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Other well-known actors appearing in the series include Jason Biggs as Larry Bloom, Piper’s fiancee. Our pretty blonde WASP princess heroine is afraid of everyone at first but soon finds that the women in prison are just like her. One thing I liked about the flashbacks was that the actors could look more like we normally see them. Netflix released House of Cards with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as its first original series. I could imagine being Piper: making a stupid choice in my youth only to have it catch up with me later.
The original Piper went to Smith College, an all women’s college that my daughter is now attending.
50 apparently went on an all-liquid diet, dropped 50 pounds, and got down to 16o pounds for the role to achieve a sickly look that is strikingly authentic.
The song is the lead single from the upcoming Star Trek Beyond motion picture soundtrack, and was written by Sia Furler and Jesse Shatkin. The first trailer for Sully landed this week, and it purports to uncover drama and turmoil behind a universally loved public figure. Steph Curry has turned himself into a bonafide NBA superstar over the course of the last two seasons. At least 5 people were injured, some with stab wounds, at a white supremacist rally at the California state capitol in Sacramento. Due to a 2003 class action lawsuit settlement, Ticketmaster is now offering vouchers for free tickets to anyone who bought through the company from October 21st, 1999 and February 27th, 2013. Kid Ink and Pink Dolphin bumped fists and launched the “Alumni” capsule for Summer 2015! I feel like I should list the name of every single cast member because every performance is outstanding. We see into their childhoods, meet the parents (or lack of parents), see the abuse or the quest for drugs, and learn about the crimes that brought each one to the prison.

I love that these are real people with all their shades of good and bad and mistakes and flaws and kindnesses. Can’t wait for you to enjoy getting to know the characters even better in later episodes. He eagerly awaits the day CrossFit adds weight and age classes to the Games since he's confident he could dominate the 125 pound, 38 year old male division (as long as double unders aren't included). Piper Kerman and her TV self Piper Chapman are blonde, pretty, perfect WASPs who should be successes in life, and who don’t expect to find themselves figuring out how to survive in a prison. A favorite running gag was the woman who was crying on the phone next to Piper each time she made a phone call. Within the first 30 seconds of episode 1 we see Piper having lesbian shower sex with Alex and straight bathtub sex with Larry.
I love that they’re revealing the back story of each character, one by one, showing that they made bad decisions in testing circumstances and often for the right reasons.
Curtis Jackson plays Deon, a star high school running back on the verge of fame and the NFL draft when his career is derailed after he is diagnosed with cancer. Do you respect 50′s acting chops—or should he give up his film career before he self-destructs?
Kohan takes characters who are flawed, vulnerable, maybe a little off, often of questionable moral inclinations and she makes me care about them. One scene where everyone in the cafeteria stood up and started dry humping everything in sight had me rolling on the floor.
There are thieves, drug dealers and murderers – and those are just the people in charge of running the prison. You can be sure there’s plenty of drama and tension involving in getting from fear to admiration. Seems these two super clean moments were flashbacks to happier times as Piper takes her first prison shower, which wasn’t nearly as much fun. That was partly because I could never catch her character’s name and partly because she looked so crazy-scary in the role.

The first season of 13 episodes runs from September to December in the story of one year in prison, so 3 seasons of equal pacing might be more realistic to expect. Every character in this ensemble has a story, makes a real contribution, and every actor in the ensemble produces brilliant work.
There is fornication, masterbation, revenge, overdosing, insanity, sanity, rage, delusion and denial, pragmatism and surprising beauty. They fall somewhere in between those two extremes, in a place where most of humanity struggles to get through the day.
The acting is true, believable, powerful and at least 85% of the reason the series is so good. Storylines include race politics, religious politics, prison politics, uses for screwdrivers, Shakespearean recitations, and good hair. Her hair never seems to be stringy or wild and she doesn’t need makeup to be stunning.
Which partly explains why Piper can’t stay away from her and we have the lovers triangle of Piper, Larry, and Alex through most of season 1. My math must be a little off, because I think there should be some percentage given for directing and costuming and set design and that Regina Spektor song at the beginning of every episode.
Larry, so straight and normal out there waiting in the real world – Alex, so gorgeous as she offers up her very warm body right here inside the walls. Well, okay, I’ll say that the acting is at least 50% of the reason why this series is so good. Alex seems to love Piper with a beautiful eternal flame that makes poor Larry’s conditional acceptance pretty lame by comparison. If you’ve read the book and know how this all turns out, don’t rain on my team Alex parade, okay?

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