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The STEMIE Coalition’s mission is to educate ALL students in invention and entrepreneurship education – at some point in their K-12 careers. City Jump-Start programs are a great way to get invention education programs started in your community or to target specific non-adopting areas for whatever reason.
The proven results for invention education programs as well as other youth engagement efforts makes the City Jump-Start program a viable and preferred approach to expanding invention convention efforts across the U.S. This city-based approach has been demonstrated in invention convention programs too in select states, and these examples serve to guide those of us who wish to launch invention conventions across the U.S.
To download a white paper describing case studies for how to launch a City-Wide Jump-Start Program with a two-year sponsorship by local sponsors, click here.
Each student is a winner of their underlying state-level competition, and their state's representative of thousands of kids who each year learn core invention and entrepreneurship skills in their K-12 schools.
One of the things I love about the team of Dailyroutinefitness is that we are never satisfied with just being another fitness website or being average in the experience we bring our clients. Often when you sign up for a program, you can feel lost or unsure about where to even begin, regardless of how much information is at your fingertips. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. There are three key tactics that consistently help set up corporate wellness programs for long-term success. does not actively screen or monitor user reviews, nor do we verify or edit content. Providers are welcome to respond to parental reviews, however we ask that they identify themselves as the provider. If you notice any inaccurate information on this page, please let us know so we can correct.
Everyone knows the conversion rate is abysmal – everyone knows that only a slight uptick in the conversion of leads to prospects, moves the dial up when it comes to sales.  Increasing the conversion rate of prospects to clients, and has an exponential impact on sales, revenue and market share for vendors and their partners.
Invest $3,500 for the pilot of the Jump Start Program – Proactive Prospecting.  We will demonstrate how we can help your partner to grow their conversion rate of leads, prospects, and sales of YOUR products within 90 days.
The goal is to help your partners grow the numbers of qualified prospects to boost sales of your products by helping them to become better hunters to uncover new business opportunities and close more deals!
For those taking advantage of This is a Special We’ll Prove it To You Price for Jump Start – we will include Skills Testing for the participants.
Testing the sales skills of your partners can provide significant business intelligence that can help you prioritize your marketing and support resources.

In today’s economy, most businesses cannot afford to wait for customers to beat a path to their door.
Each session is focused on specific needs of the individual and having long drawn out sessions involving everybody’s time.  This drive accountability, and specific and measurable action items based on each rep’s individual and specific plans and needs. Participants commit to specific actions and measure, helping us use key metrics and timelines ensure tangible success in the first two months of implementation. Both Managers and sales reps will have unlimited access by phone or e-mail for 1 year after completion of action plan. About usTibor Shanto is a 25-year veteran of B2B sales, Tibor has developed an insider’s hands on perspective of successful sales execution. I created this program for those of you who may have lost your way on this health and fitness journey. Although having a gym membership might make the workouts a bit more convenient, the program can be done at home. Enter your email address below to receive free workouts, recipes, fitness tips and much more delivered right to your inbox! The City Jump-Start program is an entry-level invention education program designed for underserved communities.
We are constantly in conversation regarding your e-mails, feedback, Instagram comments, and results. With the 8-week jump start program, though, you receive an 8-week guide for your workouts, fitness tips, and ways to stay on track for reducing your cravings. This way you are not overwhelmed and can add changes that are sustainable and maintainable.
It included a full day face-to-face workshop with the sales reps of your target partner plus 5 Follow-through web conferences to ensure that the sales team is on track and executing correctly.
How do you benchmark your partner’s performance individually, with your other partners and with your competitors’ partners? This is the supported for the next few months to establish prospecting habits and deliver sustained behavioural changes needed for continuous sales success.
Called a brilliant sales tactician Tibor shows organizations and sales professionals how to leverage their sales process to shorten sales cycles, increase close ratios, and create double digit growth through execution and using the right combination strategy, tools, metrics, tactical execution of the sales process. It’s easy to let work, exhaustion, cravings and other everyday things get in the way of our workouts and healthy eating plans.
Their efficient, superset nature ensures that you won’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym!

You won’t be required to give up your favorite foods or stop socializing for fear of having a cocktail or eating dessert. Getting healthy and fit is about finding a way of exercising and eating healthy that you can maintain, well after the 21 days are up! Primary research of programs such as FIRST Robotics indicates that approaching new states by tackling a city first yields faster adoption. We take everything into careful consideration to always improve your experience and make your fitness easy and accessible. This combined workshop and on-going follow through to ensure that they do the right job of selling your products is the key to its success!
Sales representatives will create their own individual approach for qualifying and appointment setting, build key skills necessary to generate new business, and practice these new found skills through role-playing to ensure the successful application of what was taught.
I had so much fun writing this program for you guys, and I’m so glad I can finally share it with you! Sometimes we allow those slip-ups to snowball and be a reason to take a break, or even give up entirely. By combining resistance training with plyometric movements, you will keep your heart rate up throughout the workouts!
With my newfound passion for this lifestyle, I hope to motivate and inspire as many people as I can to become healthy and active! By doing a city in a state first, one can have a more digestible project, that leads to success sooner. Those of you who have done my Bikini Body Program and Fit Body Program have been asking for this for a while now. Through this program, I hope to help you find your way again, and get back on track with your fit lifestyle! Programs that have attempted to do an entire state from the beginning became mired in state-level politics and discussions.

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