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Plus call me crazy but unless you bolt the thing through your desk (not desirable) it looks pretty unstable! The idea is not new (there are stands for under the monitor to slide your notebook into from HP).
Looks nice, but I am too addicted to having multiple monitors now to hook up my laptop that way. I know for a fact that Apple engineers their computers to cool effectively in closed (headless) mode.
The carbon footprint of this type of cultivation is comparatively small as the required garden or allotment space is very much reduced, thus cutting down on watering, fertilisation and plant tending, and producing a greater crop to land ratio. So how many ways are there to create a vertical garden:  Well how long is a piece of string? This growing method keeps fruit off the ground away from insects, moulds and fungi, and makes harvesting much easier.  Bending down is kept to a minimum, and the eye level appeal of pretty fruit and flowers is typical of a vertical garden.
Some modern architects are making use of building space to create vertical gardens which blanket the external sides of large scale constructions like car parks.  Many are also making use of indoor vertical gardens to blanket walls in commercial properties with living plants that aerate and clean the air, as well as creating a beautiful green environment within the workplace. Eileen O’Sullivan is an English freelance writer, who once lived in beautiful Sydney (sigh!), where her first son was born. For more vertical garden ideas, see Eileen’s article on growing drought tolerant herbs, for which she suggests a vertical wooden pallet garden! Note: if you click through and then *buy* them on Fishpond, I will get a small commission, and be most grateful. Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), or informally as stick welding, is a manual arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode coated in flux to lay the weld. Antes de lanzar cosas que no uses, piensa en que puedes re-convertirlas para darle un aire diferente a tu espacio verde. Como siempre encontramos soluciones sencillas, creativas y bellas en los objetos que menos esperamos.
Este pequeno jardin vertical creado con bloques de hormigon puede ser una gran solucion para espacios pequenos de ciudad.
El agua es un recurso magico y finito, aprovechemos el agua de lluvia para regar nuestro jardin. Hemos visto las multipropiedades de una simple y masiva botella de PET, con este sencillo sistema ademas de regar, puede ser un elemento de diversion familiar!! Si tienes un huerto es mejor no aplicarlo en tu zona verde, ya que seguro estos bellos pajaritos preferiran tus lechugas! Nuevamente el aprovechamiento de la verticalidad se agradece en las ciudades o en espacios reducidos. Si la tierra no va a ti, tu trae la tierra, el cambio comienza cuando eres libre para cultivar!!
Ser humano, papa, informatico, Ecologo, Permacultor, enfermero, ex estudiante de Medicina y muchas otras cosas, que un dia decidio hacer esta web, como medio de transmitir informacion importante para el futuro de todos, por que el conocimiento es lo unico que puede salvarnos.
Ningun todo el material del Blog es libre para que la gente haga lo que quiera con el, claro que nos gusta el reconocimiento, gracias a ti por seguirnos. Hola, me encanto el articulo, super util, recien estoy empezando a reutilizar botellas de plastico, y me va genial… hace un par de semanas probe con una lata, replante una rosa enana pero no me va tan bien, solo le hice un hueco para el drenaje (pero es mediano), quizas sea eso? Stomach stapling, also called gastric stapling or vertical banded gastroplasty, is one type of restrictive surgery (the other being gastric banding) for the treatment of morbid or malignant obesity.
Someone who has tried everything possible including a healthy diet and exercising and has still been unable to lose the excess weight.

