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The ancient order of rockstar social media ninja gurus will probably never let us live that down.
Sure, you can use Twitter to build your thought leadership, but rarely do you get by on thought leadership alone. You have things to do. The only people who ever accomplish anything on social networks are the ones who are paid to accomplish things on social networks. President Obama is urging Congress to pass part of his American Jobs Act in another campaign speech today.
Regardless of which candidate posted this update and who is attacking who, the language is so insanely vague it means nothing. Let’s stop wasting our time and energy on the political machine on our social networks, and use those networks to make the world a little bit better. People should be forced to use their meager social skills to connect with people so they can further advance their careers. I’m so sick of arguing about privacy online and what social network has the best privacy features. At the end of the day, you’re agreeing to sign up to use a website and agree to what they say. So whatever you post, regardless of the privacy settings, if it’s in a circle, or locked on a website with no visitors, has power.
Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Now that it is finally April 17, I can officially wish our women readers, “Happy New Year!” Why so late, you might ask? Paycheck fairness is a moral cause, enabling American families to gain the economic security they have earned through lifetimes of hard work. Remedying this atrocious disparity can and must be legislated, but as women it unfortunately falls to us to make sure we are not victimized in our workplaces.
And don’t forget about the big picture: These steps and others can help you as an individual make sure you are receiving equal pay for equal work, but that doesn’t change the fact that the system needs fixing.

Katharine Burd Nasielski is the Communications Associate at the RAC and was an Eisendrath Legislative Assistant from 2011-2012. At the end of the day, you need to have the connections, talent, and skills to make a noticeable positive difference in the business. So maybe everyone else is burning their life away having all the fun in the world on LinkedIn. It’s not that hard to give up Facebook for 8 hours a day, unless your job is to be on Facebook.
Another inbox so businesses can put more of their half-assed press releases and marketing bullshit into our inboxes.
That’s like putting your internet business in the hands of your friend who tells a funny story about that one time they logged onto AOL back in 1997. How else are we going to expect them to get ahead if they can’t send an introductory email?
It doesn’t matter how many privacy settings you and your social network of choice have. The sheer amount of information and data contained in their servers are what will make the kings and queens of this decade. Someone out these is figuring out a way to mine that data into your next purchasing decision. Too often, women feel nervous about negotiating their salaries when offered a job, so they simply accept the offer they are given.
How much are people in similar positions paid, both within your organization and in comparable organizations?
Many women assume that if they work really hard, their bosses will take notice and give them a raise. In this economy, it might not be feasible for your company to offer you a higher salary, but they can show their appreciation for your work in other ways.
Take Action: Urge Congress to help end pay discrimination and pass the Paycheck Fairness Act today!

She graduated in 2011 from Northwestern University and is originally from Philadelphia, PA where she is a member of Society Hill Synagogue. You can’t solve huge issues like entitlement reform, social security, and tax reform in 140 characters.
I saw a update from one of the candidates running for president, and I couldn’t believe how vague and stupid it was. When you create that profile on Google+ or Facebook, you’re giving them information about you.
Women make an average of 77 cents for every dollar that men earn – and the statistics for minorities and mothers are even more appalling.
When negotiating your salary, this information can be very effective evidence for your case. If they can’t offer you more money, try asking for more vacation days, better benefits packages, or the opportunity to work at home one day a week. No matter how much of a stink your raise, until you delete your account and close your contract, it’s their information to use.
The ability to create, consume, manipulate and remix information defines the skills of our age. In fact, according to a 2004 study, women’s lifetime earnings are only 38% of men’s earnings! It’s up to you to identify ways that your employer can value your work without affecting the company’s bottom line.

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