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If you enjoyed this article, please consider making a gift to help Kuriositas to continue to bring you fascinating features, photographs and videos. Image Credit What do you do when you own a group of Swiss Mountain Goats but there isn’t anywhere for them to climb? Image Credit Flickr User geoftheref If you go down to Koekohe beach in New Zealand you can be sure of a big surprise. In 2001, rabbit hopping arrived in the United States when rabbit enthusiast Linda Hoover of Oregon formed the Rabbit Hopping Organization of America. Gray said that Joan Knoebel of Iowa Hopping held the first national rabbit hopping contest at the 2011 American Rabbit Breeders Association’s (ARBA) annual convention, which took place in Indianapolis that year.
Knoebel and her daughter, Cassandra Brustkern, have done numerous demonstrations of rabbit hopping over the past several years.
Knoebel and her daughter were guest speakers at the 2012 Rabbit Con that took place in Wichita, Kansas, concurrent with the ARBA convention that year. While Knoebel and her daughter were doing their demonstrations, Gray was growing the sport, too, with her club, PawPrints 4-H Club. Gray and her daughter, Elizabeth Gray, were in charge of rabbit hopping contests for the past three years at the Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Association convention, and they also ran the event when the national ARBA convention came to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in 2013. Rabbits are never forced to hop and their safety is always more important than anything else. Gray said that at a demonstration her club did in New Jersey in 2013, she struck up a conversation with someone in the audience.
Gray believes rabbit hopping promotes interaction and develops a bond between trainer and rabbit while doing a fun sport. Also the harnesses made for cats and dogs have a strap on the back that is too long for a rabbit.” For Gray, the solution was to make their own harnesses. Knoebel and Brustkern mentioned the challenge of getting people to use safe equipment and understand the importance of using tried and tested training methods.
Knoebel and Brustkern build their own jumps and taught themselves how to train the rabbits. Once a rabbit is familiar with the equipment and knows what he is expected to do, real practice can begin. Training goes best when you know what to expect, and Brustkern said training varies depending on the age of the rabbit and his personality. A competition under ARBA rules is planned for the 2014 ARBA convention taking place in Fort Worth, Texas, November 1 to 5. News, articles, must-have info, contests and more for owners of all exotic, small mammal pets.
Many small animal types are doing agility on little bitty, usually home made agility equipment. I would like to invite you to join Yahoo Groups eLists that I host at the Yahoo Groups site. All equipment must be sturdy and safe for the normal use of how the equipment was designed. The Sea Saw is a favorite piece for both the owners of the rats as well as those watching the rattie run the course. As you can see, this jump has two bars and three matching holes in each of the tree cut outs for adjustment. If a fabric closed tunnel is used in competition there must be at least three (3) closed tunnels available for the rats to use. This Tunnel can be used in an Agility Course but is more of a training tool then an official equipment piece. I was having trouble getting a young doe (Nineveh) to come all the way through the Closed Tunnel so I did two things. Between the double open ended tunnel and having my hand where she could see it at the end of the tunnel, she learned to come through the tunnel reliably. After you have the rattie coming through the Double Open Ended Closed Tunnel (DECT) you can switch the piece back to the Closed Tunnel or just continue to use the DOECT. You do need to make sure that your Weave Polls and any other equipment is painted or waterproofed so that if the rat would urinate on it the piece can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. We have painted ours white, but any waterproofing (for pee) so that it can be easily cleaned is a good idea.
Again, this was designed for light weight shipping with attention to safety and stabilization for the rattie. The High Beam Balance Beam is a bit higher and harder for the rattie then the regular Balance Beam. The High Beam Balance Beam is made with a 1" wooden dowel placed between two end piece stands. The turquoise (again) is made lighter weight then the white Window Jump and just a wee bit smaller. WIRE A FRAMEYou can use any type of wire that is strong enough when folded to hold a large fancy rats weight while climbing the piece. LADDER WALKThe Ladder Walk is made easiest by buying 3 " parrot ladders at a local pet store.

