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Kali has a dynamic workout routine that has been developed through years of unique and non-conventional training methods due to the lack of weight lifting equipment in the California prison system. He then signed with Venture IAB commercially and immediately got booked for his first national commercial with a€?Old Navya€?.
Kali Muscle as also started a nonprofit organization called Xcon to Icon where he speaks to the youth about a different path in life other than that of crime and violence. Kali is not only strong physically, but mentally as well to overcome the demons that he battled for so long.
Kali Muscle training Chest at the legendary Gold’s Gym Venice California where the bodybuilding greats have trained. After 25 years of training i finally learned how to make my legs grow without conventional Squats. That bodybuilder goes by Kali Muscle and he has an incredible backstory with a troubled past.

While Kali was in prison, he anticipated the weights being taken out and formulated his own workout routine.A Pictured below, using just a plastic bag or towel and a partner, you can still achieve a solid workout with no weights needed. In the video above, he explains why bar workouts became an important component of prison workouts once the weights were removed from the California prison system. Kali made some critical mistakes in his life that lead him to a stint in prison but he overcame these obstacles and is now trying to create a better future for today’s youth. This workout is definitely not for the average guy as they lift some seriously heavy weight considering that this is a bicep workout. Much like what happened with CT Fletcher, Kali is spreading across the internet after his short documentary surfaced on the Strength Project. Kali decided he had to relocate to Los Angeles in 2010 in order to become successful in acting and bodybuilding. Kali Muscle then went on to do national commercials for Geico, Snickers, Comcast Xfinity, Honda and many more.

If there was a prison riot or a conflict with another inmate, you had to be able to defend yourself. Kali has also been in a host of movies and television shows in his short time in Hollywood. Presently Kali Muscle is signed with Maverick Artist Agency theatrically and Venture IAB commercially.

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