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In this track & field sports instructional training video, sprinter Brianna Glenn reviews four key drills to help you improve your speed. Brianna Glenn, USA track and field champion, shows you how to properly land on the long jump. Brianna Glenn, USA track and field Champion, shows you how to work effectively use starting blocks. Brianna Glenn, USA track and field Champion, shows you how to accelerate out of the blocks.
Shoe Jets slip inside of training shoes and strap around the ankle for increased resistance, strength, and speed. I also like to say as an athlete improves their RFD, they become more neurologically efficient at recruiting motor units. Strength training, exercises that develop explosive (high RFD) power and SPP (sport skill development) will develop more complete athletes.
I have always preferred using jumps (horizontal or broad)prior to the heavily loaded movement (squat or deadlift, respectively) when pairing them as a form of contrast training, as I like the CNS potentiation without incurring any fatigue prior to the lifting.
I have a friend that includes it all the time and I’ve seen some pretty profound research but personally I just feel like one would take away from the other.
Improve your vertical jump, strength, power, balance and endurance while you train with one of our certified trainers. Brianna Glenn reviews the basics of ankling, A-Skips, butt kicks and the dribble bleed drill.

Brianna discusses how to maneuver your body to get the maximum possible distance from your jump. Learn the secrets of proper positioning and what happens if you?re too high or low coming off the blocks. If you want to learn the high jump or are looking for tips to get better this is an important video. If you want to learn the fundamentals of properly measuring your approach this is an important video.
Learn the importance of starting the same way every time, running through a jump to get warmed up. Some coaches are adamant that take of an landing positions (torso angle, neutral spine, degree of hip flexion, etc.) should be identical or close to it. Our VERTIMAX jumping system is developed to improve jumping height as well as leg strength and first step quickness. Her personal best jump is 6.87m, achieved in June 2011 at the United States Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. She also reviews how the judges measure the distance based on the marks you leave in the sand. Brianna also shows you how to properly set the blocks for your front and back leg and what leg traditionally you should use on the front block. Learn the secrets of being technically sound, the different take-off methods, plus which one Jaime uses and why.

You?ll also learn the ?back to the bar drill,? that teaches you to arch your back with good head position and proper landing technique.
Combine this with the rest of our strength program your athlete will be competing at a level they never thought possible.
Also you'll learn how to jump at the bar, what you should do as you fly over, when to tuck your knees and what part of the body you should ultimately land on.
Also you’ll learn how to jump at the bar, what you should do as you fly over, when to tuck your knees and what part of the body you should ultimately land on. Jaime then shows you the short approach drill and why you need to stay tall through your approach. Jaime also talks about consistency and why newcomers should measure their approach at least 5 times.
Finally you?ll learn two more drills that teach you to run through a jump and one to peel off before the jump, to learn how to increase the most force while in your curve.

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