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Adam Folker is the creator of the program.  He’s a professional basketball player who made it to the professional level by having a relentless work ethic. Folker’s system centers around years of proof, sound training principles and most importantly, hard science. Plyometric training is the key component of the Vert Shock system.  The program uses this specialized vertical jump workout routine to shock the central nervous system into potentially increasing a person’s jumping ability. All ages and experience levels can use this program because there’s no heavy weight lifting, nor will it stunt a person’s growth. Finally, in the week long Post-Shock Phase, all aspects of the other phases your body ‘learned’ becomes reinforced in your muscle memory. Every exercise in the member’s area has a video that outlines the correct movement of the exercise. If your vertical is already over 40 inches, this program will help with adding a few more inches, HOWEVER, not as much as a newbie or intermediate.
Researchers have also discovered that we exercise according to an in-built body clock, and being sedentary can mess up its rhythm and the effect it has on our health. During all of life, and especially after 40, your body relies on the daily cues it gets from you about what’s going on in your world.

But whether these undesirable changes were caused solely by aging or also to other factors was not clear. They also gave the animals running wheels, because exercise can so dramatically increase the difference between activity and quiet and has many effects within the body that can influence daily movement. Unsurprisingly, the young mice, which ran quite a bit, rapidly developed substantial peaks and valleys of activity, with clear demarcations between the movements associated with daytime and night.
And most interesting, the patterns of the young mice and the old mice were much more alike than they had been before. However, as soon as the researchers restored the running wheels to the animals’ cages, both young and old mice began exercising again and had soon reinstated their old, healthy patterns of movement.
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His first measured vertical jump was only 14 inches but by the time he left high school, it increased to 32 inches.  Folker played college basketball at the University of California Irvine. While not everyone is going to be that health nut whose hard-hitting workout starts at 4 AM each day, every person could benefit from consistent, daily rhythmic movement. Our heartbeats, hormones, hunger, and digestion, along with other bodily functions move to the rhythm of a daily beat.

They might suddenly race around the cage during what should have been their quiet period or crouch unmoving when they would normally have been active. Folker has professional football player Mark Chambers to take you through all the exercises and give you tips on the right form, technique.  It also shows it to you in slow motion. Check out this info about how daily movement affects your body, and consider adding an exercise program that is right for you to your routine!
Scheer and his colleagues, including Kun Hu at Harvard and Johanna Meijer at Leiden University in the Netherlands, gathered mice ranging in age from young adults (6 months old) to almost ancient (2 years old) and settled them in cages equipped with infrared sensors that would constantly monitor their physical activity. Take away a young mouse’s running wheel and its activity patterns will look similar to that in an older animal.

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