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Post to 50 And More Social Media Sites, including Instant Blog Subscribers, Facebook and Twitter. Join us on our mission to make this world a more active place!-->Join us on our mission to make this world a more active place! The excitement of the Olympics is a great opportunity to get your kids excited about trying new sports – and it’s the best time to get them excited about swimming. As our family watched the USA Olympic Swimming Trials last week and followed along daily with our Mobile Meet App, we were thrilled to see our own Aquamonster Swim Club coach, Scott Weltz, place first in the 200M Breaststroke and win his spot to the Olympics.  Both of my children could not believe that their goofy coach, who by the way is not the biggest, richest or tallest swimmer out there, made the team through hard work, perseverance and passion.
Ok, so now that your kids are inspired, what will motivate them to start and continue in the sport of swimming? Swimming appeals to a wide range of youth participants, but in particular fun and fitness focused kids. Swimming appeals to all kids, and unlike other youth sports, immediately delivers fun and fitness. As demonstrated in the chart below, when the general population youth indicated that swimming was their favorite sport, fun and fitness motivated youth had the highest percent make up of the overall group.
Motivators to continue swimming also indexed slightly higher than overall youth sports.  Kids will feel better, improve their performance and confidence, and have fun as they continue in their participation in swimming. Anyone who has experienced a swim meet knows that it is similar to an all day play date – families bring snacks, board games and books, kids hang out between events and everyone pitches in with the set up, timing, getting kids to their events, and break down.  And nothing’s more exciting than cheering on your relay teams.

Because this sport requires the whole family to get involved and spend time together, it’s a great opportunity to make lasting summer memories for both the parents and kids. For parents who want to raise confident, fit and fun kids, a competitive swim club can be a great alternative. Becoming a swim team family can be a big commitment, but the memories and benefits for your kids will be long lasting!
This entry was posted in ActiveX Champions, Consumer Insights & Trends, Sports by ACTIVE Network. It works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months, very own Money From Your Website making you tons of CASH! Families everywhere will take this opportunity to watch some amazing sports performances – especially from swimmers like Michael Phelps who competed in the Olympic trials last week in Omaha. Since performance is focused on the individual, and skills can be improved through repetition, coaching and practice, this is a great sport to build confidence and reward the individual for hard work. Our group of families that makes up the Aquamonster Swim Club in Davis, CA is some of the most generous, fun and dedicated families we have ever known. With deep expertise in activity and participant management™, our ACTIVE Works® cloud technology powers the world’s activities and connects people with the things they love, want and need to do.
And they are even bigger fans of the sport after watching the amazing performances at the trials.
And if fitness is a goal, swimming is a great cardiovascular workout that is easy on the joints and increases fitness in kids.

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