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One of the best and cost effective exercise equipment that people can buy is the Jump Rope. This type of training accelerates your heart rate higher than running at a steady state or jogging because you can control whether you want to run faster or slower but the rope can come back very quickly under your feet.
You might think that this type of training is self-explanatory and not many personal trainers in Concord use this on their clients or know the benefits of this amazingly simple tool. Now that you’ve learned how to use the jump rope properly and how you can benefit from such a simple equipment, here is a sample workout that you can do anywhere at anytime.
Jump rope training is the cheaper, more effective way to get cardiovascular training and lose fat at the same time. Jumping rope or skipping is an activity that can be traced back to 1600 AD, when Egyptians used vines for jumping.
Getting started in skipping is easy because all you need is a rope, which you can find at most sports stores. Double Dutch skipping is when a person jumps through two jump ropes at the same time, which are being twirled in opposite directions.
If you don't feel like joining a rope jumping team, you can always just skip with some friends to different songs or rhymes.
Skipping or jumping rope can help improve both your overall level of health and athleticism. Health benefits include improved cardio fitness, muscle and bone strength, and flexibility.
In 1963, 71 year-old Tom Morris skipped 1264 miles (2022 km) from the city of Brisbaine to the city of Cairns in Australia! In 1991, 120,115 people in Sweden all skipped together at the same time to celebrate Skipping Day.
The title of "fastest skipper" goes to Albert Rayner of Great Britain, who skipped a rope 128 times in 10 seconds in Birmingham, England in 1982.
SHAPE America - Society of Health and Physical Educators is a proud partner of Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. The Skip It wraps around the user’s ankle and is then spun so that it orbits around the opposite leg, like a one-legged jump rope. The Skip It’s benefits are limitless. Thinking about the Skip It reminded me of all the great toys that were popular when we were little, from Lite Brite to that velcro catch game, and one factors stands out among them all: the toy did nothing by itself without the active participation of the child.
But now for the downside: somewhere between 1995 and the present, the Skip It fell from its place of favor. Several knock-offs of the Skip It are still available today, like the Skip Ball, which has a nice rainbow color scheme and is affordably priced at under $10, but lacks its own counter.

This is also my favorite piece of equipment to add to the ATD Fitness Bootcamp workouts besides the kettlebells.
You are also using more energy when you jump with both feet because you are basically lifting your whole body off the ground compared with one foot at a time during running. However, I do see a lot of mistakes that people make when using the jump rope for the first time especially if they haven’t used one since grade school. The workout is designed with alternating high intensity and low intensity intervals which is formally called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. You can also substitute jump ropes for running on some days when you don’t feel like running. In the 1940s and '50s, skipping surged in popularity and kids in many US cities would use their mom's wet clothesline as a jump rope because it was still wet and would be heavy enough to hit the ground just right. But seriously, when trying to think of consumer goods that I have legitimately enjoyed, I knew that I couldn’t really do much better than the Skip It. It requires surprisingly minimal coordination, keeps kids entertained, can be played alone or with friends, and expends all that extra energy bundled up in those of the age targeted by the above commercial. What a difference from kids’ toys today, which so often entertain without any creativity needed, complete with multimedia bombardment.
Although you would probably have no trouble finding a beloved old Skip It in most basements in America, purchasing a new Skip It  could prove quite the challenge.
The Comet Hopper is another affordable alternative available from Amazon, but nothing seems to come close to the original, with its sturdy design and built in counter. You are also using your hands while you’re holding the rope handles which adds more work to your workout.
The first thing you can do is to make sure that you keep your elbows close to the side of your body with your upper arms sort of stuck to your rib cage. Adding this training to your routine can help you enjoy your workouts even more and burn more calories in the long run. Jump roping and skipping is now a sport that is played around the world, both competitively and just for fun. Many schools and towns have rope skipping teams that compete at competitions around the world. Though invented in the 1980s, the Skip It really hit its stride when it gained its own counter in the early 1990s, so that even when playing by oneself it includes an element of competition. It’s hard to imagine the kids I babysit being sufficiently entertained jumping around with a Skip It in their driveway, no videos involved.
Its original maker, Tiger Toys, sold the rights to Hasbro,which has  since deactivated the Skip It website and no longer manufactures or sells new Skip It toys.
In summary, you were probably better off having experienced this toy in its heyday when it didn’t cost and arm and a leg to purchase.

Most people haven’t done this type of training since they were in grade school and I was guilty of that until I started learning how to use it for my work =outs.
Some jump ropes varieties even come with a handle that has added weight to it for more resitance. The first step is to warm-up with a light jog, running in place, or jumping jacks for at least 3 minutes. Lastly, make sure you prioritize strength training before doing any cardiovascular activity.
Rope jumpers often combine dance moves with gymnastics to create a fast-paced and exciting sport.
If you think you have what it takes to be a jump roping master, talk to your P.E teacher about joining a jump rope team or form your own.
TIME Magazine lists the Skip It as one of the 100 best toys ever invented, claiming its reasonable price and encouragement of physical activity as the reasons for its popularity with parents.
I used to not like them because I am not very coordinated especially if the whole thing has to move around me and I have to control it. When you make this mistake, the rope gets caught in between your feet or hits your lower legs instead of going underneath them. Most are quite overpriced, (the rainbow streamer Skip It on Ebay would cost you well over $60 after shipping) as they are viewed as a vintage collector’s toy.
But if you missed out, be prepared to pay a collector’s price, or just ask a friend to check their garage. But, I found that doing a jump rope workout is very effective when it comes to getting a great cardiovascular exercise and losing weight. My parents are going to let me try gymnastics for a few classes and then they will let me decide what to do. Come to think of it, this is big part of professional boxers’ training because they use it to increase their cardiovascular endurance and get fit.
So, if you haven’t used it in awhile, this would be a good time to start especially if your goal is to lose some stubborn fat.
To take this to the next level, you can increase the time that you use the jump rope, decrease your recovery time (the light jog part), jump rope at a faster speed or perform more interval rounds. To test for the appropriate length, step on the rope with one foot and hold the handles with your hands.
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