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The problem with NON-boxing shoes, even other athletic shoes, is that their sole is too thick.
Even without a single footwork drill, you will feel much more slick and agile in the ring simply by buying a pair of shoes.
The problem with NON-boxing shoes is that they either have too much grip or too little grip. For those of you that don’t even jump rope in the first place, this would be a good time to start. If I had to choose an exercise that best mimics leg use in boxing, it’s the jump rope. I can actually watch fighters in the ring and based on how they move, I can tell if they jump rope or not. Unlike running or squats and other similar exercises, the jump rope improves your foot coordination.
This is actually a very basic observation about human anatomy that many people still don’t understand. Having a straight spine is the easiest way to have your body perfectly balanced from top to bottom, allowing you to move or spin effortlessly without having to re-balance yourself! The core is required in all powerful movements because powerful movements are usually a PUSHING or PULLING force generated from your body.
Now try doing the same thing BUT HOLD YOUR ARMS in a rigid position like down by your side, as if your upper body was stuck in a frame. It’s impossible (or very difficult) to move the upper body or lower body without moving the other. Naturally, heel-stepping makes you a slower mover because your forward step has 2 sequences of movement (heel step & toe step) compared to someone who steps with the ball first (toe step). The reason why we avoid using the heels is because the heels have no muscle so it can’t give you any control. Try standing in a both narrow and wide stance and see which stance steps farther and pivots wider.
Aside from making it harder for you to move, a wide stance will make it harder for you to stand.
This isn’t a rule to tell you that wide stances are bad or that you can never fight with a wide stance. LEARNING how to fight with a narrower stance teaches you, or better yet, FORCES YOU to develop your balance awareness. A typical beginner is overly anxious to cause damage so he’ll jump far deeper into range than he needs to be. Stay within the edge of range, instead of wasting energy to go unnecessarily far beyond the line. Notice how this isn’t the same walk we use on the sidewalk (with our arms down by the side). The lower your center of gravity, the easier you can move around in all directions without losing balance.
The more tension and more energy you carry in your upper body, the easier you fall off balance.
Instead of using a high guard which raises your center of gravity and makes your head & shoulders area really heavy.
If you’re looking for more serious boxing footwork techniques and exercises, check out my Advanced Boxing Workshop.
Even when boxers tilt (everyone does it, not just old school), they are still trying to be as centered as possible. And similarly, backing up like in the photo, what if we wanted to sidestep from that position? I guess my trainer said that so that we wouldn’t straighten up our knees and be left nowhere to go at the end of movements. Hey people of pugilistic study: One extremely important thing that seems to be a lost, priceless training drill is shadowboxing. Question: How can I double up on my right hands better with the same punch two different punches or to the head or the body to surprise my opponent to set up and land body shots.
I don’t know if this means off center, but what about people that fight with more weight on the backfoot?
When you say straight spine do you mean to have the back literally straight or to stand up straight because I “lean” slightly over my right side (head just over my right knee) but keep straighten my back fully in that position so is that good? I meant to do both: straight spine, and have it straight up (as demonstrated the pictures and video). It's not all about punching each other in the head until one doesn't get up or the ref throws in the towel, no these are elite athlete that train to be the best at what they do.
Once you've got the hang of things why not find your local boxing club and go and perfect your new talent, too much? This workout is great for improving you muscular endurance, stamina and core strength, integrating the element of cardiovascular endurance between each strengthening exercise.
Rest: if you are new to boxing training or exercise then take 30 seconds between exercises, the fitter you are the less rest you should have.
This boxing workout is more focused on strength endurance and building up a tolerance to pain! Rest: rest when you need to, the aim is to complete the 3 rounds of exercise in the quickest time possible. So there you go, 2 great boxing circuit train workouts for you to do at the gym or at home.
Once the decision to train Muay Thai and become Nak Muay (Muay Thai boxer) is made the next step is buying gear. Hand Wraps – To protect the small bones in the hands from damage hands must be wrapped prior to hitting pads or the bag. Ankle Suppoorts – Pad hitting, bag hitting, and no shin guard light contact drills are all made much more pleasant with ankle guards. Naman Muay – the warming agent and recovery liniment that has been used by Nak Muay for years. Antibacterial Soap – Staph, ring worm, and all kinds of other really nasty things await those with poor hygiene.
The actual boxing workout will consist of two primary forms of training – skill training and conditioning. If a participant wishes to move on to become a competitive amateur boxer, 1on1 Boxing Fitness can help him or her register for USA BOXING.
Children become more self-confident in boxing because they progress at their own pace and are not compared to others. Boxing training will help your child to discover that through self-discipline and perseverance he or she can accomplish almost anything. Boxing teaches children to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations as well as how to react to threats from other kids.
This is because they’re built for shock absorption which means they DECREASE the amount of power transferred from the ground.
If they have TOO LITTLE GRIP, you slide all over the place and can’t ground yourself.
The reason is because your legs are always contracting in tiny bursts–not only when you bounce in the ring but also when you punch. If I maintain a spine awareness and focus on rotating from my spine, the punch will be well-balanced and easily powerful.

