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By jumping your way across the island platforms, you will earn bananas and complete missions like gathering a certain amount of peanuts and picking up life savers.
Alligators employ a number of different tactics while hunting, including jumping to strike their prey.
If they are going after larger prey, jumping will get the typically low to the ground alligator a better place to strike. Some zoos and parks, such as Gatorland in Florida, will offer a demonstration of the jumping prowess of alligators.
Getting a lot of peanuts will get you some handy power-ups like upgrading your peanut magnet or the Ollyvator which helps you fly. The graphics are bright and colorful through the various environments and the small grunts you hear from Olly as he jumps are amusing. It is available on the App Store for free with in-app purchase options for additional peanuts, bananas, and outfits.
Not only are they capable of jumping, they can leap up to  five feet  in the air when coming out of the water at a rate of seven meters per second and run up to 30 miles per hour once they are out. Typically, they either sneak up on their prey or lay camouflaged until their prey comes up to them.

Snapping at the feet of a deer or other large animal gives the alligator a small, less vital target and gives the animal it’s hunting a better chance of getting away.
They will typically propel themselves with their back legs, stretching and using their length to give them height. Typically, a professional handler will dangle a piece of chicken from a height to feed the alligators and allow them to jump for it. In Elephant’s Can’t Jump, you will help Olly gather peanuts and squash the monkeys while hopping, swimming, and even flying through the jungle. If you fall when jumping, you can use bananas to continue on or watch a short video ad if you do not want to start over.
So, if you are looking for a fun, new adventure with an entertaining theme, check out Elephants Can’t Jump and see if you can help Olly stick those landings. An alligator strike is all about speed, since they are quick and powerful but cannot maintain speed for long.
Instead, this reptile jumps for the animal’s neck, giving it a larger, vital target, and making it easier to pull the larger animal down. This is more rare, since alligators on land are frequently basking, rather than hunting, but it is still quite possible.

Jumping can get them up to a tree branch or overhang where birds or small mammals are sitting. The alligator will then use the downward force of the jump to either break the animal’s neck or pull it off balance so it can be dragged into the water.
This is done carefully by trained professionals from behind a carefully maintained fence and should absolutely never be attempted with alligators in the wild. It can also get them further up the bank to make the best use of their 30 mile per hour sprint. Once in the water, the alligator is at a strong advantage and will usually bring its prey down.

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