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I’m a firm believer that chocolate and sweets are good for the soul and that a healthy diet isn’t complete without them! Kyle even prefers these to the sugar-ladden Reece’s peanut butter cup cookies I made him sample (hard life for that guy). I was lucky to get them into the oven since the cookie dough was so good, but I’m  loving the final product as well! The experts, dietitians and personal trainers agree that the best pre-workout snacks are the ones with high level of carbohydrates.
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This water has numerous health benefits, but it became popular after some models claimed that it is the best choice for losing excess weight. The majority of dough is made from 100% whole wheat flour and good ol’ fashioned oats, which provide a good source of fiber and leave me much more satisfied than a normal cookie ever would.
I LOVE chunky cookies with multiple ingredients – almonds and dark chocolate and craisins?! I have a go-to recipe that’s similar to this and everyone LOVES the combo of flavors.
Your body will use any energy that is available, including any kind of carbohydrate that is there – muscle, protein and fat.

That being said, I jump at any opportunity to create healthy recipes to keep my body properly fueled and at its best. Not to mention the dark chocolate and craisins work in perfect harmony to create a sweet, but not overly so, healthified treat!

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