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Video games have come a long way since those days, but the premise behind the experience remains the same: apply yourself to overcome obstacles, learn from your mistakes, build experience and skill, and achieve a goal. One response may be to throw your arms in the air, despair loudly in anguish, tell yourself and those around you how you are worthless, and walk away angry or depressed.
As we lie there collecting ourselves with a proverbial halo over our head, we consider our options. If our belief in the cause is strong enough and we have enough quarters in reserve, we may get up and try again only to be hit by another barrel…. Borrowing from my previous post on Gandhi’s views of life as an experiment, it is whether we will learn from the experience. Yet deal with such things we must, and our choice of narrative is important in determining our outlook and outcome.
The more challenging the barrels we overcome, the more we also have to offer to others who are playing their own game. If part of your giving back involves social media, then perhaps using the social media links below may be a way to share with others. My day job role is as a Community Manager for an innovation hub, developing capacity, capability and resiliency in individuals and local communities through entrepreneurship.
I believe in helping people realise their full potential within the organisations and communities in which they serve.
Nintendo has released a new trailer for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze which shows off Dixie Kong, who was introduced in the third entry in the series and is making a return after an extended absence. The trailer shows off a some new environments including a few stages that feature minecarts as well as the controversial barrel rockets that players either love or hate. Someone finally heard the screams of gamers out there and made a flash version of Donkey Kong Arcade. GAGA PSA 2: Electric Boogaloo ('90s PSA Parody) At last, Geeks and Gamers Anonymous (GAGA) has a new and final episode. New Release: Kill the Freshman, a graphic novel by Alex Langley Hello, everyone! After ten-thousand gallons of blood, sweat, and tears, my first graphic novel is finally released.
The original Donkey Kong Country is one of my favorite games of all time, but one that I haven’t gone back and played for quite a while. Christmas 1994, I used one of my annual game-getting opportunities to ask my parents for X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse, a game that I fervently desired to satisfy my fanatical Gambit obsession. Visually, Donkey Kong Country looked amazing back in the day, like nothing we’d ever seen before. The use of quiet—in contrast to the action-punctuated, pulse-pounding moments—is one of the most unappreciated elements of the game. The enemies in DKC—mostly crocodile pirates, but also vultures, beavers, snakes, wasps, and armadillos—have plenty of personality.
Video game arcades of the early 80s were my sanctuary; a dark, bleeping, blinking holy den of wonder.
Several decades later, I often draw on the game metaphor to provide perspective in coaching conversations. A plumber navigates a series of platforms and ladders to defeat the gorilla (which is nothing like a donkey) and rescue the princess. We have a belief of some cause worth saving, which prompts our intent to conquer the gorilla that stands in our way, and so we take action to walk down the platform. Many barrels come from quests we create for ourselves, such as tasks in our professional lives or physical milestones when we exercise. The question is whether we will take the barrels as personal attacks on our self-worth, or whether we will be open to feedback from ourselves and others who may show us strategies and techniques to overcome our barrels. Comparing life to a video game can seem a stretch when dealing with some of the significant challenges in life. Using narratives can help to create a metaphor for our challenges to allow us to keep them in perspective and learn from them.

