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If you are training seriously for any sport then you are in the business of optimisation - doing all you can to enhance anything that will make you do better and minimise any faults that hinder your performance.
All this sounds straightforward but the tricky point is the quantity $H$ - what exactly is it? It is this possibility that allows a high jumper to control where his centre of gravity lies and what trajectory it follows when he jumps. The simple high-jumping technique that you first learn at school, called the 'scissors' technique is far from optimal. The photographer Peter Kjelleras captures the Olympic high-jump champion Stefan Holm jumping at the World Athletics Championships in Paris, in 2003. The high-jumper's centre of mass is about two-thirds of the way up his body when he is standing or running in towards the take off point. If the Olympic champion can reach $9\mathrm{\ ms^{-1}}$ launch speed then since the acceleration due to gravity is $g=10\mathrm{\ ms^{-2}}$ we expect him to be able to raise his centre of gravity height of $H=4$ metres. This article first appeared on our NRICH website, where you can also find thousands of mathematical activities and games for all ages.
Just incase you didn’t know, just 14 weeks ago I completely ruptured my achilles doing rebounding box jumps. When it first happened there were a few posts and blogs written about people using me as the example of how risky rebounding box jumps are.
I would like to offer pubic props to you for stepping up (or stepping down) and changing her gym’s policy on box jumps following your achilles rupture. It seems that videos showing off basketball players’ vertical leaps are now a thing, as this Brandon Ingram video demonstrates.

John Barrow takes a look at how mathematics helps athletes optimise their performance in the high jump and pole vault in this article aimed at older students (Key Stages 4 and 5).High JumpingIf you are training to be good at any sport then you are in the business of optimisation - doing all you can to enhance anything that will make you do better and minimise any faults that hinder your performance. Athletes must first use their strength and energy to launch their body weight into the air. The aim of our high-jumper is to get his body to pass over the bar whilst making his centre of gravity pass as far underneath the bar as possible.
In order to clear the bar your centre of gravity, as well as your whole body, must pass over the bar. The 2004 Olympic men's high-jump champion Stefan Holm, from Sweden, is rather small by the standards of high jumpers but is able to curl his body to a remarkable extent.
Holm dramatically demonstrates his ability to send his centre of gravity far below the bar he is clearing 2.32 metres above the ground. In fact, the American champion Tim Mack won the Athens Olympic Gold medal with a vault of $5.95$ metres (or $19^{\prime }6\frac{1}{4}"$ in feet and inches) and had three very close failures at $6$ metres, knowing he had already won the Gold Medal, so our very simple estimates turn out to be surprisingly accurate. Barrow is Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Director of the Millennium Mathematics Project at Cambridge University.
I know that you took a lot of shit when you were injured, but I think the important piece is to learn from your mistakes. Too many peeps in CF are over-reaching into the unsafe zone due to inflated egos and unrealistic expectations. This is one of the areas of sports science that relies on the insights that are possible by applying a little bit of mathematics.
In fact your centre of gravity probably goes close to 30 centimetres higher than the height of the bar.

But for me it’s a powerful statistic that so many have reached out me in such a short time. But I’ve had my share of injuries as a result of crossing the line between being tough and being unwise, so I can relate. Most people know that I don’t allow people do jump down from box jumps at my gym nor do I allow box jumps for time. Kudos for taking your situation and using it to protect any and all that your reach encompasses, even if it meant swallowing a bit of a chunky pride sandwich!
If the object is a square then the centre of gravity will lie at the geometrical centre but if it is L-shaped or U-shaped the centre of gravity will not lie inside the boundary of the body at all. The rebounding went fine although the Achilles were tight aka sore come Sunday morning and I opted out of my (somewhat) normal 5-10 mile trail run.
Maybe more people will be smart enough to make this change before they or their athletes are unnecessarily injured. I leave it open for experienced CFers (2+years of extensive training) or people that have a well-established gymnastics or endurance athlete background. Side-note: in addition to the Achilles issue, I did hear people complain about their knees and calves hurting if they did rebound or even jump down from the box.

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