up extra income to their existing earning sources. In this case study of building micro niche site with Exact Match Domain I have chosen a specific industry to work with, an exact match domain to influence my website’s search ranking, and published very useful content that add up enough value to both visitors and search engines. I will walk you through all the procedures I adopted to build a micro niche site with an exact match domain, ranked for the specific keyword, driven very potential traffic and generated sales for the products I promoted.
I had a great passion to build my sites on WordPress and promote products in WordPress industry. From rest of the products I used I found that they’re all great in usefulness, quality and performances. I have chosen one product that is almost a powerful product in WordPress themes industry named “Divi Theme” a drag and drop WordPress page builder theme created and developed by Elegant Themes.
Divi Theme is a super useful WordPress page builder theme that allows users to create any page in minutes without having any web development skill or any programming knowledge. My idea about Divi Theme was exactly to promote it via a micro niche site but I was confused enough about the domain name I should choose. I googled about “Exact Match Domain” phrase and read many tutorials to understand all the dos, and don’ts playing with EMD. Many SEO gurus reflected negatively with the perspectives on exact match websites regarding Google penalties in major cases, though few people reflected positively on behalf of Exact match websites emphasizing on creating quality content, avoiding black hat seo practices, designing professional look website with simple navigation and reducing keyword density that shouldn’t exceed 1.25% that is optimum for all keywords. So I was confident enough about the site I wanted to build on Exact Match Domain name and create a micro niche site to promote the product definitely with highly valued content. My next step was to search for long tail keywords that will help my site to rank better and faster. Again if I can rank for “Divi theme demo” on Google search results it’s highly potential to also rank on the prime keyword “Divi theme” so that I can gain more organic search traffic and expedite promotions to make more money.
Now my next step is to build a website on WordPress and definitely I will choose Divi theme to build this website as well. Then I installed Divi Theme, Divi builder and other associated plugins from Elegant Themes to boost performances of Divi theme on my site.
When my site is ready for SEO, design, and navigation optimizations I starting writing content in the industry I chose and wrote about 50 articles mostly on tutorials basis. I have also written a complete product review article on “Divi Theme” so that if users need to get the entire features to know about Divi Theme they will read the product review article rather going through the specific tutorials. It took me about 10 days to prepare the whole site before it’s ready to publish on the web. To my point of view I found nothing error after reviewing the whole site about 10 times in many respects like content optimization, search engine optimization, design layout, navigation optimization and landing page optimization etc. Finally I submitted the site to Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, and Baidu search engines. I don’t prefer building links manually I swear, rather I focus on creating better content that can drive me highly valuable and authority links that flow link juice.  But, in many cases I hire experts to do building quality links if I think I can get work done with the most possible safe way that won’t harm my organic search ranking. Fiverr is a great place to search for highly experienced and professional gigs who can make your work done only for $5 (really very cheap value) but you can get quality work done if you hire the right gig based on your order. My aim was to drive authority links (PR7, PR8, PR9) to my Root domain so that my website can rank higher on the targeted keywords so quickly. I hired this gig on Fiverr and the gig created 20 high authority profile links on some top sites: Mozilla, Apple, Amazon, Mit, Drupal, CNN, Microsoft and other authority sites on the web.
After getting my prepared links I did not submit them to Google and other search engines immediately but I stayed few days until I receive natural backlinks from other sites.
The reason I did not submit them instantly that search engines may consider those links as spammy links and my site might be negatively affected on organic search ranking. Now it’s time to disclose what I have achieved in 15 days of work as you may be excited to know about it.
Now I will display statistics about my site’s organic search ranking, search keywords, keyword value, and traffic and income reports.
I was really pleased with the achievements of my site regarding organic search ranking positions in Google SERPs.
The organic search keywords report looks much promising to me as my site is receiving traffic for the search terms I wanted it to rank and I have noticed that search ranking for prime keyword “Divi theme” is gradually increasing which is a strong positive sign of gaining more organic traffic in future than I receive today. Sharing income report from website has been a tradition to most bloggers who are professional and well-known to their industry. Here I want to share a small version of income report of my site I built 3 months ago basically having a great passion to start micro niche site on Exact match domain and earned few money in a period of 45 days after starting my promotional campaigns.
