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Tighten the front thigh muscle of your operated leg while pressing the back of your knee down into the bed. Its inner part helps build the muscle wall of the Pelvis and the outer part (along with the others) makes up the gluteal muscle region.Piriformis muscle can be described as elongated, flat muscle, triangular in shape. Three of it`s strong upper digitations form the upper attachment which is located on the front sides of second, third and fourth sacral vertebrae.
And finally reaches and inserts to the upper edge of the greater trochanter.In the pelvis, it is located between front side of the pelvic bone on one side, and rectum and internal blood vessels and nerves on the other.

As it passes thru the greater sciatic foramen, it divides it into two small openings – upper and lower. These openings are ways for other muscles, blood vessels and nerves to leave the pelvis and perform their functions.In the gluteal region, Piriformis is located between gluteus minimus and gemellus inferior. For such a small muscle, it is very important and it has a vital role within the human body, especially because of the relations it has with other muscles, blood vessels and nerves of the hip region.Main function of this little muscle is lateral rotation of the hip and abducts the flexed thigh. The first one was medicine and my desire to help people and when i combined it with my passion for blogging was born!

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