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PurpleShadow, I think I have only seen one or two of these from this shoot before.  I think the rest may have been just released, possibly.  I thought this was a great 'find' last night!
Nobody could've predicted any of them.Decathlete Ashton Eaton first set the world record at the Olympic track trials in 2012, where most of the events were held in steady rain. Olympic Committee's headquarters, sports psychologist Karen Cogan works with dozens of athletes, helping them prepare to deal with the unexpected when their moment comes in Rio."It's not so important that we nail the things that are going to happen, but it's the process about going through the 'what-ifs,' and what would you do," Cogan said. After half the gymnasts had gone, organizers realized the vault had been set 2 inches too low.

Gymnasts were given a chance to redo their vault but some had already moved on to the next event and scored poorly there, thinking their chances at a medal were doomed. That incident came only a few days after the man in a tutu and clown's shoes disrupted the springboard diving finals by climbing to the top of the platform and jumping in the pool. Also that year, gymnastics fans booed for 10 straight minutes to voice displeasure with a high-bar score given to Russian superstar Alexei Nemov, leaving Paul Hamm pacing and waiting to start his routine.
Had it been a World Cup event, "they probably would have canceled it," American Tyler Jewell said.
Among her techniques is teaching "mindfulness," which allows athletes to live more in the moment, not get caught up in positives and negatives of certain things that can happen.

It involves meditation, and can be used in many walks of life, including sports."You can see how that's helpful in competition, when they're distracted by somebody else, or something going on in the stands, or there's some delay of some sort," Cogan said.

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