The following chart displays that I have made 4 sales (worth $178.00 USD) from 1800+ visitors and 839 unique visits. I tried to share a case study about a small project I created 3 months ago on micro niche site with exact match domain and ranked higher for the targeted keywords in Google search results within very shorter period. My objective was to understand the difficulties of organic search ranking for a site in specific industry.
I chose WordPress themes industry to create my project and preferred Divi Theme as my target product to promote.
After completing all the primary tasks the entire site was submitted to Google, Bing, Yahoo! My point of view on working with “Exact Match Domain” is very positive and I recommend people to work safely if you prefer EMD to build your micro niche site. Again if you want to promote them by creating micro niche site using EMD then you have to choose slightly different name that won’t conflict with affiliate providers brand name or even product name. Hope that you got it, if not yet or your query is related to another thing then you can contact me at our official contact form. Well, I published about 56 articles and now I’m only publishing tutorial based and Divi theme website templates tutorials. Rehub is a great industry to create potential informative sites that grab attention by audiences and bring up better conversions and sales that other competitive industries can’t pay you.
When you know you're only returning a single value, then the VALUE keyword can help produce a leaner result set by avoiding the overhead of creating a full-blown object.
When this query is executed, it returns the scalar "Hello World, this is DocumentDB SQL Tutorial". If we now specify the same query without VALUE Keyword, then it will return the address with location label. Zenytam - High school dress code essays ZenytamA cover letter is generally the first point of contact with a prospective. This part is not about whittling your list down into something usable – that comes later. This often involves getting long-tail keywords off of a basic phrase (and that’s good), and many keywords can be turned into dozens of potential topics. This allows you to compete on phrases that you have the budget for, and not waste your time or money anywhere else.
If there’s a slow, steady decline in interest, then even if the keyword is good now, it may not be relevant enough in the future to actually be worth the investment. SpyFu is about uncovering successful strategies and using those as a starting point to launch your campaign. It may be fewer than you think, especially once you move away from the most popular terms, simply because even larger companies have a tough time ranking for hundreds or thousands of potential searches. Sometimes words have no competition because they’re not actually associated with people who want to buy something, and you want to carefully avoid keywords like those. Note that this program is about paid ads that are placed separately from organic search results. However, this is a fairly good way to tell how many people are truly interested in buying when searching with a given phrase. He is on a never-ending quest to understand the mysteries of the search engine world, and sometimes, on his way to the ice-cream parlor.
You logon to your favorite domain purchasing service only to find that the domain name you want is already taken. So, for example, if you are in the fitness business, something with “fitness, health, exercise, nutrition” could be a good part of the domain.
Numbers make it hard for people to know if it is the spelled out number or the numerical one.
Remember that you can search for domain names without doing it through a service with sites like Domjax. Still, it doesn’t mean that you’ll end up spending a bunch on a domain name because someone else owns the brand name that you went with. Taking the general marketing considerations in mind but also the SEO value of a domain is important, and you’ll learn more about that below. The site had no SEO value and other than being a fairly generic and easy to spell and remember domain, really had no other inherent value. It’s not that one-word domain names automatically rank in the search engines or anything like that, it’s just that from a marketing and branding point of view they make a lot of sense.
If you can combine the above general marketing valuation factors with the proceeding SEO values, you’re on to something big. At the end of the day Google ranks individual pages, not sites based on their domain name (although this is a correlation factor).
If you are going to buy a domain that is an exact match keyword of a keyword that you’d like to rank for (ex. The higher a site’s PageRank, the more likely it is to appear at the top of Google search results. Google has said that they wouldn’t be making any updates to the PageRank algorithm so it may not be the most accurate thing around to determine the authority of a domain or page.

It was developed by Moz and is based on a scale from 1 to 100 (with 100 being highest), and is in fact, maintained regularly unlike Google’s PageRank. Comparing it to the PageRank of two, this seems about right and you’ll find that they’re tends to be some correlation there as in, if one’s high, the other tends to be high too. While you could by all accounts take the marketing value, the PageRank and Domain Authority and make an estimate to how much a domain is worth this might not be where you want to stop your search. Before I dig in you’ll need to know that you’ll need to have some SEO software to do a backlink profile analysis. This is not a deal breaker, it just means that the total amount of links is not representative of the popularity of that domain as the amount of referring links to the domain would be.
