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What you want to be able to do is have the information in the first cell wrap so it appears on multiple lines within that cell.  Right? Even easier!  After you type each line, just press ALT-ENTER on your keyboard to insert a hard return.
If you have a particular preference as to whether all the data across the row lines up at the top, the bottom, or in the center, select all the cells you want to re-align, then right-click to get the menu (as we saw above), choose Format Cells, and go back to the Alignment tab. I spend an inordinate amount of my time playing with computers and attempting to explain technology to lawyers and law office staff. I’ve been trying to figure out how add a hard line break (Though I did not know this was the correct term) within a cell for a while now.
Jay’s question was how to paste multi-line information from another source into a single Excel cell.
If you want to copy just part of the cell into another cell, then do use double-click; just make sure you double-click both just before you copy and just before you paste.
If that’s the case, then merging the cells adjacent to the cell with multiple lines would be the ticket. For example, if you look above at your hard break example with the 2 lines of text, I want to shrink the spacing between the lines, anyone know how to do that?
I create a multi-column weekly report in Excel where I have one column of cells with multiple line breaks in each cell.
This may sound a little harsh, but … can your supervisor not simply edit the file in Excel? It sounds to me like your company needs the services of a good IT professional to set up some sort of environment in which your supervisor has direct access to the data that needs editing. Yes, I do attach the Excel spreadsheet, sometimes ONLY the spreadsheet, but the pertinent columns are always copied to Outlook and revised there and then returned to me.

I have a list of items (about 200) I need to copy from one document (Word) into a tabled list in Excel 2003. If you want each item to go into its own cell, then just copy the item from Word, click into the first cell in Excel, and hit CTRL-V. For example, if you look above at your hard break example with the 2 lines of text, I want to reduce the spacing between the lines (to close up the gap between the lines more), anyone know how to do that? I was having the same problem other users were having in that it would just move to the cell below. Hi, I’m wondering if it is at all possible to merge several rows or data into one cell? But i have a couple of columns to merge and my merged cells required to come one under one in a single cell. Give me your email and I’ll send you my top tips & tricks for Microsoft Office PLUS my 22-page illustrated Fast Formatting Fixes report! When you do Alt-Enter, it *looks* like you’re in the next row until you actually exit that cell by hitting Enter. Excel will break the text in multiple rows automatically but that is not the way I want it to behave. I cannot replicate the problem you seem to be having with copying the multi-line contents of one Excel cell to another — on my end, it works fine.
When i type in multiple lines of data in a cell using alt enter i am unable to copy any selected part of the data content only to another cell. If you double-click and copy part of the contents, then single-click a cell to copy to, you’re mixing apples and oranges vis-a-vis copy methods.
Who knows, maybe one of the Microsoft MVPs has a suggestion that will work better than my [non] answer!

How do I do this without copy-pasting each individual line into each individual cell one at a time?
The tutorial above was done in Excel 2010, so I know that feature works the way I describe. A bonus question: can I merge cells so that all the content from all cells would go to the merged cell?
Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance. When you say “next cell,” are you seeing the cursor go down or to the right (or left or up)? What’s the barrier to simply attaching the Excel sheet to the outgoing email, rather than dumping the text into the body of the email? I’m working on a mail merge doc and need several rows of data to merge as well as the corresponding columns. Flipping the data back and forth among various file types (copying to Word, over to Outlook, then re-copying back to Excel) is bound to cause formatting issues.
For example, each customer has 8 rows of data but excel thinks each row is a different customer.

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