At the initial meeting with your doctor, you should ask questions so that you understand fully what the stomach stapling is and what it involves. Start an all liquid diet 2 days before the surgery and don’t eat anything 24 hours before the surgery. Make sure you don’t take any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 1 week before the surgery. The surgery may last between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the difficulty of the surgery and whether the doctor will perform one incision or several smaller ones. You will have to arrive at the hospital a few hours or even a day before the procedure and you will be asked to stay in a preoperative room, where you will be able to talk to the anesthesiologist. There are two types of Stomach stapling procedures available, but actually only one use staples. It is also called vertical banded gastroplasty; it involves the usage of staples in addition to a band.
It is the second type of stomach stapling procedure, and it uses a band for separating the pouch from rest of the stomach. You will usually need to stay in hospital for around four or five days following the stomach stapling surgery. After the surgery, you will have to make significant, lifelong changes to your diet, as the pouch will only admit small amounts of well-chewed food.
Stomach stapling surgery is just one of many surgical procedures to help severely or morbidly obese people. Stomach stapling surgery in India is the most preferred option in international patients at low cost. Over the last two decades, the economic boom in India has led to the building of medical facilities & infrastructure that rival the very best that western medical care that the west has to offer. Many of the physicians that practice in these hospitals and clinics have returned (to India) from the U.S.
India is as competitive in cost as Thailand and much superior in terms of healthcare providers, healthcare infrastructure, English speaking staff, foreign trained specialist doctors, and strict government rulings on maintaining the high standards of healthcare delivery systems. India is the most preferred medical tourism destination as it provides low cost treatment option for international medical tourists.
The cost of Stomach stapling surgery in India is almost ¼ of the cost that in UK, US and other developed countries. Forerunners Healthcare is one of the leading medical tourism companies in India providing Stomach stapling surgery in India. You just have to send us a query regarding your Stomach stapling surgery and within 24 hours, a patient coordinator will contact you for further details and interaction. From that point everything will be take care by that coordinator, like arranging VISA, accommodation, appointment with the doctor with round the clock services to make your medical tour hassle free. We provide well-qualified and professional doctors, surgeons, physicians, and medical staff who aid you in recovery from your ailment and ensure a safe and healthy journey back home. Below are the downloadable links that will help you to plan your medical trip to India in a more organized and better way. The experience, obtained in the vertical turning lathe manufacturing has made our company IMT Intermato the main reference on the international level. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. My concern about both ways (horizantally and vertically) is: doesn’t the heat off the PC housing fry the LCD monitor at some point?

I hadn’t thought about the fact, that the emission is on the sides and not towards the monitor (= LCD screen).
Ring is an easy to install wireless doorbell that captures video when it detects motion or someone presses the button. Basically, you don’t need strips of land between each row of vegetables to navigate around your beds, as you would with traditional food growing. She passionately enjoys contributing to global health – and grow-your-own is a perfect start to sustainable living!
It’s a different thing, but another way to arrange yourself and just get started, even with only a small space. An electric current, in the form of either alternating current or direct current from a welding power supply, is used to form an electric arc between the electrode and the metals to be joined. Me encantaria recibir algunas sobre como aprovechar una ladera (pendiente)con suelo de arcilla. The idea of this surgical procedure is to severely restrict the patient's capacity to eat foods, reduce calorie intake and induce significant weight reduction. Although, stomach stapling cost is more expensive than other methods, it has the greatest success rate thus far. Physicians will take a portion of the stomach, around the size of a cricket ball and separate it from the rest of the stomach. In addition to gastric band surgery, other options include gastric by-pass procedures in which food is directed around parts of the digestive tract to avoid the absorption of nutrients and calories. Attached word and pdf files gives information that will help you to know India more and make your trip to India easy and memorable one. IMT Intermato has reached the leadership for it's innovative and continuous development of this machines. The bulk of the heat is dissipated out the back and the bottom, not the top of the keyboard assembly. Vegetables grown in an up and down direction have access to greater air circulation, and particularly if you harvest the fruit regularly, they will keep on producing healthy, abundant crops. Utilice un tarro de plastico de pintura, uno de lata haciendole el respectivo drenaje…les voy a tomar fotos y enviarles cuando as plantas esten prendidas. Then the doctor will staple that portion of your stomach and divide it off from the other. However, these procedures do involve even more complex post-operative diets to avoid the risk of vitamin deficiencies or malnutrition. While some small countries may be viable as alternatives for minor surgical procedures, India is the only mainstream option that offers Stomach stapling surgery, and does this with the highest levels of service, facilities and professional skills.
Instead the surgeon uses staples to create a small stomach pouch and a gastric band to limit the size of the opening (stoma) between the pouch and the rest of the stomach.
The food we take will go to the newly separated small area, as it is very small it can take only small amounts of food, thus reducing the food intake.

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