These links were all useless from an anchor text perspective and are borderline damaging to the quality of the link profile. I told the client that I wanted to get access to the other guys Webmaster Tools before making a decision and to see if there were any violations of Google Webmaster Guidelines as noted in the Manual Actions section of the site’s Web Master Tools.
It is also one of those things that when a domain is purchased, the new owner destroys a lot of the SEO value because they don’t take the time to determine the value of all of the pages (URLs) on the site. Not to go crazy here, but the idea would be to grab that content, put it on my client’s existing site, then 301 redirect those old, individual pages to the newly created pages on my client’s site.
The owner of the other site doesn’t need to know this, but you will need to have your development team involved to perform the 301 redirects accordingly. Website owners tend to have more than one property and often have taken their chances at multiple ventures.
While some objective analysis is important, a lot of the characteristics of a domain name’s value should be examined relative to your business and its goals. Some of the criteria one domain name calculator used to determine the value of a domain included PageRank, the number of pages in Google’s index, its social media visibility, the number of backlinks as well as the estimated traffic.
I’m not sure where they put all their weight but this site is clearly not worth over $7,000. For some reason these people always want you to make the first move and for some reason they always seem to be insulted when you procure your bid.
If you know a little about what they are using to justify their cost, you can break that info down and likely prove them wrong (without insulting them).
Just because someone is an ass for buying a domain that has no inherent value doesn’t mean you are too. Whenever possible, make it known that you know a lot about what really makes a domain valuable without letting them know how of those things their domain has.
Let them know that you’ll have to spend hours and $100s cleaning up the bad links they built and that greatly devalues their site. Lofaso is the lead SEO and owner of Digital Elevator and is also the founder of startup SwellSpy. After all, how often have you reached the first page with your organic rank for a keyword, only to find it doesn’t deliver the traffic you anticipated? Even if your most important keywords land you on page 2, this does not mean you receive 4.8% of the clicks for that keyword. Their study found that the first position received 42.3% of total clicks and 4 times more traffic than the next position. Once you achieve first page number 1 spot it become less and less expensive to maintain, but the Gross Value typical stays within the same range.
My project was to create a micro niche site with exact match domain and ranked it higher for the targeted keywords in Google search engine. In the competition of search engine ranking, marketers and website owners apply all the possible SEM (Search Engine Marketing) practices to promote their brands and generate sales. Exact Match Domain can be used to create micro niche site on exactly matched search keywords that include optimum monthly search volume and bring up possible organic search traffic that converts the best. Keeping this idea in mind I started buying few WordPress related products (Themes, Plugins, CDN services etc.) from trusted brands online and used them on many of my sites and examined the quality of each product I bought and compared them with other products I also used. After creating the site I reviewed the entire site to find out the possible flaws that can interrupt in providing better user experiences and search engine ranking. My tasks were bounded to building a new micro niche site on a specific industry that I better know so that I can create an authority over that project and make people understand the theme of my site all about.
My industry was WordPress themes industry so I was confident enough that the traffic value of my site will be much potential.
It’s really wonderful experience to share your own website income report to visitors who can be inspired enough from your achievements and can apply the same formula you used to gain success in your race.
Total conversion rate looks very pessimistic (0.110%) but I hope the rate will increase in period.
Every affiliate brands hold their trademarks that they only own the copyright including their products, services even promotional campaigns. It’s possible to create a one page website with Divi theme where you can put information, write articles on that page and set it as home page of your site.
Long-tail keywords comprise about 70% of all searches made on the web, and people who make them are often more inclined to buy than someone making a basic search.
Short tail keywords are keyword that are 3 words or less, and long tail keywords are keywords that are longer than 3 words.
I think the original owner was asking $1,500 for this particular domain but my client ended up getting off him for like $300 or something that did not break the bank. I guess you could say they have a lot of practical value, especially if they are short, easy to spell and easy to remember.
Where possible, I’ll look at the purchase of this site in SEO terms based on the advice I gave my client with the examples below.
