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Enter your name and email address below to receive the latest information about new products and affiliate tools. Deciding which keywords are most important is a big deal and so for a long time I used to get big lists of keywords from Google Keyword planner and then sort them by search volume and then I might sort them by cost per click.
Cost per click for a phrase: this shows a suggested amount you should bid if you were running an adwords campaign and was bidding on that query. As you may know the real amount you would pay varies massively because of your quality score. Ok so you’re probably thinking so what!?, well one number means I can sort my list from the biggest number to the smallest.
Some phrases have higher or lower search volumes which represents interest in the content found around that search term.
Some phrases have higher or lower cost per click which represents the profitability of that phrase for brands advertising there. If you imagine you have a landing page and you have 10000 searches a month for ‘random keyword’ with a cost per click of ?1.
Then imagine you have a landing page that ranks for a phrase with only 1000 searches a month for ‘other random keyword’ with a cost per click of ?10.
Of course what is best is a combination of real relevance to you, high volumes and high cost per click.
Interestingly I think this list correlates very well with what are the most valuable keywords in iGaming casino.
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Nick Garner gives us tips on Prioritising & finding keywords with Google keyword planner in this edition of SEO Tip of the Week. As you can see from the above screenshot, this tool suggested LSI keywords for my target keyword. LSI keywords and keyword density are two different things, but they are closely related. The very first thing that you need to have with you is the keyword that you are trying to target with your content. Optimize content for keywords: Follow the on-page SEO checklist, and optimize your post for the target keyword.
Add LSI keywords: Use LSIGraph or Google search to find a list of LSI Keyword for the target keyword.

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Your Article So informative ,Useful and Helpful , LSI is really important for search engine optimization .. Hello thanks for the share, I formally used Semrush for keywords research but I will try LSIGraph to see how it works for me.
I search for LSI keywords in word web tool, this tool is suggested by you in one of your articles, from that time I am using that tool to find out LSI keywords, now it seems this online tool will help me more compare to WordWeb, I will check and follow your guidelines to use this tool. Thanks a lot for the information, the suggested tool is very useful in finding LSI Keywords. Hi Harsh, Thanks for sharing the tool…But what I believe, I have been using Adwords Keyword Planner, is the better one. I started ShoutMeLoud as a passion and now it's empowering more than 432,000+ readers globally and helping them to make money with their blog.
SERP Attacks helps you uncover highly searched keywords with very less and very easy level of competition.
SERP Attacks find popular Amazon and Clickbank affiliate products that you can promote and will help you find available domains related to your keyword.
SERP Attacks was built with advance and detailed page analysis, SERP competition analysis, backlink analysis and a lot more information that can help you improve your websites rankings. SerpAttacks will help you find highly searched keywords with less competition that you can rank faster. Easily discover how much advertisers are paying for that keyword and how many are competing. Unveil and analyze how many people are searching for your keyword and discover if the trend is going up or down. Having good domain is one factor in ranking and SerpAttacks provide good ways of finding them. Check the websites that are linking to you or check your competitora€™s backlinks so you have an idea where you will put your links.
Easily analyze the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) for websites that are ranking for your chosen keywords and get an idea how strong the competition really is.
Discover your website weakpoints as SerpAttacks analyze every paragraphs, every html tags, every titles and many other factors so you can dramatically improve it against your competitors. Thanks in Advance - Nelson Chaparro I must say I am very impressed on your free version, which is pushing me to get the pro version, and the price for the pro version is GREAT!, the software is great and a must have with all its features it provides, great for my online business, " well " Enough talking I am getting the pro version, you had me sold a your great free version, Thanks for a wonderful software!

Bottom line, it's very intuitive, fast and easy on your computer and your wallet not a resource hog like the one I used before. 1000 users land on your site and you get a 5% conversion, therefore you have 50 conversions a month from that phrase with an adwords value of ?1000 and a cost per acquisition equivalent of ?50 a conversion. The only outlier is ‘poker’, but then you would just take it out of the list because it might not be relevant to you.
All profit generated from this site goes to support initiatives of the Calvin Ayre Foundation. There are very few LSI keyword finder tools out there, and LSIGraph is one of the best I have seen. Over the last 7 years, he & his team has proved the way to turn blogging into a lucrative career choice. Thanks so much for sharing this site, as well as you use it properly to create great content. It has features like the most seo software out there that have more than 100 bucks price tag. SerpAttacks can dig amazon and clickbank for products that you can promote based on your keywords. Therefore you have 5 conversions a month from that phrase with an adwords value of ?1000 and a cost per acquisition value of ?50 per conversion. Whenever you search for any keyword in Google, it shows more searches related to similar keywords. All you need to do is add your target keyword, and it will generate the associated LSI keywords.
My age is just 14 and I recently started a blog and I’m following all your guides properly and I hope that I will become successful like you are.
With this free seo software you can, hunt real money generating keywords, discover products to promote, find available domains for your keyword, analyze your websites weak points so you can improve them, spy on competitors activities and beat them and more.
At times you may also need to add 1-2 paragraphs in your article to add LSI keywords to the article. If you can do it naturally, you don’t need a plugin to watch for and correct any over-optimization.

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