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There are many components to a dryland program and training for power is certainly one of the most important. When designing a dryland program, exercises should be selected that are consistent with movements that are involved in swimming. Simply put, power is a perfect blend of speed and strength or more work in a given time period.  Either one of these mathematical expressions can be directly applied to any race. Swimmers need to take advantage of every start and turn during a race, which are the only two portions of the race in which a swimmer is able to produce force off of a solid base (the starting block and the wall) and take advantage of ground reaction forces.   Having a start and turn that is superior to the competition provides a distinct advantage, particularly for sprinters.
We have a variety of methods to train the legs for power.  One example is the Box Jump (Figure 1). This is a great exercise for enhancing power in the legs.  You may progress your athletes through this exercise by increasing the size of the box and for swimmers that are advanced in this exercise you may start adding resistance to the jumps through the use of dumbbells or a weighted vest. One of my favorite ways to train for a more powerful breaststroke pullout is the Overhead Medicine Ball Toss (OMBT) (Figure 2), which replicates the breaststroke pullout closely.
The following is an example of a power development training session focusing on the lower body (Figure 3). The workout consists of three 4-exercise circuits, with the red lettering indicating a new circuit.  A 45 second rest period is taken between the first (the strength exercise) and second (the power exercise) exercise of each circuit. Next is an example of power endurance workout (Figure 4), where the focus is to hold on to power for a longer duration.
If you are seeking to increase your maximum jumping height, the key to adding at least five inches to your vertical jump does not lie in the intensity, frequency or the duration of your workouts, it depends majorly on the kind of workouts you are doing in trying to achieve this objective. One of the best methods to accomplish this goal is to do vertical jump exercises as part of a regular workout routine.
During this exercise a person puts a weighted barbell on their shoulders, and then bend their knees to move their body up and down. This is an exercise specifically designed to develop a person’s agility and strength, as well as intensify their vertical jump. To do this exercise a person should stand with their feet even with their shoulders and knees. A depth jump exercise helps a person develop their landing ability when coming down from an elevation. This is weightlifting exercise that will enable a person to experience a powerful workout of their glutes and quad muscles.
As the weight is in the air, the person will then put their body under the bar and let it go to their chest. The box jump exercise is done by a person being in front of a box, and standing straight with their hands on the side and looking forward.
Calf raises are an exercise designed to develop the muscles in a person’s calf area, known as the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles. When doing this a person should jump off the ground and initially land on their forefoot on the box.
This exercise has been used to enhance a person’s sprinting speed as well as jumping capability.
This exercise can be done on a floor with an individual’s ankles secured by a person or some type of device.
During this exercise a person uses a box equal to the height of their highest vertical jump.

10 exercises that you should be doing to increase your vertical jump regardless of your sport.
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For example, the biomechanics of the start and turn are very similar to the Romanian Dead Lift (RDL) and the Squat which incorporates the use of the same muscle groups (hamstrings, gluts, and quadriceps). Performing explosive exercises with the lower body which include muscles such as the gluts, hamstrings, hip flexors, and quadriceps will increase the amount of power one is able to generate off the start and turn, as well as increasing total kicking power.
If a box is not available, you can simply perform a jump squats with the goal of getting as much vertical distance as possible per jump.  It is also a great idea to perform long jumps, which works on improving horizontal distance since both vertical and horizontal distances are needed on the start. This is one of the most explosive pulling actions you will see in a swim race and it is an element of a race that is very crucial to performance. There are a select few people who have a natural ability to jump, but most have to exercise to develop the proper amount of strength and conditioning in order to be competitive. Doing squats also helps increase a person’s lower body muscle strength, as well as bone and connective tissue. This exercise will increase the level of power in a person’s thigh area, which is the largest and most powerful part of the body. This exercise is understood to be one of the best ways for someone to acquire explosive strength utilizing only their body weight. The goal of this exercise is for a person to learn how to land easily and not get any injuries. It is considered by many athletes to be the most effective mass and strength building exercise. It also provides definition to a person’s lower legs, which will in turn enhance their appearance. While standing next to a wall a person should put their hand directly on the wall to help them balance. People who do this exercise also improve their leg drive when playing sports and increase their stability with placing their feet to make a cut. They should then adjust their weight to be able to stand on the entire foot after securely after landing.
It asserts little stress on the lower back and therefore can be used by people with back issues. They are known for improving a person’s vertical jump height soon after doing them regularly. Increasing power in the lower body and upper body pulling muscles (lats, posterior deltoids) would provide a huge benefit in swimming since they are the muscle groups that are dominant in the sport. Since it is the first movement off each start and turn it is a factor in developing maximum speed quickly.
You may perform this exercise with the goal of completing as many reps as possible in a certain time period (i.e. Once they are as low as they can go, the person should then jump straight up and bend their knees into their chest as they’re in midair.
The dead lift helps people develop their hamstrings, posterior chain, inner thigh muscles and more. Box jumps are considered by many trainers to be the perfect exercise for anyone wanting to improve their vertical jumps.

In one powerful motion, the person swings their arms forward and extends their legs and jumps.
The box sizes used should be between six and twelve inches, then gradually increased when that height is mastered.
When they land, the goal is to take in the impact of the landing without movement, and without having their heels touch the ground. The bottom line is, if there is an increase in distance of the blocks, off the walls, and more power output per stroke and kick then swim performance will improve. A swimmer with weak pullouts is basically playing catch–up after every turn and has very little chance of beating someone with equal swimming ability. This helps a person to jump higher and longer by developing control of their body’s eccentric movement. When a person jumps down from an elevation, their core muscles stiffen around their abdominal cavity and pelvic floor. In the air the person bends their knees to get their feet to get high enough to land on top of the box. Most people doing this on the floor must be ready to catch themselves, if they reach the point where their hamstrings can’t support their body.
Incorporating the right power exercises in a dryland program is extremely important and will definitely improve performance in the pool. Their shins should touch the bar and their shoulder blades should be positioned over the bar. Standing on the box the person must be straight and then go back to the ground with a controlled backwards jump. The goal is not to lean forward that far, but far enough to be able to pull the body back into position. The legs then need to bet go and when landing a person should go down to a squat position and prepare for another jump. This exercise is designed to help a person increase the levels of their muscles stamina and strength. They will then lift the weight with their shoulders and back down, while their head is even with their spine.
This will be repeated a number of times to be determined by the intensity level of the workout. There are many professional athletes who consider doing squats essential for obtaining total body strength. A person can then lower the weight by forcing their hips back and then easily putting down the weight. Calf raises are also commonly uses as a method of rehabilitating a person who has had an Achilles tendon injury.

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