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Two jumpers have reached this incredible height, Kadour Ziani of Slam Nation and Reggie Thompson of JumpUSA. I don’t believe any of these numbers unless they are documented by an official measurement, such as a draft combine.
You forgot Dominique Wilkins of the NBA Atlanta Hawks who reportedly had a 48 inch vertical jump. THE key to any Verticaljump is the standing reach of the individual vs the height of the Target. I cant belive most of this , its not offical and looks like to much to mee I need to see some OFFICAL Vert mesurements not what u ppl say! I’m hard-pressed to find footage of reggie thompson, so I was wondering if you have any interesting links. I’ve yet to see a video with a good angle of the top of his head breaking the plane of the rim.

I’ve trained with elite volleyball players for years and have access to world-class trainers. 720 probably has the highest vertical leap and there are a lot of And1 players who can jump higher than paul pierce. My brother never played high school basketball or college basketball because he had a very bad injury but never went into surgery for it because he decided not to at the time. Alot of people resemble him to Michael Jordan back then while playing in the gym and still do He is a person that can easily be better than Mj if he decides to play basketball again.
Me and our our dad was amazed by it so we told him running vertical and he basically jumped 8 inches higher. HE COULD TOUCH 12’7 ON THE BACKboard while just standing first and he could touch 13’3 on the backboard while doing a running vertical. I would had video taped it back when he did thi amazing thing, but our mom and dad did not own a video camera at that time.

It sucks though because I want all of you people to see this amazing thing for yourself you people would be amazed by it as well. It is very much possible to jump that high because my twin brother did it a while back while witnessing it and it was amazing to see.
We never videotaped him doing it his name is not on the very top of this chart plus we never told Guininess Book of World Records about it.

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