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The thing that people don’t realize about the V taper is that is all about proportions. Here are some examples of people from my muscle gain success stories pages who got their V taper by adding muscle. If you make your waist smaller, your shoulders will look much more broad and muscular and your lats will appear much wider.
Note that most of these people took 2-3 years to get their V tapers by adding muscle whereas the weight loss people got theirs much faster.

If you have narrow hips, its a lot easier to get a V taper than if you have really wide hips like I do. In most people the lats respond a bit quicker to training than the shoulders but still expect a few years for them to start visibly widening. Losing fat is very rapid when compared to gaining muscle, about 10x as fast, so this is by far the quickest way for most people to get a V taper.
There are two separate muscle groups you need to work on to get the V taper – the lats and the shoulders.

A complete, well rounded shoulder workout is required for making the shoulders broad, there is no single exercise you can do. The shoulder muscles grow very slowly and are easily injured with bad form so take you time and be careful.

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