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The pec major is one muscle but it attaches at different points which leads to the upper and lower pecs. Those where you exercise in the plane perpendicular to your body, that is, as your elbows move closer together their relative position between your head and feet doesn’t change.
Those exercises where your elbows move upward toward your head as they get closer together.
Those exercises where your elbows move downward toward your feet as they get closer together.
So, which of these types of exercises is going to work out upper pecs and which is going to workout lower pecs. Imagine the upper pec muscle here flexed and contracted, which way would that move the arm?
So you work upper pec when you do an incline type motion, now lets look at what happens when you do a neutral motion like a bench press or a downward angle like in a decline press.
See how in the diagram of the lower pec above, the lower pec really fans out over quite an angle? I thought scooby said in a video one time that you cannot work different parts of your pecs and that they are all one muscle that you just want to stretch as many ways as possible (hence why there is incline, flat, and decline). Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it, and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force. If you ever paid attention to this law in school (kuddos to you if you did!) you might have thought that it applies to some esoteric scientific application only. A couch potato will stay tied to the couch, unless she finds a good reason to change her habits. The Second Law of Motion states that if an unbalanced force acts on a body, that body will experience acceleration ( or deceleration), that is, a change of speed. Remember to breath as deeply as you can, always engage your abs and keep your neck straight.

Floor Chest Flies–to modify, lower yourself on the knees, but make sure to have a cushion under them (such as a mat).
I will be sharing more amazing workouts in the future, so you can create your own Vegalicious fitness collection, or even add it to your Pinterest board. You can rotate Chest Workout routine with Biceps Circuit, Triceps Circuit, and the Picture Perfect Abs routine from the last three weeks. If you want full workout routines (a lot of them are HIIT–high intensity interval training), you can download Body by Plants Workout manual today.  Click on the image or add to cart. So many people neglect their chest and back BUT they are two of the best body parts to work to look sexy and confident. I have a new video today that I’ve been excited to share for a long time now featuring a chest and back workout. I was just wondering how many times a week should you do this workout and how long does it take to notice the results? About MeMy name is Sarah and my goal is to enable your passion for healthy living without giving up your social life. VideosWith over 200K subscribers and 21+ Million views, my videos have a little something for everyone from workouts and recipes to comedy and hauls. My standard answer to beginners is not to worry about it and just do a good all-around chest workout.
The part of the pec major that attaches at the collarbone is the upper pec and the part of the pec major that attaches to the sternum is the lower pecs.
Now imagine that the skeleton above is holding the arms out like an airplane ready to take off. Just the other day I saw a thin build teen with MASSIVE biceps and forearms with no development anywhere else. A junk eater will keep eating junk unless an outside influence will help her realize that it is time to change.

If you have knee problems, you do not have to jump, simply reach up on your toes as high as you can, then repeat. Keep it pressed into the mat (unless you are pregnant, then you do want to keep a slight arch, not to cut off blood flow to your baby). Back exercises help reduce lower back pain, prevent your shoulders from rounding forward in a slouching position and therefor help you stand up taller, making you LOOK leaner without losing any weight at all! A monthly program with daily fitness videos no longer than 15 minutes will have your body transformed in just 6 weeks. If the guy spent an extra hour as hard as he worked on his arms he would have composed a great physique.
With all this you need to remember one thing–once you start making changes in your diet and fitness, DO NOT STOP! Quick question for you -- I’m looking to buy an activity monitor like a fitbit, Polar watch, etc.
The longer you are in motion, the faster that motion can become. The longer you do something new, the easier it gets. It is hard to get going in the beginning, but once you get going, and have an outside force helping you (me :)) it is easier to keep moving than to stop. Once you feel the difference a diet and a good workout regimen can bring to your well-being, you simply would not want to stop.

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