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Some people reading this might say well that is the way you are supposed to shoot squared up? Coach Hoover talks about this in detail where basketball is the only sport where they tell you to square up. Tonight after my revelation I quickly applied the turn and my shot started going in consistently.
This 12 week, easy to follow basketball scoring training program involves no necessary gadgets or obstacles. No more shipping costs, no more wait, no more being stuck just watching your training videos at home. Can't Be Guarded Scoring System has drills to make you become that long range sniper you always wanted to be.
Maybe the most incredible section of the entire program, Can't Be Guarded Scoring System will have you training and mastering scoring moves to have you getting your shot off whenever and wherever you want. Can't Be Guarded Scoring System offers an amazing dynamic activation circuit that will prime your body for the intense workout about to be done.
Can't Be Guarding Scoring System is a scoring product but you can't be a great scorer if you can't dribble to create space for your shot. Can't Be Guarded Scoring System will improve your jump shot off the catch and off the dribble. Can't Be Guarded Scoring System is divided into three 4 week phases that will get harder as you get better. Can't Be Guarded Scoring System has a few great bonuses that focus on the mentality of scoring, the mental aspect of basketball and scoring is usually overlooked at all levels.
Coach Roc is an extremely knowledge trainer and coach, that is extremely passionate about making his athletes, not only be the best basketball players they can be, but the best people they can be.
Coach Rocky Ullah's Your Jump Shot Made Simple Program completely changed my jump shot instantly. Coach Roc helped me become and All State player in the state of Virginia and thenTraining with him helped me become the starter for Varsity basketball as a freshman, player of the year 2 straight years, and leading my team to multiple championships. We did a review on pro shot earlier last year and the turn was a big part to becoming a better shooter. Football, Baseball and even shooting pistols you stand with your throwing or shooting shoulder facing the target. It was crazy to me how one little adjustment dramatically improved my shooting especially from 3-point range.

With our evolutionary "Instant Access" Software, you can access your copy of Can't Be Guarded: Scoring System INSTANTLY from any computer, mobile, or tablet with an internet connection!
Ever seen guys like Tony Parker that just get to the lane at will and seem to always finish? Offering some great drills to getting to spots in the midrange and dominating the part game that many people have forgotten about. The three point shot is the most popular shots in basketball today and continues to get more popular.
Whether it's off the dribble or out of the triple threat, no matter how much time there is on the clock you will be able to score whenever you want. This section will warm your muscles up which will prevent your body from injury and soreness in the future.
In this section you will go through amazing ball handling drills that will not only increase your ball handling skills but also prime your handles for the scoring system. Priming your stroke will warm up your shot and get your confidence high before even starting the workout so you can get the best results during the workout. This section gives you the ability to not only move at your pace but for you to get the best results out of the workouts. In this section you will learn the mentality needed to become a great scorer like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, and many other great scorers. If for any reason you feel that Can't Be Guarded: Scoring System didn't deliver on the promise of you becoming a better scorer, ball handler, and overall basketball player.
He has not only helped me on the basketball by taking my game to another level but he has also made me a better person off the court. I went from a slightly above average high school basketball player, to an NCAA All American, 2,000 career point scorer, and being inducted into the Hall of Fame at Davis & Elkins College. With your help I was able to find the perfect shooting pocket for ME, not some prescribed set position that the usual coaches try to put all of their players into. I have been on a quest to get my shooting form back in shape since returning from vacation I have been completely off. That is the only way you hit the target turning your hip and shoulder towards the target.  The same applies in basketball it is just many players do not realize they are turning.
His research and work ethic regarding the game of basketball is a proponent of bringing fans the best basketball experience. This entire system is training seen only by professionals and the best division one basketball players.

Our athletes have found that every day use of our provided workout log will bring you more results on your basketball game by just holding yourself accountable! In this section you will find drills using their moves and their types of floaters to help master this game changing shot. Coach Roc definitely teaches next level type stuff and has me completely ready to take my talents to the professional level.
Your explanation of moves and footwork are so clear, finally startin to shift people on the court!
It is ironic because two days before going on vacation I played a game of 21 and my jumper was on. Instead you want to turn at an angle where your shooting hip and shoulder are aligned to the basket.
This program is the type of intense, quick, dynamic workouts done to get the best out of every workout.
This workout will give you the most intense basketball workout you have ever done in less than an hour. Completely show you not only how to get in the lane but also drills to master finishing at the rim with crafty layups. Guards (especially point guards) pass up so many opportunities to score in the midrange and don't even realize it.
Three pointers are game changers and this section will show you drills done by the greats in the NBA to give you that lights out shooting stroke. I got triple teamed the whole game and managed to hit some 3's in my defenders face even without much space.
I advice anybody that can receive training from him, take advantage of it because he really know what he is talking about.
When I get in the game I feel like there's no situation I haven't been through in his training. They either take it too far in the paint or settle for the three for the simple fact that they aren't confident in their midrange game. Then when he released 7 Deadly Moves I absolutely began to dominate being able to breakdown my man easy and create the space I wasn't able to get before.

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