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I'm a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor and everything I will share with you here will remain connected somehow to Tony Buzan's world. Very recently, the teacher gave to the kids a dozen words to remember and to spell correctly. Robin has recently received a project which consists in understanding the characteristics of a personal diary and writing one by Christmas. I noticed during my first face-to-face workshop that handmade mind maps would require too much effort for Robin. One day in October, Corentin came back home with a huge challenge: memorize sixteen lines of poetry. But poetry is more than a story and you have to remember each sentence in detail, all the words it contains in a precise order. I knew Manon was spending some time on her laptop and on social networks during the evenings.
You will discover even more benefits of mind map by coming back from time to time and by following those amazing young people experiences.
Entitled “You are not the API I used to know: On the challenges of studying social media data”, the 7th annual DMI Summer School took place from 24th June to 5th July 2013 at the University of Amsterdam. One larger research project conducted at the DMI Summer School was dedicated to the mapping of climate change. As a starting point for the cross-platform research first a list of keywords associated with each of the three approaches (scepticism, mitigation and adaptation) was build. After compiling the three lists of keywords, their uptake in the different platforms was analysed.
The sub-project on climate change popular language uptake on Amazon is another interesting project, as Amazon is approached and repurposed as a research engine rather than a mere online retailer of books. This last project has caught our interest on how Amazon can further be repurposed as a research engine as a means to map issues.
One of the first things that I discuss with my clients pertains to their current career target. I picked a couple of interesting subjects that kids brought to me from school and we reworked them using mind maps. The test consisted in writing the right word in a definition that contained a blank placeholder.
We put a dictionary picture as a central idea and we created a main branch for each new word. Soccer is his passion and he reached a level that requires a lot of investment in time and energy. That had a negative impact on the mental activity he was performing and the underlying goal he was targeting. The first task we did was to reconsider the paper based theory and we transformed it into an organic mind map which will evolve throughout the project.
Time has come to read several books during the year and pass exam about what you retained from it.
Basically, you have to capture who are the main characters and their characteristics, what is happening to them and why (key adventures in the story), when those events happen in time as well as their places (where) if relevant. That was a unique occasion for me to test if a teenager was ready to replace some of her recreation time by a mind mapping activity on the same device. This year’s Summer School generated tremendous interest and the turnout has never been this high. The aim of this project was to explore the uptake of climate change issues across platforms and over time. This was done in a rather experimental but effective way, namely by means of the Amazon Book Explorer tool.
Here the question is what sub-issues in the climate change debate sell best over time and how the uptake of the different sub-areas of climate change (scepticism, mitigation and adaptation) evolves over time in the mainstream literature.

If I don’t understand their target, there is no way that I can speak the language of their target audience. Although Baptiste did the exercise in the classroom and wrote the definitions down several times, he was still badly associating some of the words and therefore more study was required. It’s simply because he was considering each definition as an indivisible block that he did not fully understand. Then, I asked Baptiste to read again each definition and extract up to 3 words that were key in the sentence.
In collaboration with his parent, I would like to experiment how much the use of mind mapping could save him time when learning lessons or doing homework so that he could continue to invest in soccer without jeopardizing school results.
It will be very interesting to see how mind mapping will help Robin to write a special type of story. For the personal diary project, I decided to introduce iMindMap, the mind mapping software. Of course, he worked intensively on the subject in the classroom with the teacher but he was still not able to recall entirely and perfectly the poetry. Would I have obtained the expected result by asking him to repeat the text again and again whereas he was already in a disappointed mood because of his failures? When we started to work together, Manon was on the point to finish the first book and I made a small check about the level of knowledge she reached so far.
Isn’t it a bit frustrating for a young student to discover that all the time spent to read hundreds of pages was somehow lost? Participants attended lectures and workshops from experts in social media data and mapping, and conducted a variety of research projects. The platforms included in this study were: the Google search engine, Google Trends, Twitter and Amazon.
As search terms, the three approaches to climate change (scepticism, mitigation and adaptation) were queried.
For the platform Twitter it was also of interest which clusters can be identified within tweets on climate change, which resulted in a co-hashtag map (figure 1).
The visualization reveals clusters around geolocations such as Australia and US (politics, flood and drought), and Canada (flood), with each color representing a different cluster. This is extremely important when a client expresses a desire to transition into a new field. It was too difficult for him to memorize and associate so many new things without understanding properly the meaning. Without noticing, Baptiste was performing an important task of mind mapping which consists in identifying and selecting keywords for branches. We asked: are there different discourses in the climate change issue space across platforms? As a result, the tool output the most popular books associated with the terms and any relevant metadata about them. This revealed that some geo-locations appeared to dominate the discourse, such as Australia and US (politics, flood and drought), and Canada (flood). Source: Hashtags associated with the queries [global warming], [globalwarming], [climate], [climatechange], [drought], [flood], collected through the DMI Twitter Capture and Analysis Tool (TCAT). The keywords or sub-issues captured for mitigation and adaptation are clustered around shared terms, even though they obey a different logic. To illustrate this point, meet Tricia.Tricia, an experienced retail manager, wished to secure a position outside of retail.
The participants learned some of the mind map rules and they created their first personal map. Indeed the definitions were long sentences and contained other complex words and grammar which were not serving the initial purpose. But he was also eliminating all the complexity that the grammar and the language have introduced in the definition.

