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Suitable for high ankle supported shoes like high top sneakers, athletic shoes, dress boots and work boots. Step 2: Insert Universal Shoe Lifts under your original shoes insoles (If your shoes do not have original insoles, you may buy a pair of standard insoles at any shoes stores).
To maximize the benefits and comfort of using shoe lifts, we recommend shoes with higher ankle support and possibly half size bigger for more room.
I don't wear them in daily basis but only for special occasion, eg friend's party, wedding dinner and meeting with clients.
While I bought these insoles to give me an extra inch, my wife got her a pair for a different issue.
I found it cheaper on Ebay but I still gave you guys a try, and thanks for proving that I've made a right decision. It didn't fit so well in my dress boots so I use them for my higher ankle supported work boots. This is exactly the same lift I got at a local store specializing in orthotics - but it was half the price. Step 2: IF the shoe lifts are too large for the shoes, follow the guided lines located at the bottom part of your shoe lifts and trim with regular scissors.

I bought a pair approximately 2 years ago, ive worn them almost everyday and they look abit run down now but still useable. The reason I purchased these was because my fiancee is about the same height as me and she will be wearing heels at the wedding. I purchased the ultimate shoe lifts a good while back and still today am using them regularly. I got my Men Ultimate Shoe Lifts today and I am totally impressed with the high quality shoe lifts.
Overall as promised it is a guaranteed height increase trick and I am happy I've bought them. You are ready to go!*If the inserts take too much room in your shoes, learn some simple tricks here. When I use these in my boots I am able to get even better results as my boots also give me a bit of height on top of the lifts.
She had hip replacement surgery and found that her legs were different lengths giving her a lot of pain in her legs and back. I saw your site on Google and decided to give it a try, and the instant confidence makes everything in life so much easier! You are ready to go!*If the inserts take too much room in your shoes, learn some simple tricks here (open in new window).

It does take some getting used to but the results are quite amazing and I am considering buying a second pair very soon.
They also came in handy at my sister’s wedding due to her wanting to wear heals and I didn’t want to be dwarfed.
Some people didn't rate this product well for this reason and I think it is unfair to give the product a low rating because of a mistake the buyer committed.
Not sure if my colleagues really notice the 2 inches difference but I feel more confidence in myself. She bought a pair and uses in one shoe to even out her legs and it completely relieves the pain.
They worked great for the occasion and they are so comfortable that I actually wear them on a daily basis now.
This is a very high quality product and has lasted me for many months now and I can see them lasting for another year or so even with heavy use. I can now reach the height that I want; I definitely recommend these if you want to look taller.

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