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For a 130-pound woman, how many calories does 20 minutes of jogging burn (at a pace of 12 minutes per mile)?
Yah, I realize with anything on the web for jumping rope, it never says how fast you're supposed to be jumping, or what speed the informations is taken from. For the last month or so I have been working out with a trainer at my gym, and she always has me start off the workout with jump rope.
We jump rope at my kickboxing class for 2 minutes and I find it really hard to do it for that long without messing up. I started this as my New Years's resolution and it was hard at first (ironic since I was a double dutch player in high school), but I'm getting the hang of it. I was feeling awfully indecisive this morning when I started to think about what I wanted to do to get my heart pumpin’.
Instead I popped on Pinterest as I ate a plum and browsed around my fitness board to look for workout inspiration.
When I stumbled upon a workout I pinned from Annette’s blog, I jotted it down and used it as a rough guideline for a circuit workout. The hardest moves for me were the mountain climbers (as always!), tuck jumps and jumping lunges.
Taking a page out of yesterday’s breakfast book, this morning I ate a bowl of muesli overnight oats.
This morning I added a splash of milk to the overnight oats because I made them a liiiittle too thick last night and topped them with a sliced banana.

I love that that workout could be completed at home since it looks like all you need is a jump rope! Im stuck working a training session for work all weekend so this picture definitely made me smile ?? Thanks!
I didn’t even notice the oat until you pointed it out and now it’s bothering me too! Wahoo glad you liked the workout (thanks for the link love!) <3–and then could make your own! It's inexpensive, you can do it anywhere, it builds bone density, and it increases fat loss. We originally started with three minutes- one minute regular, 30 secs on each leg, and then another minute to finish off. I once wore a short skirt to work, and people were asking me how I got my legs to look like that. Although they are going to be pulling at the rope and asking for it constantly so I don't see how I possibly jump for 20 minutes without stopping at a time. I’m awfully tempted to bust out Sadie’s doggie Christmas pajamas on this fine March morning. I initially wanted to go for a run, but it’s rainy outside, so the weather changed those plans. My all-time fav are jumping lunges–when done correctly, they are killer for the glutes, quads, and hamstrings!

I use workouts like this one early in the morning before a day shift when my gym isnt open yet! John would have no part of that though, Gunner is only allowed to wear badanas since he is a boy, but what Gunner wears when John is not around is my business.
I'm seeing more and more people jumping rope instead of jogging, so I was wondering how the two compare.
Now I'm able to do it for five minutes--physically it's easier and also my coordination has improved. But hey I also like burpees and mountain climbers too- so I guess I just like kicking my own butt! Das innovative Fitnesskonzept gibt es jetzt schon in mehr als zwanzig Ländern weltweit, zum Beispiel in Kuwait. I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way! Die Jumping®-Trampoline mit Stange und Griff haben es sogar ins Video zur neuen Single Bigroom Blitz geschafft. Um die Sprünge aus dem Video selbst auszuprobieren, kann man das Original-Trampolin auch online bestellen und gleich loslegen - jump, jump, jump!

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