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We’ll show you the best programs around for improving your game and the fastest way to improve your vertical leap so you can be throwing down NASTY dunks on your competition! Want to know what the vertical leap is of your favorite NBA player?  Then you will want to check out our NBA Verticals section.  We have the background and numbers on all of your favorite players from Michael Jordan to Lebron James. If you are not following an exact vertical leap program, then I would recommend doing squats twice per week and also incorporating some hamstring work in there as well.  Obviously, in order to get the best results you should follow a program that is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals and will have you throwing down monster dunks in no time. James has always been fascinated by design, architecture, and technology, and he brings his passion for computers and gadgets to his reporting for Geek Alerts.

Hey James would it be possible to compact the spring more like a metal tong size into the shoe for stability and everyday use.
When he's not working or browsing the Internet, James enjoys movies, video games, and nightlife. We all want to do it, which is why countless cartoons and TV shows have featured cool spring shoes that allow you to hop like a kangaroo. Although I think most people are just looking at these in terms of the fun they can have jumping high and bouncing around, they promise to be good for strengthening leg muscles, improving balance, and boosting endurance.

Although there have been other real versions of this spring loaded shoes idea over the years, most of them are just fantasy on television shows.

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