A NICE SOFT BEDAnd when training and events are over, make a big fuss over your rattie and give it a few good treats, then make sure it has a nice warm comfortable place to sleep. Hamsters do not have the long tail for balance and like a guinea pig should stay lower to the ground. For an Open Tunnel for a young (small) rat or a Hamster or Gerbil, 2" PVC pipe works well. Bar Jumps are made two ways, the most popular has bars that fall off the jump if the animal bumps them as it goes over the jump. The jumps as well as all of the agility equipment pieces need to be strong and stable enough to hold the weight of the animals as they climb, jump, run through or come over them.
Make sure your base, or platform that the animal runs on is not only wide enough but also stable enough for the animals weight.
The pivot, the piece under the Teeter Totter, needs to go from one side to the other (and past it is better) of the base so that the Teeter Totter will not tip over if walked or run on too close to the edge. The Pause Table can be a wooden box, a plastic box, a table with four or more legs (one at each corner set out far enough for the animal's safety when jumping up on the piece) or it can be any type of item the animal can climb, jump or pounce on. This six piece set (including the plastic storage box the items come it) is a great starter set for gerbils, regular and dwarf hamsters, mice, mouse, a small or very young rat, rattie, rats. It comes with two Stationary Bar Jumps, one with two bars the other with three bars, a Triangle Hoop Jump, an A Frame, and a Closed Tunnel.
While not competition equipment, still fun and functional and great for training and having a great time at home or with friends that also own small animals. You can use it just as it is and or add jumps and other equipment as your small pet learns to manover the course you set up for it. Mice can be easy to train for or to agility because they naturally run along a wall and run the same way each time. I bought a mouse for agility training on March 3, 2008 and with a few short training sections he is now loving the time and attention and fun items of his new agility course. The edges look a bit unsightly not because I was sloppy, but that I added glue to the area where the caps were put together to give the jump more strength.
The Hoop Jump is much like the Tire Jump, but it has a hoop type item rather then the little tire. OPEN TUNNELAn Open Tunnel for a mouse does not need to be much larger then a toilet paper roll. For competition, if using fabric, there should be at least three and surly five that are exactly alike, same color, same fabric, same inside so that each animal has the same experience when they go through it. Remember when training your animals that it feels to them as if the ground is falling when it pivots, be patient. THE AGILITY EQUIPMENTAll agility equipment must be built sturdy and safe for the normal use of how the equipment was designed to function. Many of the pieces of rabbit agility equipment have been designed for the rabbit to crawl or climb on (window jump, balance beams, tire jump, to name a few). Weave PollsThere are five weave polls that are set in a foundation board for stability for indoor use. In the high plains of South Dakota, USACopyright © 2007-2016 DogStar KennelAll Rights Reserved.
She received guidance from Aase Bjerner of Denmark, who started her rabbits in what is called Kaninhop there in 1993. Brustkern appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America news show and on Nickelodeon network’s Figure It Out game show. Gray said AHARC is working with a liaison at ARBA to develop a guidebook for rabbit and cavy hopping. The AHARC Code of Conduct includes numerous rules about the welfare and care of the animals.
Get a rabbit or guinea pig because you want to share your life with one, not because you simply want to participate in hopping. If the rabbit appears nervous or scared, training is taken back to familiar surroundings to improve the bond. Rabbit breeds participating included Mini Rex, Mini Satin, Mini Lop, Holland Lop, Tan, Rhinelander, English Spot, Himalayan, Britannia Petite and more. Other hopping events may happen throughout 2014, but none are officially endorsed or sanctioned by AHARC yet.
The agility equipment must be made to rat size and be painted or teated in a way that it can be easily cleaned between runs if necessary.
However, natural wood (including bark) may be used to design Rat Agility Equipment it may be sprayed or painted with varnish or shellac. They come in many sizes, make sure you buy one large enough for a large fancy rat to got through.
