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Another player who turned in an impressive performance at the 2015 NFL Combine was Byron Jones, a cornerback out of UConn.
Conley and Jones were the top two performers in the vertical leap test at the 2015 NFL Combine, and will also go down as two of the best vertical leap performers in NFL Combine history (Conley was taken with the number 76 pick by the Chiefs, while Jones went to Dallas with the 27th) Here is a look at the nine highest vertical jumps in NFL Scouting Combine history.
But then again, he could deadlift a Buick five minutes after eating an entire apple pie, so the powerlifting theory still applies. I did question it too when he said it but if you witness and look at how strong their, (olympic weight lifters), legs are it is certainly believable that most of them can jump very very high. Since it seems to be somewhat based on a certain ratio between leg strength & relatively light body weight, wouldn't soccer players have a high vertical on average as well?
I once saw a picture of Rulon Gardner (the american greco roman wrestler who won gold in 2000) jumping. Can someone give me a legit source that says 61" by Kadour Ziani is the world record for vertical jump without run. The vertical jump test, also called the Sargent jump test, is a physical fitness test that’s often used to determine power in the lower body. The main goal of the test is to measure how high an athlete can jump which is based on their explosive lower limb power. The jump height of athletes is one of the measures often used for rating basketball, volleyball and even football players as it is a factor in how well they can perform or be matched up against other players.
For this reasons professional teams and their scouts take the vertical jump scores of athletes very seriously and it is one of the main components in professional athlete assessments like the NBA and NFL draft combines.
By far the simplest method to administer the vertical jump test, all one needs is a measuring device, a flat wall and a marking device usually in the form of chalk. Standing beside the wall, the athlete marks their strong side’s fingertips with chalk.
With the standing reach measures, the athlete can prepare to jump from a standstill position as high as they can.
The measurement of the athlete’s vertical jump result is obtained by subtracting their standing reach from the highest mark they achieved on their jump. The Vertec vertical jump equipment device comes with its own instructions and basically uses flags that the athletes tries to tap.

As the jumper stands on the mat and jumps, the mat times how long the jump is, computes the height based on the time and shows the result in the remote handheld monitor.
One of the difficulties with comparing vertical jump test scores administered by different people is that there is a lot of variability with how the test is performed. Note that a number of YouTube videos show athletes jumping on boxes and measuring their vertical jump. Scoring the vertical jump test is made by measuring the distance between the athletes standing reach, which is the highest point their hand can reach while they are standing up straight, against the highest point their hand reaches when they jump. The longer the distance between the two heights the better the jumping ability of the athlete.
For average jump heights of men, women, and athletes (basketball, volleyball and football), check out out jump test results and scores article. While the chalk method is the simplest, it is also prone to error since the athlete stretches out to touch the wall. This procedure describes the method used for directly measuring the vertical jump height jumped. Watching Spud dunk and jump is just crazy, the air he had under his feet was just amazing..
If we're talking about players who played even 1 single second in the league, James White has to be a candidate.
Isn't it scary thinking how high he would have reached with a "normal" NBA guard body? DJ Stephens, previously of the University of Memphis, is working out for teams as the NBA draft approaches and he turned some heads today during his tryout with the Brooklyn Nets. This year, 19 players tested out with a vertical leap of 40 inches or better, with Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley leading the pack, posting a vertical leap of an astonishing 45 inches. His 44.5-inch vertical leap is the fourth-best number in NFL Combine history, but his 147-inch broad jump beat the previous Combine record by eight inches.
But I wouldn't be surprised if Olympic weightlifters have a pretty huge average vertical. When done, they stand straight alongside the wall and raise their hand straight up and touch the wall at the highest tip of their hand.

This jump requires that the athlete does not take any steps and just jump up from where they are standing.
The box jump compared with those listed above gives results that are significantly higher because the jumper always pulls their legs up to land on the boxes. There are also timing systems that measure the time of the jump and from that calculate the vertical jump height.
There's that famous video of him trying to touch the top of the backboard and coming as close as almost anyone I've ever seen (maybe 2 inches away). I'd love to see some games from Spud's prime, at his statistical best he averaged 16 points (45% shooting), 7 assists, 1.5 steals and 3 rebounds during the '92 season which is really impressive considering his height. I find you can gain more from looking at the space between his feet and the ground rather than looking at his head in accordance to the rim.
Conley’s impressive performance put him in a tie for the third highest vertical leap in NFL Scouting Combine history – official Combine stats began being tracked in 1999 – and will almost certainly lead to a higher draft position for the former Georgia Bulldog, who had a mediocre college career.
The tape measure will show how high the jump is based on how far the rope has moved from the original standing position. This takes away any momentum that they can get from using extra steps, which is why this score is often lower. The NBA records this as the Maximum Vertical Jump along with the standstill jump mentioned above. Using this method and comparing it to any of the results from the other jump tests above will be misleading.
It's that dreaded low angle, the one I see a guy around here post pictures of LeBron James from, so nearly every jump looks rim level just because of the angle.

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