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Often performed in bootcamp classes and DVD workouts, plyometric push-up jacks — which involve jumping in and out from plank position to a wide push-up — are certainly challenging.
Upgrade to: the non-impact step-out push-up (shown above), which gives you a greater opportunity to focus on form while still providing a serious core challenge. Subscribe now to receive the latest Men's Health news, articles and promotions straight to your inbox!
They blend cardio, strength, and explosive power — but they also require impeccable stability from the shoulders to the hips, as well as a braced core and neutral spine the entire time, says Stephanie Thielen, a fitness educator and master trainer based in Omaha, NE.

With core engaged and spine neutral, step right arm and right leg out wide to perform a push-up, angling elbows toward the torso to promote better shoulder mechanics.
Incinerate your blubber by committing to this do-anywhere, zero-excuse, full-body metabolic circuit. Fall in at the park to do this Perform 50 reps of each exercise in any order as quickly as you can without rest.
Push-up Drop down on all fours and place your hands on the floor, so they’re straight and slightly beyond shoulder-width.

Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor, and then push yourself back up as quickly as you can.
Body-weight squat Hold your arms straight out in front of you, and stand as tall as you can with your feet shoulder-width apart.

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