It was started with Dog Agility and the dogs and the audiences as well as the trainers had so much fun with this jump that you now see it with about any animal species agility. The bars fall away from the jump forward so that they do not hit the animals as they animal comes over it. The Tetter Totter has a shorter, easier pivot then the Sea Saw, and the Tetter Totter should be taught before teaching the Sea Saw.

The agility equipment must be made the appropriate size for rabbits and be painted or teated in a way that it can be easily cleaned between runs if necessary. Because of the differences in rabbit breed sizes, some events may divide the groups into separate classes with different sized (and maybe even different types) of agility equipment. The entire agility course should be fenced with some type of barrier that will hold any and all breeds of rabbits. All of the agility equipment pieces and especially the types the rabbit's will crawl or climb on need to be sturdy enough to hold a large rabbits body weight.
You might want to adjust sizing for specific breeds or if you will be running size based classes at your event. However, if it is made of fabric there will need to be four (4) exact replacement hoops for competition incase one or more rabbits urinate on the fabric.
The two pieces of wood are hinged together so that the angle can change and there is a chain that will make the X on the A that will adjust the angle of the piece. Yes, rabbits have been hopping since as long as there have been rabbits, but in the 1970s the Swedish turned rabbit hopping into a sport modeled after equestrian jumping. Rabbit hopping has popped up across the United States at 4-H events, fairs and other events since then. A key difference between rabbit hopping and rabbit agility is that rabbit agility includes more obstacles, such as those seen in dog agility. This addresses concerns some people have raised about the well-being of the rabbit or guinea pig athletes.
A confident and outgoing rabbit may be unsure but is still interested in what is going on around it.
Equipment is to be set up on a sturdy table (absolutely no wobbling) or two tables pushed together that are the same size. However, if it is made of fabric there will need to be four (4) replacement hoops for competition in case one or more rats pee on the fabric. Wood items must be painted or shellacked so that if a rabbit were to urinate or defecate on it it could easily and quickly be cleaned between contestants.
Please make sure that the equipment you build and or buy will NOT tip over as your rabbit tries to manipulate it. However, if it is made of fabric there will need to be four (4) exact replacement hoops for competition in case one or more rabbits urinate on the fabric. If a fabric closed tunnel is used in competition there must be at least four (4) exact closed tunnels available for the rabbits to use. It spread to other countries across Europe, and rabbit hopping organizations formed to standardize it.
An Internet search reveals video of Good Morning America’s Ron Claiborne participating in the 2013 rabbit hopping event at the ARBA convention in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The demonstration included several events: a straight-line course of eight jumps, a high jump with a single hurdle and a team relay.
We sell Rat Agility Equipment Sets like this white one and larger sets at our Online Store. I then painted the piece and let it dry well (duh!!) before letting my fancy rats give it a whirl. Make sure the frame has feet for stabilization of the piece so that the fancy rats can climb on it and the piece will hold even a large fancy rats weight. We also do have and will have more Hamster, Gerbil, Mice, Mouse, and other small animal Agility Equipment on this site, check the Fun Items For Sale page.We are currently working on items that we will be adding to our sales lines. The top board is secured to the PVC by first gluing then tacking with small tacks from the board side down. If fabric Tunnels are used there shall be four (4) exact replacements on hand during competition.
Weave Polls may be pushed into the ground for outdoor use, however the minimum of 12" must still be present out of the ground.
Grip can be sand painted, strips of plastic with ridges of slats of wood placed approx 4" apart. In 2011, it was featured on an episode of CBS’s reality show The Amazing Race when contestants in Denmark faced a challenge involving rabbit hopping. Natural wood (including bark) may be used to design Rabbit Agility Equipment it must be sprayed or painted with varnish or shellac. A scared rabbit tends to flatten out — lay down and yet be as small as it can be with its ears flat against its body and not moving — or it may take off as fast as it can trying to get away from the situation. And we also sell individual pieces of Rat and other species of Agility Equipment.At the bottom of this page you will find some items that could be used for young rats, hamsters and or gerbils to learn to run an Agility Course. The top board is secured to the wooden dowel by first gluing then tacking with small tacks from the board side down.

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