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Herpetologists usually appreciate large or interesting venomous invertebrates almost as much as their own study animals.
A large female wolf spider (Lycosa singoriensis) found in a burrow with her cocoon near a pond north of Loutrós. A brighly coloured male Beautiful jumping spider (Philaeus chrysops) found on the rocks of the flood-retention dykes south of Loutrós.
False widow spiders (genus Steatoda) are often mistaken for Black widow spiders (Latrodectus) but they are much less dangerous. We found this species in Spain in 2011 and believed the red-headed centipedes found in Thrace to be the same species, but a different colour morph.
This high resolution image was taken with the Intel Play Computer Microscope which can zoom up to 14400 dpi (dots per inch). Living Jewels - some of the most breath-taking beetle photos I’ve ever seen by Poul Beckmann.
Here is a rough 3D scan of this beetle, created by my coworker Joseph Mancha using a Vivid 9i Non-contact 3D Digitizer. One night when I was biking with my Dad, we saw a valley filled with a vast number of glowing fireflies. And the gentle grunts and snuffles of the wild boar, who, having managed to negotiate the electric fence which is meant to keep them out, are busy tearing up the lawn searching for fallen olives or figs and who knows what else. Unfortunately, we also woke up to a sizeable puddle in the dining area, where the roof had been leaking all night, and continued to leak through the next day.
Luckily I hadn’t left my computer on that corner of the table, because the table was wet, too.

I’ve posted a number of pictures on Facebook over the last few days, but I must admit that the praying mantis was a favourite find, even if he was eating his lunch at the time and pointedly turned his back on me after a couple of shots.
There is no phone.  Did I mention that?  Not that I mind being incommunicado, not at all, but in view of the isolated nature of the place, and the aforementioned lack of accessibility by road, helicopter or boat, I felt it might have been useful, not to mention reassuring!  There is, however, an old hand-cranked ship’s radio telephone, though I have no idea if it actually works!
Quite a lot of these books are in Italian, German or French but there is a good selection in English, both fiction and non-fiction.
I’m glad you had a lovely time, though I think, being so remote, would make me uneasy. I could definitely see myself sitting on that lawn, enjoying the view, and reading a good book in all that solitude.
It’s always a bit of a gamble, isn’t it, picking somewhere on the basis of a few pictures and a flattering description?
This royalty-free stock vector clip art image is available for download in a package that includes an EPS vector file and a high-resolution 300-dpi JPEG at 1957x3000 pixels. Most metallic beetles are green, but they come in all different colors including gold, silver, blue, red, and purple.
These are the world's largest web-building spiders and they build the largest and strongest webs, capable of catching small birds. I used to see these all the time as a child and they would roll up in a little ball to protect themselves.
Oh, and he explained about the electric fence so we didn’t walk into it, which was thoughtful. The only things missing, to my mind were a couple of identification guides to Italian flora and fauna.  Those would have been useful.

I would love the remote location, but I agree that things could get funky if you were in dire need of help. The “trap” is absolutely FABULOUS and I cannot get over these amazing photographs!!
A pregnant spider is considered to be a special treat because the eggs can be made into an omelet. One interesting species is the 17-year cicada, which comes out in droves once every 17 years. It sounds like just the place if you’re looking for peace and quiet and none of the usual urban background noise. If biten by a Giant Water Bug, a frog sitting on the edge of the water will shrivel up before your eyes. The bugs are much cheaper at the fair because they are not packaged into nice display cases.
I think personally I’d prefer somewhere not quite so remote and only accessible down a winding and hair-raising track! It’s great fun to watch him serve up his cricket salad, fried scorpion, and locust shish kebab.

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