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Do you want to get into better shape, but just don’t have the time or the access to equipment?
However, as with any exercise program, before beginning you should always consult with your physician first. The second exercise for you to workout anytime is the bodyweight squat. Performing a body weight squat workout will help you tone up your lower body. To perform a body weight squat, extend your arms straight out in front of you with your palms down and keep your feet flat on the floor a little wider than your shoulders. The third exercise for you to workout anytime is the all time favourite pushup. Some fitness experts have called the pushup the closest thing there is to a perfect exercise. The fourth exercise for you to workout anytime is the challenging bicycle crunch. The bicycle crunch is the best ab exercised according to research done to uncover the best exercises you can do to activate the rectus abdomens, also known as the abs. The fifth exercise for you to workout anytime is the even more challenging burpees. Burpees, also known as squat thrusts, are one of the only equipment-free exercises that work your entire body and give you a great cardiovascular workout. The seventh rocking exercise for you to workout anytime is the bridge or hip raise. Abdominal hip raises are a great exercise that work the abdominal and lower back muscles, as well as the hamstring and gluteous muscles. The eighth rocking exercise for you to workout anytime is the plank. The plank is a balance and core conditioning exercise. The ninth exercise for you to workout anytime is the weighted twist. Oblique twists are one the most effective core exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles.
The tenth and final exercise in our ultimate no gym workout for you to workout anytime is the donkey kick. Donkey kick exercises go by many names, including quadruped hip extensions and bent-leg kickbacks, but no matter what you call it, working the move into your physical fitness routine can tone, tighten and strengthen your bottom. So now you know the exercises to workout anytime and how to do them, here is a routine that you can slowly build on to build that home built body. If you do this workout consistently know that by the time you can do set 3 without trouble, that puts you you into good stead and you are actually ready to really push yourself. Did you know that it is your weight loss motivation that is the main thing that keeps you from dropping 10, 20 or 50 pounds, or even more?
As far as providing more tips on losing weight goes this particular piece focuses on how to motivate yourself to lose weight and developing this inert desire to finally lose that gunny sack around your belly. The plain fact is that without the inspiration to both reduce your current calorie intake and boost your energy usage, it is unlikely that you’ll make sufficient progress towards your weight loss goals.
Primarily you can actually begin your journey on how to motivate yourself to lose weight by focusing on the benefits you will realize from losing weight.
For example, if you have kids, losing weight will mean that you will have more energy and regain much of your own youthful mental clarity and sharpness to be able to keep up with them in all department.
Another kick-starter on how to motivate yourself to lose weight, get it clearly planted in your mind an image of how you will look 20 to 50 pounds lighter. If your weight-loss problems have piled on gradually over the years, then think back to the last time you were truly happy with your figure and imagine yourself slipping into a pair of jeans or slacks that fit you back then.
But, once you’re pumped up on how to motivate yourself to lose weight, how do you keep it there day to day?

Realistically over each month that you follow your fitness and diet program around two-and-a half pounds a week average is a sensible target. Thus in short, it is fair to say that defining and understanding on how to motivate yourself to lose weight is critical to achieving successful long-term weight loss.
Motivation is key to keeping you primed to keep pushing yourself harder and nothing motivates better than great gym songs.
Its not easy to put a playlist that will universally please anyone so I thought what the heck. In my humble opinion, nothings gets the body moving like some good old rock music for your gym songs playlist. I like to rock it out when working out. Fast beats, heavy bass lines and drums everywhere to get those muscles pumping and that game face on!!
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Well, there is a body weight workout that you can do and workout anytime virtually anywhere. A body weight squat is a fitness term for a simple deep knee bend. You can do body weight squats just about anywhere, and as often as you want in order to keep your legs and glutes nice and firm. Slowly bend your legs to start the exercise and make sure to keep your back as straight as possible. There are many variations but for the sake of kicking it up a notch we’ll go for 5 step as illustrated below. In yoga, the plank is often done as part of the sun salutation sequence, or as part of a vinyasa in a yoga flow sequence.
For if you can master this simple yet powerful tool of how to motivate yourself to lose weight, your success at shedding those pounds and keeping the weight off is as good as guaranteed. In other words, what is it that will help you to finally answer the question of how to motivate yourself to lose weight. Close your mind and find the factors that might help to put you into an inspired frame of mind and put you into the state to how to motivate yourself to lose weight. You should also recognize that it is actually a responsibility that you have to your children and your partner (if you have one, or want one) to keep yourself healthy and improve the chances you will be around for as long as you can. But before you reach for the biscuits and further compound your sorrows this could, in fact, well be part of your whole initial weight gain issue. Feel yourself brimming with the confidence that you will have when you can don your beachwear and relish the admiring glances rather than fear the look of others.
Do not be put off by this, as losing weight more quickly will be hard to keep-off without some major life changes. So one of the best tips on losing weight and how to  motivate yourself to lose weight is, to reiterate, be sure to set realistic targets and you’ll get long-term results, plus maintained weight loss motivation!
Being realistic, adopting a healthy, steady, dietary strategy combined with a manageable exercise regime is one part of the equation.

So here’s the start of what I hope will be a long list of gym songs to work that body out too. If done properly and in combination with a proper nutrition plan, this simple workout can help set you on the path to improved physical fitness and a much better physique. If you just started and feel it a bit of a push, then do a 4 step which is basically a 5 step burped minus the push up phase. Without the proper motivation to lose weight you will not be able, to find the personal fortitude and will power, to achieve your diet program goals. This inspiration must be used to propel you to eat less food and start that calorie zapping exercise regime. So losing weight is not just for your own benefit but can have some real motivating benefits for your family too. If having a family is part of your future goals, even if not yet a reality, then the need for responsibility for your health is still absolutely paramount. It has been shown that clearly seeing what you want to achieve is central on how to motivate yourself to lose weight. It can all become a reality if you can finally find a way on how to motivate yourself to lose weight.
Many folks look for ways of losing weight fast, but trying to losing weight quickly may be unrealistic if unsupervised and not under some guidance. Plus if you get the exercise and diet balance right you’ll also see your body firming-up as you slim-down, rather than becoming a mass of loose skin! The content on this website is meant as reference material only and not as medical or professional advice. However depending on the size of your residence, a big house with plenty of stairs can burn many calories while you multi-task and get some of those chores out of the way as well.
There are two major types of planks, the full plank, where you balance on both arms, and the side plank, where you balance on one arm. The woollier and vaguer your goals and vision the less likely you will be to sustain the weight loss motivation you require.
If you are perhaps living in a smaller place such as an apartment, there should still be plenty of walking room available to get your metabolism revving.
Workout anytime you have time as with this routine you can do it in 15 minutes if thats all the time you have.

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