Watch footage of him and you’ll see that he has a very straight and tall spine when he bounces around the ring.
The more you use the balls of your feet, the more balance, control, and power you will have.
Sure you CAN take long steps but you’ll most likely end up jumping which uses more energy. A wide stance will have your legs splayed out to the side which requires you to spend more energy just to hold yourself up (because the legs are exerting some horizontal force against each other). Many fighters stand with a tilted spine when they use a wide stance (especially when they mimic Floyd Mayweather’s shoulder roll). It doesn’t matter how athletic you are, you will NEVER be as quick as your opponent if he is taking smaller steps than you are! By having your hips more under you and not jumping around, you can move and twist and turn in all sorts of ways quickly using very little energy.
Jumping around and darting back and forth looks impressive because it’s so athletic but walking is one of those things the pros do really well. Now I know it seems like I’m adding an extra step and making it slower but actually this is much faster than trying to push myself backward.
Having your hands really high also magnifies the tilted spine effect when you slip and makes it harder for you to slip without losing balance and wasting energy. Now you don’t have to drop your hands all the way down, but maybe you can drop them to chin level instead of forehead level. You may have seen pro fighters fight with their hands down at the sides especially when they’re trying to dart around the ring. The straightened spine bit was something I hadn’t noticed before because I guess I did it naturally.
In situations where you need more head movement, you will likely rely on a slightly tilted spine. If he’s straight up and in position to throw straight punches, then obviously the smart idea is to stay off the center angle.
Too many beginners try so hard to stay off the center and they end up giving their opponent the dominant center angle.
What matters is that you have control of the dominant punching angles while evading his attacks.
Are we adjusting, or correcting the lead leg first to go to our right, and the rear leg first to go to the left? But yes, his excellent control of his body is what makes him good at footwork (foot movement) and head movement. They’re better than running shoes but probably not as good as say, $50 Nike boxing shoes.
Footwork is one of the hardest aspects of Pugilism to understand and there’s not much written on it. Everyone knows how extremely fit boxers are and ita€™s through hard work and dedication that they get to where they are. When starting basket ball one does not wear a football jersey and when doing golf one does not bring baseball bats. Real Nak Muay wear them like a gym teacher in the 80s (that is very short for all the youngsters). When drills are hard(er) contact and for hard sparring shin guards are a must to avoid cuts and bone bruises. I do not like wearing a shirt when practicing Muay Thai and most Nak Muay that I have trained with also do so sans shirt. Your child will learn basic boxing skills while developing the conditioning of a boxer through jump rope and various boxing drills.
Participants start off as beginning boxers, progress into fitness boxers and gain the skills necessary to become recreational and even competitive boxers. This registration is required for participants to spar and compete in USA Boxing Sancationed events. In our Kids Boxing Program, students learn to follow directions, pay attention in class and participate in class activities – skills that are also vital in the classroom. The thin soles allow your feet to feel and grip the ground like a panther pushing, pulling, and changing directions all over the canvas. The sole is so thick  sometimes even so curved, that you can’t plant your feet firmly into the ground. You need the non-sliding feature to keep your body anchored to the ground, and then you need to be able to pivot so you can throw deadly punches with full body rotation. I like the low ankle for more agility and also because I feel I already have strong ankles. It improves your balance, footwork, punching power (YES, THIS), muscle endurance, breathing efficiency, muscle conditioning, and several more things. Basically, it’s a GREAT EXERCISE FOR BOXING!
Jumping rope builds that leg muscle so you can have that powerful leg burst throughout an entire fight. Well if you keep it up, you will learn how to relax (using technique and breathing) so you can do hundreds of jumps without getting tired. The guys that DON’T jump rope are never as graceful and typically move with big heavy energy-wasting steps. Your body is divided in half perfectly down the center, easily distributing your weight between both feet. If I put too much focus on my punching hand, I will naturally have more weight on that side of the body and end up being off-balanced.
The important thing is to understand the relationship between your spine and your ability to move. These can be EXPLAINED and DESCRIBED as two separate things…but it has to be moved as one. It allows me to quickly have 2 power points on the ground which can be used to push or pull me again, or ground me for punching. This makes the ball of the foot the last to break contact with the ground, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, moves your body away more powerfully from its original position. Even when your feet are flat on the ground, you should still have your weight on the ball of the foot!
Watch how cats move so powerfully and gracefully; they step with the FRONT of their feet for grip and control, not the back.
You CAN do a wide pivot but that requires you to have more weight on the front leg and be off-balance. So if you ever want to take a break, put your feet closer under you and see hip much more relaxing it is on your thighs and hip muscles.
Many beginners ARE FORCED to use a wide stance because they don’t know how to ground their weight properly. Actually, I would even say that you are NO LONGER A BEGINNER the moment you learn how to take smaller steps. Many pro fighters will use the same move to escape out the side when they don’t feel like using side-steps.
You KNOW you’re facing a legit fighter when you see him walking you down and calmly slipping and rolling under your shots. The best walkers of the modern era are probably James Toney, Pernell Whitaker, those type of guys. The reason is because the moment I pivot my feet, my body BEGINS to fall in the direction of the foot.

