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21004From longtail keyword phrases to Google AdWords, your business follows a diversified strategy for SEO success. Every business website is unique, and a metric that is relevant for one website may mean nothing for another.
Measuring search engine traffic is important because these metrics allow you to compare performance versus market share. Understanding website market share is also useful should your website traffic suddenly drop off. A second – and equally important – use for the search engine traffic analytics discussed in #1 is to strategically improve your website’s SEO based on specific search engines and landing pages. Your analytics will also tell you the pages where visitors most frequently land when they visit your website.
Google Analytics is ground zero for determining which landing pages are most popular on your website.
Domain Authority rankings are most useful for measuring your website’s strength versus other sites.
Domain Authority rankings are incorporated into many common SEO metrics measurements; they can also be obtained using Open Site Explorer. Is a competitor optimizing for the same keywords or phrases that your company optimizes for? The easiest way to track keyword rank is through an SEO metrics service like iSpionage; keyword rank tracking is not available through Google metrics. User’s Testimonial"Deon Designs has been using CuteRank and we could say that this is one of the best checking website ranking solutions on the market today.
The keyword ranking report checks your search engine rankings each week and compares them to your competition.
How it works: Our keyword tracker checks the keyword rankings for your website and for your competitors in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing on a weekly basis. Competitor keyword ranking history is easily accessed as well, giving you fast access see how they have performed over time. With Agent Web Ranking you will also be able to know your site ranking or your competitors sites ranking in search engine.
Have A1 Keyword Research find, generate and test which keywords have weak competition in searches. Then use our keyword research tool to optimize your websites pages for optimal ranking in search engines. Without this step, your website and search advertising campaigns are disadvantaged from the beginning. The more keyword analysis you can do, the better chance for increased returns on keyword marketing.
This includes organic search engine marketing and pay per click keyword advertising campaigns. Position check: Track and position check website ranking for search keywords in search engines. Keyword suggestion: Query online search engines and keyword suggestion tools to get new keywords.

Online keyword tools: Integration between keyword research and online keyword tools for SEM, SEO and PPC.
A1 Keyword Tools (fomerly known as A1 Keyword Research) is not just a website and search keyword analysis program.
Build, combine and tune keywords lists for pay per click (PPC) campaigns in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Alternatively, you can export data as graphics or CSV files ready to be imported into Excel, Calc and similar tools. SEO metrics track your website’s performance versus other sites across all search engines, providing a more complete picture for your SEO strategy. Understanding your traffic sources – referral traffic versus direct navigation versus search traffic – is absolutely critical. If all traffic from search engine drops equally, then you are facing an accessibility problem. Many SEO monitoring tools also include these traffic sources, along with statistics on your website’s market share. Knowing which pages (and how many) receive search engine traffic is essential for SEO success. Compare this information with your website market share analytics to make strategic SEO improvements. Domain Authority predicts your website’s performance versus other competitor websites in Google’s search engine rankings based on the strength of your website pages and link profiles. Since it is a predictive ranking system, it is less useful as an historic measurement of your website’s own SEO efforts.
If you are an affiliate management company, do you know how your trademarks and brands are being used across the Internet? In order to understand whether your SEO strategy is working, you also need to know how your website’s performance in search engine results compares to your competitor’s performance, as well as how your website is performing for different search engines. Its very important to keep a track on the ranking while some of the improvement can be done at the website designing level, to keep the momentum going. Keyword tracking tells you how well your search engine optimization efforts are going, especially if you pay someone else to do your SEO.
This data is saved for you to access historical reports, giving you simple access to view changes over time.
It will automatically suggest most popular keywords and word phrases that people are searching on from search engine.
It completely emulates browser activity as if a human were sitting in front of a computer querying search engine.
Sure, you’re already tracking the results of your AdWords campaign and monitoring conversion rates, but this information only gives you a partial snapshot of your SEO strategy’s successes or shortcomings. Below, we’ve listed four of the most critical tracking metrics and monitoring tools that are essential to measure SEO progress. Knowing both the number of visitors and percentage of traffic from a specific source will help you identify weaknesses and track trends over time. However, if traffic from Google drops dramatically while traffic from other sites holds steady, then you may have been penalized for over optimization.

For example, thanks to Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, organic link building efforts through anchor text and content marketing are more effective with Google.
These data points help determine which changes you make to your website’s structure, keywords and linking system to improve search traffic. Domain Authority scoring is based on a model created by SEOmoz that aggregates over 150 different factors into a unified system for measuring domain authority. Domain Authority also measures a website’s perceived “trust” within the online community; websites that rank higher in domain authority also have a stronger link profile, which means they are more “trustworthy”.
The right SEO monitoring tools not only make it easier to track these metric, but also translate their results into actionable SEO improvements for your website. Keeping tabs on your competition is useful so you can compare all of your keywords head to head, easily spotting where to best spend your SEO. If there is a change from week to week, your report will show an up or down arrow, along with the number of positions your keyword changed.
Just click on the search engine logo to go take a look at our search engine rakings for that keyword and search engine. For example, if your search engine traffic suffers a dramatic fall off, your SEO strategy may be in trouble. In contrast, on-page optimization, such as longtail keywords, is typically more effective with Bing. In a perfect world, we’d have plenty of time and resources to tweak websites for SEO success. Scores are reported logarithmically on a 1 to 100 scale, with 100 being “ultimate” domain authority. Since the Domain Authority scale is logarithmic, it is easier to improve from a 30 to 40 ranking than improve from a 80 to 90 ranking.
Here at iSpionage, our keyword rank tracking tool includes keyword monitoring and alerting functionality that can be used to track your company’s trademarks and brands across the Internet.
Watching your rankings in all 3 major search engines gives you insight into which sites you rank well on vs.
If your website appears anywhere in the top 50 positions for a particular keyword, the keyword ranking report will display your position. We have selected best online keyword suggestion tool for english, french, german, italian and spanish words.
Conversely if you experience a bump in affiliate link traffic, thank your latest content marketing campaign. This keyword tracking service will also notify you if a competitor begins to optimize for your same keyword terms.
If you don’t show up in the top 50, you will see a dash mark, signifying no ranking in the top 50 keyword positions. Consequently, it is absolutely essential that you strategically choose which SEO improvements to make – whether that’s an increased focus on crafting quality content and obtaining organic back links or carefully combing low-performing pages for missed on-page optimization opportunities.

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