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A quick stop and jump shot is probably the most important offensive maneuver used by today’s players. Players often get into the habit of jumping forward too much and come down on their defensive man if he is in good position. This drill will teach the basketball player the art of jump stopping while moving at a high speed and get his shot off while maintaining balance.
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The next stage in shooting development is to learn where to sight your target or where to aim for when you’re shooting a basketball.
One thing you need to realize is late in the game, as you get into the fourth quarter, your players are going to get more fatigued. If you enjoyed these shooting fundamementals and tips, be sure to check out my Basketball Drills & Practice Plans series, complete with video demonstrations, for more awesome shooting fundamentals and techniques!  And don’t forget to Become a Fan on Facebook, where you can discuss these and more great shooting fundamentals & drills with other coaches and players! This is a very helpful site thankyou for it now i will try my best to do the things i have been tought again thankyou very much .

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If a player expects to be a complete basketball player, he or she should practice a lot from the flatfooted position. Let the passing line start the drill by hitting the cutter at about the head of the free throw line as that player breaks quickly to the basket.
All three lines rotate so that each player, at one time or another, becomes a feeder, retriever, and shooter. By aiming at the back you have to shoot farther, you have to fully extend, and it forces you to put a greater arch on the basketball and on your shot, which gives it a better chance to go in.
Again, this is one of the least practiced shots in the game of basketball because players typically like to go out to the foul line and the 3-point line to begin practicing and shooting.
We want to practice success by staying with a shot during a drill where he has to complete a specific number. One group is under the basket to retrieve, another group at the side to pass to the cutter, and the cutting group.

By aiming at the back of the rim, they now have a 6″ margin that allows them, even when fatigued, to still be successful in their shooting.
So not only does this help to warm our players up, it also gives them a feel for a different area of the court that they normally would not practice on their own.
Whether it’s a high post shot for big men, a jump shot for wings, or a perimeter shot for most players. By aiming at the front of the rim, he is actually shooting into the defender, which is also a much more difficult shot to get off.
Have them take turns retrieving and passing to their own line, where the receiver immediately takes a jump shot without dribbling.

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