Developing the lower body is the easy part, you can do conditioning and drills and all that stuff but the problem is your upper body.
The reason is because they are using their hands to counter-balance their head movement and quick foot movements. What do you recommend for guys like me that fight slightly off center-line AKA golden era boxing? Most beginners that try to mimic the off-center theory are doing it wrong and just end up being off-balance.
Every (skilled) opponent will treat YOUR HEAD POSITION as your center, and if your center is off-balanced then you will be less likely to evade his attack.
If he’s off-balanced and only able to throw off-angled punches, well then being centered will evade his off-angled punches all the same.
But if you’re experienced, YOU CAN MAKE your opponent punch off balance or tilt off center which then gives you control of the center angle.
Just one thing though, when pointing our feet in the direction that we’re moving, in the picture, say we stepped back like three steps, and we want to orient ourselves back toward our opponent.
But shadowboxing is very valuable because it not only warms up the specific physical faculties used to box but allows a good fighter to practice the techniques ( especially footwork ) but also the other nuances like keeping the chin down, good eye contact, pointing the front shoulder toward the opponent, and dropping the rib cage ( helping to defend body blows ). Jump roping has proven to be one of the best ways to melt fat and condition muscles in a fraction of the time. They are a no-frills rope that will help develop coordination, foot work, cardiovascular endurance, and arm strength. Sparring with shirts, unless they are rash guard material, can be dangerous since feet can get tangled up in loose fabric. Additionally, he or she will learn footwork, punching combinations as well as proper use of the heavy bag in a fun and safe environment. They will also learn how to properly use the boxing equipment and begin conditioning themselves as a boxer would through various boxing drills and bodyweight exercises. Registration requires an application, birth certificate, (2) passport photos and the annual fee of $55 paid to USA Boxing.
It’s like an all-in-one exercise that works out several things simultaneously and is pretty fun once you learn some tricks. Doing squats will never be as good because squats aren’t done fast enough and never get to hundreds of repetitions. Once you understand your body’s natural position, your ability to move it will improve.
The moment you tilt your spine in any direction, you will naturally be more inclined to fall in that direction and less able to move in the opposite direction. Many of you look like this, maybe not to the degree of my exaggerated demonstration above, but you do.
I can also use that front ball of the foot to return backwards for faster in-&-out type of footwork. The reason why this happens is usually either A) you were running scared and forgot about technique or B) you don’t know how to move correctly.
This is why tired fighters end up walking, but the narrower position allows them to rest their legs. But for a beginner, using a narrower stance will help you do certain things easier (like pivoting and taking big steps).
When done properly in the ring, walking is one of the most skillful ways to stalk an opponent or even evade an opponent. It will be scary at first to try and fight without jumping but you will eventually develop these footwork skills without enough practice. And so even though it’s 2 movements (pivot, then step) instead of a single push, it will actually take much less effort. The upper body makes you feel like a tower and always seems to fall over when you use fast footwork. Watch all your favorite fighters (even the ones you listed) and you will see that most of the time, they are relatively straight up. Are we putting our weight on the back leg, pointing the lead leg toward them, and then adjusting the rear leg? I remember going to watch Aaron Pryor prepare to make his first defense of the WBA 140-pound title against Gaetan Hart. I wrap my hands before hitting anything hard and wear my gloves for almost all of my training. Small scratches and cuts are breading grounds for staph and other nasties and a MRSA infection can keep you off the mat for a month. The jump rope is fast and constant which is very similar to how you would use your legs during a fight.
Stepping with the heel first has far less control because you can’t ground or apply force in any direction until the ball of your foot hits the ground.
The reason why fighters step off with the heel is because they were falling towards the other leg, instead of pushing themselves towards the other leg. When you want to go backwards powerfully and with more control, push off with the ball of your foot. In their case, having a wider stance won’t improve their balance, it only prevents them from falling—BUT THEY ARE STILL OFF-BALANCE! Even if you manage to spread your feet out wide (to lower your center), your upper body might STILL be easily pushed off balance. I find that coming into range, its always safer to be off center-line or control his lead hand(i’m southpaw) and always to leave the pocket off center-line. Even when they come off-center to slip most punches, they are still pretty centered and well-balanced.
You will need mastery of all positions (centered or tilted), however the one you stay in the longest is the one you will be remembered for. Because your spine is straight and his is not, you can control his body and have access to a greater variety of punches while simultaneously limiting his angles of punching and body movement (because you’re keeping him off his center). In addition to sparring and mitt work, Pryor must have shadow boxed 10 rounds during the training session. When doing clinch training without gloves it is good to remove hand wraps so that you do not scratch up your training partner.
Likewise, you cannot GENERATE POWER with one and not the other and you cannot RELAX one without relaxing the other. Walking is a great way to save energy AND keep you relatively grounded for punching, defending, or pushing purposes (like in a clinch). It seems like the bit of advice about straightening straight up as you are leaving the pocket might put you in countering range. Better opponents fight very well at range and will counter you easily if you jump in too far.
I’m interested to see how your articles will address angles and advanced stuff later on.
Rubber mats and carpets are more ideal surfaces for product life, as well as the health of your joints.

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