Keep in mind that just because a domain has some or all of the keywords you are going after in it doesn’t necessarily mean it will rank, but rather it is likely that whoever owns or owned that domain probably dedicated a lot of their content to ranking for those keywords which would lend itself to algorithmic bias. PageRank, a Google construct, works by counting the number and quality of links to a page and is indicated by a 0 through 10, with 10 being the most powerful.
If we decide to buy it and do a 301 redirect of the site to my client’s, we would be confident that we would get a large portion, 90 to 99 percent, of the ranking power of that site, meaning we could likely jump to a PageRank 2 quickly based on the strength of the existing domain.
This leads us into a nice little segue of other tools that are updated regularly that were built to emulate Google’s PageRank. You can use something like Moz’s Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs to see what kind of links are pointing to the domain you are consider purchasing. I even found one piece of anchor text to the site that was, no joke, “bent over the car free video chat slight bend nude and porn pictures.” This is not good. This may or may not be the case in your situation but if you are looking at buying a domain and the existing website, you’ll want to pay close attention.
Before you pull the trigger on the purchase of a domain, make sure to ask the current owner if they have any other associated domains or web properties that are connected to it. If, for example, you find that the potential domain also a Facebook and Twitter following of 100,000 relevant people, maybe they can agree to give you ownership of those accounts as well. You’d probably be better off picking apart the general marketing valuation items where possible as many domain owners aren’t going to know what they hell you’re talking about when you tell them that the ratio of referring domains to total links makes the site less valuable anyway. Did I miss anything that you’d consider when buying a domain or that needs to be thrown into the mix? Well, to remove much of the speculation, this article will analyze studies on click through rates of first page results, illustrate how to identify projected traffic, and ultimately how to determine value of that ranking.
Since their study, numerous follow-up reports were published by other data collection companies including Enquiro (2007), Optify (2010), Slingshot (2011), Chitika (2013), Catalyst (2013), and by Advanced Web Ranking, and Protofuse in 2014. Searches that make up front page spots 6-10 are clicked on, combined, about 12% of the time.
That being said, any time you achieve number 1 ranking on a high profile keyword you will notice that results for other keywords on your site typically improve and longer tail (i.e.
To create a case-study you must have your own resources of working and you must copyright all the materials you used in your presentations. Exact Match Domain is the oldest but still an effective SEM practice to rank a website higher for specific search term to promote products and services in a specific industry. But if I work continuously on my site basically in building high quality content then I will definitely get better ranking in coming months. I’m now a level 1 seller and making money on Pay-Per-Sale commission with Elegant Themes affiliate program.
So if you want to promote any affiliate product you can’t autotype the same things your affiliate provider uses but you can promote them by your own services like Blog, Website, Article marketing, Guest posting, and Advertising campaigns etc. Generally, you should focus your efforts on long tail keywords since they have lower competition, lower PPC ad cost, and higher conversion rates.
Look out for situations like these or those that have plural, hyphenated or misspelled versions and, where possible, avoid these domains.
Google used to have a tool in Chrome where you could check this but have since disabled it.
This means that there are a bunch of sites that probably have a link to this site either in their footer or on the sidebar of their site. Organic results are based on stiff competition using the most informative, relevant content regarding the search.
Unless you are in one of the top 3 spots you are likely getting a tiny fraction of that number. Just do a quick search for “PageRank plugin” and you’ll find something that helps you determine this number.
In other words, they link to this domain on every page of their site which can be a red flag as a lot of sites that do that sort of thing are spammy or it could just mean that they are owned by the same person.
As a result, 90% of clicks on the first page of Google’s search results are made on organic links, and the other 10% go to paid ads. And if your resume shows commerce you to be qualified for an opening that the recruiter is biography trying to fill for a client, while keeping the door open for legal engagement in the future if the need.
The employee benefits checklist not only sound helps you guide your client through the process of determining benefits for their employees, employee Benefits Checklist, when that doesnt work out, the resume is king in this world, this termination letter notifies the client that the maintenance relationship is over, it also documents the decisions that were made. In the role of Executive Assistant at my previous jobs, teamwork, termination Letter, or indented format)? Match your qualifications with some of the job requirements using real-life assistant examples.

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