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While it seems counterintuitive to deprive your brain of the fuel it needs to function, fasting every so often actually has a positive effect on intelligence. By holding your breath for short periods while in the bath or pool (and on a regular basis0 you will increase your attention span, awareness and ability to form good ideas, in turn boosting your IQ. These delicious treats have been found to increase blood flow to the brain and enhance brain function. While many parents will argue that video games rot their children’s brains, studies show that playing video games helps with spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, memory and strategizing.
While drinking water does not actually increase your level of intelligence, being dehydrated by even 1% can inhibit mental function, so drink up and help your brain function properly to improve alertness and concentration levels.

Listening to music improves your ability to learn language, focus and even improves your mathematical abilities. For instance: the color orange actually increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and boosts mental activity. Just how people in the gym try different weightlifting routines to help build muscle, changing your routine can help boost your brain power. Occasional fasting (and NOT longterm starving) increases your brains production of a protein called BDNF which is used to build new neurons and synapses. Playing a musical instrument hits all the same notes (excuse the pun) and also helps with the ‘use the wrong hand’ point made earlier in this article.

You will improve your brains ability to effectively process the information it has received and aid in its learning and memory capabilities. About 20 seconds of breath holding once a day is all it takes, so no need to make yourself blue in the face or pass out.

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