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The power clean is a rarely seen exercise in most gyms (unless you’re in an Olympic lifting gym, or sports focused gym).
Let’s start by checking that weight lifting is in fact better than body weight vertical jump training. As you can see above, both weight training and body weight jump training surpassed each other for 3 metrics each (I inserted the green numbers and ticks). This study was done on high school boys for 8 weeks (the results are similar for professional football players[2]). A 10cm increase in vertical jump is a respectable improvement, so make it your goal to increase your squat by 150lb and your power clean by 60lb.
Step your training up a notch by including Olympic lifts in your training routine, particularly the power clean. Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation. Athletic Propulsion Labs research has proven that the APL Concept 2 and Concours sneakers increase your vertical leap by 3.5 inches. I have been playing basketball for pretty much my entire life and there is no better feeling than dunking over your competition! Improve your vertical leap by using the EXACT workout routine that NBA athletes use to get major results!
If you want to improve your vertical leap fast then I would recommend working on your form first.  If you have not trained your vertical and given any thought to your jumping form then I can guarantee you can pick up some extra inches really fast by changing your motion.

1.  Whenever you jump make sure you are using your entire body and use your MOMEMTUM to propel you upwards.
7.  Whenever you are jumping lead with your dominate hip and fully extend your dominate hand up while looking at your middle finger which will be at the highest point of your jump.
Two people who have really good jumping form are Spud Webb and Nate Robinson.  This makes since because they need all of the inches they can get since they are so short. Unfortunately, I wasn’t always able to dunk, I had to work hard and train how to jump higher. VALMOR TRICOLI, LEONARDO LAMAS, ROBERTO CARNEVALE, AND CARLOS UGRINOWITSCH [Go Up ↩]Comparison of Olympic Vs. Then I found the Jump Manual.Jump Manual System makes your height almost irrelevant and lets you play with the big men no matter how tall you are. If you learn how to improve your vertical jump, it’s like being coached to be taller.Table of Content What is the jump manual?
How to Jump Higher (Warming Up and Jumping Exercises) What Does the Complete Package Contain? Summary DownloadWhat Is a Jump Manual?Unlike repetitive exercises you learned in gym class, the Jump Manual System isn’t designed to simply strengthen your legs. Jumping is a coordinated motion that relies on much more than just strength in your legs.All exercises I tried when I was playing High School ball were more like weightlifting than true jumping exercises.
It worked!How to Jump Higher (Warming Up and Jumping Exercises)The Jump Manual system uses a method of exercise called plyometrics.

This technique increases the speed at which the body can perform powerful movements.In the sporting world, great athletes often exhibit what is called explosiveness. His Jump Manual was a training program for rest of us.The Science Behind Jump Manual SystemJumping is more than strength. The motion itself is one of the most complicated physical maneuvers a person can do.Timing, coordination, flexibility, and balance all enter it. I saw the video of him jumping straight up and brushing the top of his head on the underside of a standard basketball rim, which was truly impressive. I got this manual and really applied myself to the techniques.Within three weeks, I was jumping three inches higher. The method addresses everything from nutrition to flexibility, and it takes dedication to follow through on all advice. One of the great things about this method is that it showed me real, measurable results in just a few weeks. We’re going to provide you with full instructions which are well-written, clear and so easy to follow! Like most types of physical activity, jumping is determined by a lot of different factors, and yes, this includes genes.

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