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The keyword meta tag: Most website owners have heard of meta tags and know this is a location where keywords reside. In the early days of SEO this technique of keyword stuffing was used to fool search engines. Ananzi by the way certainly does use this tag for web ranking and its vital that you always sue it in a the correctly structured way. It was easy to prove this a word like fgthysfdt would be added to the meta tag but not to the page. However properly used this tag will always be important and so long as the contents are relevant to the page there can be nothing wrong with including numerous keywords. Some search engines place the description tag on the SERPs page just below the Title and they also, sometimes at least, might use the information in the description tag to rank the page in the SERPs.
Irrespective of whether it is used for ranking or not it is most advisable that it is always created and written to include the important and relevant keywords for that particular page. In summary there are 3 very important tag uses for the keyword(s) these must all be relevant to the actual page content. This is the keyword meta tag function that’s now announced as obsolete by Google and many other online marketing authorities. Meta descriptions, though, are very much important and Google looks at them as a ranking factor.
Matt Cutts from Google advises you to write meta descriptions for the really important pages. Pink Elephant LLP is a guerrilla warfare digital marketing styled company that aims to help brands generate leads and enquiries online in the shortest time possible. Our company mission is to leverage on internet marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC and Social Media to help clients achieve their sales and marketing goals.

Most of these same website owners and designers also believe that locating a whole range of keywords in the meta tag is all that is required to satisfy search engines. People just loaded the meta tag with words and because this tag was important to search engines at one time it was reasonably easy to get an undeserved ranking.
However to use keywords that do NOT appear on the page itself is risking censure of some kind.
The most important reason for doing this is that it must also appeal to the searcher who may see the description you wrote reproduced on the SERPs page.
It makes complete sense therefore to write these tags only after the web page has been written. Stuffing meta tags with keywords used to be a technique used by SEO agencies, individuals all over the world to achieve higher ranking sin their search results. He also advises us not to pay attention to the keyword meta tag but pay attention to the meta description of a post or page.
This function used to be abused to keyword stuff before Google came in and remove rolled in their algorithm update. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
The result of this spamming was that most major search engines stopped using this tag (for ranking purposes) quite some time ago or they retained usage but were more analytical. At the same time another search for a phrase actually written into the page would result in the page appearing on the SERPs. The description must appeal to and encourage the searcher to click on your entry before those other entries around your result on the same SERPs page.
Later in this book youll get a look at an amazing bit of South African Internet software that will automatically create relevant keyword rich tags for you for a single page or even a complete website of thousands of web pages in seconds.

Meta descriptions too may increase your click through rates if you put in time and effort to write a compelling description. Google will pull content out of your content if you leave the meta description part of your post blank. Blog Posts to Achieve a 100% Score TweetTweetMany website and blog owners often don’t fully optimize web pages and blog posts because there are several components to achieving 100% on page SEO.As a result, their web properties struggle to attract free, organic, long term and targeted search engine traffic. What happens when they stop producing content?The traffic stops coming in and so do the advertisement deals (the #1 way most average bloggers make money online). Nine Pillars of Digital India Digital India A programme to remodel India into a digitally authorized society and data economy Google to launch entryway pages ranking penalty Recent Posts Instructions to Identify Click Fraud and Minimize Wasting Your Ad Budget July 17, 2015 How specifically Do Sitelinks have an effect on PPC Performance? When I attended the Google webmasters conference, it was widely agreed upon by website owners and bloggers that one should limit targeted keyword usage to five keywords per content piece.What I do for my niche websites is exactly that. There is much debate about separating words with dashes rather than underscores or nothing at all from an SEO perspective so I won’t get into that much. There also exists a keyword analysis function, and suggestions for related keywords including how to change your post to rank for those instead. However, I do have 1 site that is #1 in Google thanks to scoring 100% with Scribe on each post (the site only has 3 posts and no sub pages), and 1 round of article marketing.

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