Of course, each image had to perfectly correspond to the mental representation Corentin had in mind while telling or hearing the sentence. She found it and with an easy copy and paste, she replaced the central idea of a default mind map. From the book titles the researchers manually captured keywords, which were later cleaned and compiled into three different lists. Interestingly, the top clusters do not particularly match vocabularies of scepticism, mitigation and adaptation. When seen in a (issue) timeline (figure 2), it appears that popularity for mitigation and adaptation centers around more recent published books, while best selling books in the realm of scepticism is composed of both older and newer titles.
She wanted to find a position as a business manager, office manager, human resources professional, or something similar. The result was a straightforward mind map with very few terms to memorize and explicit associations between single and simple words. Once the mind map was complete, the last step consisted in checking what gap was remaining between the initial text and the one Corentin was able to recall when looking at the map. Then, we created a kind of template with main branches for characters, places, moments and adventures. Further, it was examined who the users of these hashtags are, and if certain hashtags relate to specific events. This indicates that keywords used on the subject of climate change scepticism in mainstream literature remained relevant over the years. Knowing that these fields required very different skill sets, I asked Tricia to send me a representative sampling of jobs that she could see herself applying for.Tricia submitted a handful of job descriptions to me that she found online. Let me now show you a couple of interesting educational subjects we picked in their respective curriculum, how we reworked them with the mind mapping technique and what are the benefits for the children.
Knowing the rules, Baptiste also proposed to look for images on the internet that could illustrate each definition. I checked immediately what she understood from the technique by asking her to populate the mind map and its sub-branches with some of the information she could remember from her reading.
We found political polarisation among the users of conservative and progressive hashtags within the cluster around the Obama speech on climate change.
As for popularity, the analysis on Amazon’s query autocomplete system revealed that adaptation and several keywords associated with scepticism are suggested while mitigation is not, perhaps indicating a less popular or effective terminology. Finally, I checked the level of learning by removing all the words and images from the main branches and I asked Baptiste to guess what was written on each main branch only by looking at the keywords that remained on the sub-branches. I let her go and reviewed several times the document which was growing days after days until she finished the book. If you find yourself writing furiously by the time you are mapping your sixth or seventh job posting, then perhaps you need to take a closer look at the target of your job search.
This will ensure that you are positioning yourself as an expert of something and not everything.For Tricia, this exercise identified two key areas of interest. The exercise also isolated the most important aspects of Tricia’s background, including her skills, experiences, characteristics, and education which would need to be highlighted. This includes policy and procedure design, workflow management, goal setting, office leadership, budget management, customer service, personnel supervision, compliance, and communications. Through strategic content, a focus on results, and accomplishment statements introduced by core functional areas which highly relate to Tricia’s current career target, Tricia now looks like a strong business management candidate vs.

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