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Warm up is absolutely mandatory for any type of physical activity as it helps avoiding injuries. Training for basketball is all about learning how to stay in the air longer with each jump. We’ll show you the best programs around for improving your game and the fastest way to improve your vertical leap so you can be throwing down NASTY dunks on your competition! Want to know what the vertical leap is of your favorite NBA player?  Then you will want to check out our NBA Verticals section.  We have the background and numbers on all of your favorite players from Michael Jordan to Lebron James. If you are not following an exact vertical leap program, then I would recommend doing squats twice per week and also incorporating some hamstring work in there as well.  Obviously, in order to get the best results you should follow a program that is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals and will have you throwing down monster dunks in no time. If you’re looking for a fun, fast, and simple basketball dribbling workout, then check this out.
Hold the ball with both hands behind your back, and your feet shoulder width apart, then bend over at the waist to 90 degrees.
Same position as the Flip drill, but hold the ball with your right hand in front and your left hand in back. Finally, combine all 3 motions at once, starting outside your right knee with your right hand, dribbling inside your right knee, changing hands to dribble outside your left knee, then back inside again.
Grab one basketball in each hand, and begin by pounding them both at the same time simultaneously for 15 seconds. Stand about 3 feet from a wall, holding a basketball in your right hand and a tennis ball in your left.

A vertical jump is how high you can jump from a standstill position without any external help. In this case, you need to measure how high you can jump right now, without any additional training. If you are set to improve your performance then you should use this method to measure your progress after every week of exercises. Do not expect instant results; for starters, you need to break down your end goal into small steps. You can do it before school in the morning, while you’re watching TV, or even at lunchtime. Flip the ball through your legs, reach forward quickly and catch the ball in front of your knees. Let go of the ball, switch the position of your hands (right to back, left to front), and catch the ball before it hits the floor. Dribble the ball in front of you as low and fast as possible, alternating between your right and left hands for 30 seconds. Dribble in a circle around your right leg, crossover to your left hand, then dribble in a circle around your left leg. Begin by pounding both balls at the same time, dribbling with your right hand on the right side, and your left hand on the left side. Finally, dribble the left ball around the left leg AND the right ball around the right leg at the same time.

Pound the basketball with your right hand to start, then using your left hand only, softly toss the tennis ball against the wall. But over time, your body will become more conditioned and it will start to become a lot easier.
Of course that there are techniques you can rely on and you can improve your jumps in time by making your leg muscles stronger. Keep the results in a notebook and after a while you’ll be able to see if you are making progresses as fast as you want or if you need to exercise more to reach your goals.
It will take weeks or even months to achieve the highest vertical jump your body is capable of.
It also helps if your weight remains constant because every pound you gain will keep you grounded.
Next, using your right hand only, dribble back and forth over your right knee as rapidly as possible for 30 seconds. When you feel comfortable, continue pounding the left ball, while making a circle around your right leg with the right ball.
Dribble nice and high when you’re first learning this one, and keep one ball out further in front to create space.

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