If you are in the process of getting hit by barrels, I encourage you to dig deep for your quarters and remain open to those who may be able to point you towards your jump button.
I believe that can only be done by challenging convention and taking a perspective that is sideways to the norm.
Her pony tail can be used to whip enemies, allow DK to jump a little higher than normal and also glide. I mean, I played through the first level with not problems- I got bananas, I rode a rhino, I jumped on bad guys. An instant classic when it was released in November 1994, Donkey Kong Country was ported to both the Game Advance and Game Boy Color (to say nothing of the Donkey Kong Land series for Game Boy), and was the first Virtual Console title I purchased when I got a Wii.With that kind of accessibility you would think that a fan like myself must have played hours and hours of this game on multiple consoles. I received my X-Men game under the tree, but I also received enough gift money from the holiday to afford a second game.
3D wireframe models provided sharp pre-rendered images that developer Rare deftly turned into 2D sprites.
Donkey Kong’s greater mass allows him to kill bigger enemies with a jump attack that little Diddy cannot.
Cranky Kong—retconned as being the original Donkey Kong, the titular antagonist from 1981 arcade classic—is a truly fantastic side character. For a single US quarter dollar, I could prove my worth and become someone more than I ever thought I could be.
We might be out of lives, which means we may need to dig deep and pull out another quarter. The barrels that had been insurmountable with our previous skills and perspectives are now easy obstacles to overcome.
If you have found a way to climb your ladders, I encourage you to seek out those who may be stuck a few levels down and share what you learned about jumping the barrels. It appears she will play the same role as Diddy in that she will mostly be used as an accessory rather than a playable character in single player. The graphics are really bad; however, I still love going back to games like these just to reminisce and play a game where you only use a few buttons. The day after Christmas I was back at Target, purchasing a copy of Donkey Kong Country.1994 was also the year that my parents got divorced. An attack that allows you to charge through (some) enemies, you can also jump out of the roll at any time—even in mid-air! There to offer reluctant advice, the curmudgeonly bearded old Kong provides some great opportunities for Rare’s designers to harken back to arcade gaming’s yesteryear. Area boss battles aren’t really anything special, mostly just giant-sized versions of some regular enemies. Of course, when playing co-op with a friend, she and Diddy will both be playable characters. In this game you walk around as Donkey Kong and collect bananas and letters to spell out KONG and you jump on various evil opponents. The memories I have of playing this game back in the day are so vivid and emotional that playing it now is so intensely nostalgic, it’s almost painful.But let’s review this game anyway.
It was a time when my Super Nintendo, already my most prized possession, became my source of diversion from a changed home life.
Oddly, the older I get, the more I feel like I can relate to Cranky’s cantankerous contempt for newer games that value style over substance.Funky Kong is so 90’s, it’s kind of embarrassing. Pixel perfect jumps,  ill-timed hammer stops, and those stupid springs will kill you at ever chance. The animation on the other hand, especially character animation for Donkey and Diddy, still looks silky smooth. If you want to get the K-O-N-G letter that’s hovering just above that bottomless pit, there’s no other way to do it. It’s as if Rare thought their new, hip Donkey Kong didn’t have enough cowabunga, so they added one with a do-rag.

The true simplicity of the game makes you come back for more, WAY past the 15 minutes you have for break. That’s the beauty of videogames, much like a good book or movie, they’re always there to give you some escape. Sure, it’s no spring chicken, but even with its aged look, the gameplay remains rock solid.Brilliant and varied level design throughout keeps things interesting all the way through to the game’s climax. I can’t work them with those big donkey hands, I can’t swing on them, I can’t do anything with ropes. To provide a little relief from whatever reality is throwing at you at the moment.When I think of playing DKC, I think of playing it at Mom’s house, and playing it at Dad’s house.
Swinging on vines, blasting out of barrel cannons, riding mine carts, Donkey Kong Country invented so many satisfying evolutions of traditional platformer gameplay. Wielding items is a bit more convenient with the monkey.These differences make each character unique and the ability to swap your lead Kong potentially mean something.
Funky does have some awesome music though.And then there’s Candy Kong, the ape you visit to save your game. Even the music that accompanies the showdown on his pirate ship, Gangplank Galleon, is epic.Apparently Rare looked at the addition of Yoshi in Super Mario World and decided to up the animal-riding ante. This was the first game I’ve played during May Mega Mayhem that I kept an eye on the clock to see when my 31 minutes were up. It was the first game that I distinctly remember progressing through in my two separate homes.
And while the player explores DK’s island home, there are secrets galore to keep things interesting. Plus, when playing cooperatively with your little brother, the nuance between characters feels right.
In DKC the Kongs get support from a whole range of memorable animal buddies: Rambi the Rhino, Winky the Frog, Enguarde the Swordfish, Expresso the Ostrich, and Squawks the Parrot.
I would play it solo for hours, or play cooperatively with my little brother—I’d take Donkey and he’d take Diddy.
Bonus rooms, some better hidden than others, are scattered throughout and are always satisfying to find. This seemingly unnecessary imbalance not only makes sense within the game world, it’s the kind of small touch that adds a lot to the immersive quality of the game overall. Sure, Squawks was just a glorified flashlight stand and Winky was only mildly useful jumping all over the place. I would probably have a lot of fun with the rest of the game…if I ever get past the second level, but my patience was very thin today so I left it alone.
For the completionists out there, you’ll need to find every single bonus room to get up to 101%.
It’s not like Donkey Kong needed a love interest in this game; his banana horde is his damsel-in-distress.
Aquatic Ambience (the music from the water levels) is just so hauntingly good, it still affects me when I hear it today. And Candy doesn’t do much for the narrative, she’s just background decoration for the save points. Enguarde, in particular, turns the careful navigation a water level into a gratifying aquatic beatdown. It’s funny how hard I took it at the time.Speaking of the soundtrack, DKC has one of the all-time greatest.

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