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The basic idea behind the keyword-driven testing approach in test automation is to separate the automation from the test case design.
Based on the technology-independency, tests might be developed earlier in the QA process and beneficially they are easier to maintain for that reason.
This blog post describes how the keyword driven testing approach in test automation can be followed within Ranorex, granulated on two different levels. Following this more advanced approach, it’s recommended to have at least basic programming knowledge.
First of all, we will use Ranorex Modules as abstraction layer for the elementary actions performed. Replacing the term “module” with “keyword” points out that the test case design could be strictly separated from the Automation.
It is recommended to pack your keywords (aka Ranorex Modules) in separate projects, referenced by one Ranorex Solution. Depending on the level of abstraction you’d like to have here, you can either reference a Ranorex Module Library Project or directly reference the resulting DLL file.
Many people prefer defining test cases in an Excel-spreadsheet-like table since they are used to work like this since years.
Assuming a technical team is providing a bunch of code-based keywords in a code module, let’s say “StartSUT”, “Login” and “CloseSUT”.
After doing so, you simply can add a user code action (Add New Action -> User Code) and choose one of the predefined keywords and, if defined, set the arguments. You can also follow the data-driven approach within the action table (as already explained in the previous section) by simply making the keyword parameters variable. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service provides technical assistance to groups, local, county and state units of government, watershed associations and others in the development and implementation of watershed plans with a variety of objectives.

NRCS, like many natural resources agencies, plans and carries out its work on a watershed basis. Tryon Analytics is a customizable, cloud-based analytics tool that can connect to any supply chain system to capture data and report results in real time. Using the intuitive query builder, non-technical users can create widgets and dashboards–no programming knowledge needed. Gain a real-time snapshot of how you’re performing compared to business goals, as well as your competition with pooled industry data.
This is usually achieved by using an additional layer of abstraction where the tests itself are defined technology-independent and readable for non-technical personnel as well.
Next to that, labor can be divided easier based on different levels of technical experience. Having the modules “StartSUT”, “Login” and “CloseSUT”, someone could easily define a test case without having a clear understanding, how this is technically accomplished in background.
Therefore it could be carried out by different people with different levels of technical and domain-depending understanding. Here, the keyword implementation is completely separated from the test case design and keyword usage. In the second option, it’s not even possible to open or modify any given module, whereas changes in the modules can be done directly in the first option. With Ranorex, it’s possible to implement test cases based on keywords in a table-like workplace as well, namely in the Ranorex Recorder. According to your preferences you can either use the Ranorex Test Suite or the Ranorex Recorder as base of your work.
A multidisciplinary approach utilizes the expertise of various technical specialists including engineers, soil scientists, wildlife biologists, geologists, economists, landscape architects, plant materials specialists, and GIS specialists among others.

NRCS works through a locally led process which may involve Soil Conservation Districts, watershed associations, environmental commissions, and local and county planning boards and others to develop and implement watershed management plans. Thus, a keyword could be defined as a set of actions performing a “Login” or “Save”-Operation. Here the automation (keyword implementation) can be done by technically experienced team members whereas the test case design (keyword usage) can be done by domain testers who don’t need to have technical skills to that extent. Meaningful data placed in an excel spreadsheet, for instance, could define the credentials to login as well as the set of data to be added in a test case. NRCS uses a locally-led approach in which all project planning and implementation is driven by the local sponsors and other stakeholders.
The rain and snow run across the slope of the land or sink into the soil; this collected water eventually finds its way into a small creek, which joins with other creeks to become a river.
In contrast, using the Ranorex Recorder with its action table, the keywords are presented by predefined methods held by the inheriting code module.
Project objectives may include one or more of the following: flood damage reduction, water-based recreation development, water quality improvement, wildlife improvement, groundwater recharge, and agricultural enhancement. The people, plants, animals and wildlife, soil, water and air within a watershed are all connected in a delicate balance. The decisions each of us makes about use of these resources within our watershed affect its overall health. PL83-566 - Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act Program establishes the role of NRCS in watershed planning, operations and rehabilitation.

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